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meletusd0r chapter 1 . 7/15
Alexzander95 chapter 27 . 7/2
I absolutely love what you have done with Calares' character over this arc. In the show he was a one-note character whose only purpose was to give Zero the victory and setup he needed for the return speech (I'm speaking from a narrative/writer perspective not the in universe on). I was intrigued early on with how you gave Calares some depth by showing his morality and honour in contrast to the Eunuchs. After that however, you tricked me into thinking you were using him mostly as a one note character with his actions at the Battle of Xiaopei; only to afterwards have him gain humility and respect for Johann. You also wrote his character with insecurities and what seems to be an inferiority complex, which served to rationalize his actions during the Red Rebellion even after his character growth follwing the Battle of Xiaopei. I love it that you made it logically sound given Calares personality, to make the shift in alleigance. I hope you plan to continue his character arc and keep him involved atleast somewhat in the plot. You have developed him into someone both interesting and complex and I think he may be my favorite character now.
arga101 chapter 27 . 6/20
Finsihed reading it, couldnt help but wish for more. Especially after the cliffhanger. Hope you well!
mightyblacknight chapter 14 . 6/13
Adding on to that motif Suzuki is Scrooge and the partner/friend/ghost in chains warning him is either Lelouch or Bismarck. Though Bismarck could also be the spirit of Christmas present. I suspect the spirit of Christmas future to be Euphy and maybe FLEJA (Death)

Suzuki: something something for your world
Euphy: I lied I didn't make the SAZ for me I made it so you could be happy. So you could LIVE!
mightyblacknight chapter 11 . 6/13
If Genbu is the Spirit of Christmas Past, who are the spirits of Christmas Present and Future?!
Devil Rebel chapter 27 . 6/12
Well, that was quite the twist/cliffhanger. Just curious, was this always part of the plan, or was it a recent stroke of inspiration? Must have been quite a shock to Lelouch's inner circle. Can't wait to see how this plays out.
Guest chapter 6 . 6/9
I don't think I've read fanfics with Knight mare fights as detailed as yours. They're interesting
OneTwoThreeReactors chapter 3 . 6/9
When I originally saw this it only had Three 'Chapters'...

Now its got Twenty-Seven... Da fuq?
The Richmaster chapter 3 . 6/9
This was a brillaint way to show how things have changed and the way the world has moved on; the advancement in technology and politics works well.
Despite all the underlying tension, Lelouch and Suzaku's intyeractions are as great as ever.

And we have a clear timeframe of 8 years meaning that the Black Knight have had a long time to prepare, though I'm oddly enough wondering how Arthur managed to stay in good health this long
mightyblacknight chapter 1 . 6/9
Amazing story! I LOVE IT! But if there's something to be improved, it's to be Zero. I'd love to see him make more speeches and public appearances. Surprised Diethard isn't with them.
The Richmaster chapter 2 . 6/9
This seems like a pretty interesting look into what the characters are up to, though I'm confused as to why Lelouch has the Mordred instead of Anya
Juubi-K chapter 27 . 6/9
Another fine chapter, another glowing review.

I'm glad you liked the speech I wrote. Your edit of it was excellent, and fit the setting perfectly.

A couple of interesting surprises here. Well, Lelouch geassing Li wasn't all that surprising, but it was a nice touch. Biggest surprise of all was Tianzi sparing Calares; I'm wondering how well that will go down with her people. You seem to be treating him as a hard-nosed but basically competent governor who simply wanted to do his job well; itself a nice touch.

That little taster of Kessler and the Europeans has really gotten my attention. I'm really starting to wonder what Kessler and his sturmtruppen are up to, and why Zero has got it in for him. If it's what I think it is, I probably wouldn't blame Zero in the slightest.

Very good all round. I was glad to be of some help in this.
ChunkyFunkyMunky chapter 27 . 6/9
This was an unexpected twist; however, I do not think I like it.
Ghost2113 chapter 27 . 6/8
I like what you did with Calares, you gave him more depth and character than just some snobby Brittanian that hates numbers.

As one of your almost decade long readers, I vigorously contend that your story has changed! It still makes me want to stop working on productive life goals and immediately read your latest chapter whenever I see an update hit. We just don’t get to see the Ikaruga blast the Avalon out of the sky eventually like should’ve happened at Pearl Harbor (yes, I’m holding on to that disappointment for forever)!

Looking forward to seeing Phase III on this intelligent Code Geass: World War story as it happens (:
Guest chapter 27 . 6/2
Sweet. Great update.
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