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kirabook chapter 11 . 2/22/2010
This is very entertaining! X3 You've basically completely changed the storyline, but it's still believeable and could have taken this path if it were canon. Hm... looking forward to more! :D
the bird of the chapel chapter 11 . 2/14/2010
Hmm, I'm not a fan of this kind of story, though I feel that everyone's really in the middle of the war. Fortunately, I'm familiar with Narnia and Davy Jones...

I'm siding with Org13, because I'd like to see Roxas again xD
MoonlitMelody chapter 11 . 2/14/2010

Nice lead up to the epic battle between Jadis and Aslan. I'm really excited for the next chapter. - Thanks for updating! :)
Chosenoneknuckles chapter 9 . 10/15/2009
As ever your description is visualising, yet short and to the point.

The discussion on Luxord and his capabilities is also simialr to ones I've had of him, namely just what his potenial was [Note, I haven't gotten 358 / 2 Days yet because I'm gettin it for my 23rd next week!] To get inside the head of someone with such power would be illuminating to a great many of life's mysteries i'm sure... But alias, I'm sure hell appear sometime now, if not this very world.

As for Narnia, I'm lovin' its inclusion! It's always seemed perfect for a KH world, in the vein that Pirates was to me. I was surprised at how quickly the tensions and doubt of whether Aslan would even allow them all asylum was resolved, though.

I would've liked to have saved it for the following chapter [that is, providing we don't head elsewhere for the recent uploaded chapter]. I've always seen Aslan as a neutral deity of sorts following the series [doing things for the greater good, no matter what that may entail], so I wasn't too sure myself whether he would allow them asylum, so for me the not knowing till next time would've created a more favourable atmosphere to me [scared, doubtful etc.], that's all.

Though, I guess given the chapter length then it was probably more fitting from your PoV.

I'd actually started writing this review in notepad before reaching the PoTC section, so I loled at having mentioned it and Narnia being simialr

in vein when they were... you know, both here. Also at Luxord appearing!

I wonder what goes on in his head, having [all?] time at his disposal...

He and Zexion were always the most interesting [non-Axel, Larxene and Xenmas] Org XI members to me. xD

And man, Sora and co could barely stand against a badass series of moments from Demyx, but now they have Davy Jones, heartless, nobodies and Xigbar

to deal with? They sure have a tough fight ahead. I wonder if a certain king and silver-haired youth may turn the tide somehow, if I could remember where they are in this story right now.

Anyways. Great stuff as usual man. I'll be sure to read the recent uploaded chapter tomorrow or over the weekend, and review if I feel I have something to say [I just don't like to say 'Great chapter! update soon!' ya know?].

... Hope you update again sometime soon *is shot* xD

MoonlitMelody chapter 9 . 10/3/2009
:O No, the townspeople! ToT

A moment of silence for the fictional dead.


Now that that's over, YAY FOR AN AWESOME UPDATE! O

What's going to happen next? The suspense is already killing me! DX Glad to see you're still alive, kicking, and writing this fic! _b
Optomistic Emo Kleptomaniac chapter 8 . 9/3/2009
Nice one!
NinjaSheik chapter 8 . 8/21/2009
the bird of the chapel chapter 8 . 8/21/2009
A pretty detailed battle scene with a bit load of dialog.

story alert
the bird of the chapel chapter 7 . 8/21/2009
lol okay so about the girl mentioned in chapter 2. I thought it was...HER but if it is, when is she going to show up?
the bird of the chapel chapter 6 . 8/21/2009

that scene would have made me cry

It was so...dramatic yet short! Without dramatic words! Because I knew that it was his...
the bird of the chapel chapter 5 . 8/21/2009
lol after getting beaten and maltreated like that, I'd be way angrier XD surprisingly, Roxas isn't, haha
the bird of the chapel chapter 4 . 8/21/2009
Wahahaha a rather different way to the end the chapter. Certainly leaves a hanging feeling xD Fortunately, the next chapter is right there!
the bird of the chapel chapter 3 . 8/21/2009
Wahaha memories xD Interesting. Very interesting...
the bird of the chapel chapter 2 . 8/21/2009
"When you fell off the paopu tree, and hit your head on the ground. You've been unconscious for hours."

If I was told like that, I wouldn't believe it either XD

I love this. The portrayal of the characters is very believable and played out. Despite the different roles, it created a good impact. It didn't seem like it was randomly woven. I like it.
the bird of the chapel chapter 1 . 8/21/2009
Who can refuse a story about Roxas?

Interesting start, for sure. Short and good. I'm curios about Roxas though, before entering the Organization and how exactly he became a Nobody. His transformation was 'incomplete'...and what memories does he hide?

Nice choice of characters, too. Let's see...
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