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satoz chapter 33 . 5/14/2015
:) I actually really like your portrayal of Hermione and Tom and found it very believable.
Thanks for the update! looking forward to the next chapter, now matter how long it takes.
Nikki Pond chapter 33 . 5/13/2015
You have no idea how happy I am when I saw this updated *cheers* I love this. Especially the twist of this. I find it rather amusing Hermione frustrated. Good job the whole badge and Tom seemingly concern for her.

Wow. I can't believe fans complaining. Don't listen to them, I think it is rather realistic and believable. They are probably used to other fanfics and I like how yours stand out, and has a darker edge I suppose. The fans might have complain is the whole like "Why won't you kiss her?" thing. And I agree with you that Tom is smarter than Hermione. I honestly had wondered if they are equal since this is the younger version of Voldemort. I don't like people making their characters favourite by making them seem all powerful and smart and unstoppable.

I love how yours went to a different direction and angle, especially your version of Hermione and I believe your analysis is correct., he is confusing and at least you don't make him some sort of soft guy when it came to Hermione. I don't like those kind of fanfics and I don't think Tom is like that. I'm rather surprise that it hadn't occurred to everyone if Tom was a physical comfort type. I don't think he shows action. I like to think he does it in his own way and stands out too. Even though the last scene startled me the whole Tom demanding Hermione to eat, but I suppose it could be him in his way. I'm not going to question it, I rather like surprises and I trust you to surprise us and I know you are doing a fantastic and brilliant job in this fanfic! *smiles widely*

The scene with Hermione and Xavian only made my eyebrows raised. Not that I am criticizing Xavian, more like "Is this guy kidding me?", and it annoyed me a bit that he didn't trust Hermione that much but then again, lots of people assume Hermione and Tom are dating.

It made me wonder a few times whether Tom and Dumbledore suspicious of Hermione about the broom but I suppose not. I'm rather surprise Tom interpreted Hermione's madness because of Xavian but at least he didn't suspect her. I had thought he did. Love the fact you didn't make Tom so interested in Hermione that he had to investigate her. Love it! You done so brilliantly and that's the main thing I love this fic! Especially that Hermione doesn't suddenly forget her past feelings about Voldemort and just falls in love with him. I admit I don't want Hermione to be attracted to Tom physically and maybe his intelligence but I suppose I couldn't argue when I seem to be attracted to Draco even though he has a nasty personality. At least you make Hermione focus her anger, revenge, hate at Tom rather than fall in love and forget the past. I mean, who could forget about it?

I wouldn't mind to see another boy attracted to Hermione. I honestly want to see Tom's reaction if Hermione gets secret admire or someone ask her out. Not that I expected him to be jealous, I just find Tom's attitude amusing even if he doesn't care who Hermione dates. At least you didn't make Hermione that kind of type of girl to be really attracted to Tom. You can't change feelings that quick when the wound is much deeper.

Hermione brave? There's a difference between bravery and courageous. I am more praising that she's strong and determined, not brave. I don't see what she's brave at when she always think before act.

I admire you! Strong! Great chapter and lovely! I am looking forward to the next chapter and take your time even when I am so excited! I apologize if I am rambling and made this review long, I do that sometime. Actually, it had been a long while since I wrote a longer review. I'm sure it was last year. Never mind, I'm rambling again. Great chapter and I love where your mind set and the brilliant how you u wrote! ;) *smiles widely* Love it!
LadyNorth76 chapter 33 . 5/13/2015
I hope to read more! :-)
Guest chapter 33 . 5/13/2015
Awesome chapter! I also wanted to add that I really liked your Author's Note at the end, I never really thought of it that way.
MommyMayI chapter 33 . 5/13/2015
She did not seek out the troll. It found her in the bathroom. She made up that lie to keep harry and Ron out of trouble.
I.Am.Thalote chapter 33 . 5/13/2015
I absolutely loved this chapter!:-) I love how you realistically portray Tom's relationships and do not rush the things, but I could not deny that I would be glad to have more chapters to read:)
Anyway great job and keep it up! I hope you have a great day and update again asap
heartbreaking chapter 1 . 5/10/2015
I thoroughly read this top to finish. At first, I thought Hermione was kind of pathetic, but after reading more I feel like she is the most in-character i've ever met. She is smart, but shes NOT as smart as Tom Riddle. Tom Riddle is a sociopath and i love the way he is in this story. Tom is just better, he doesnt need to study etc. So m many other tomione fics, write hermione as equally smart as Tom. Shes not, but shes close. i like how in this fic HG actually doesnt fight back, in other fics she acts more like ron or harry. hermione is being sensible, she accepts the fact she isnt as smart as the future dark lord. do people not understand the tom riddle isnt dense like grindelwald? and hermione is just a girl. i like the slow burning tomione dont feel like you need to rush flirting, because when it comes itll be sweet. this is exactly spot on TR HG. spot fucking on

It is tragic really, that you left this unfinished work. . .
I stalked your bio, and you didnt leave any of your twitters, ig, tumblr, pininterest, askfm, etc, and your livejournal is even more inactive then on here, you have to finish this masterpiece
Nikki Pond chapter 32 . 4/21/2015
This isn't the usual Tomione fanfic and I like how the depth and the direction this story went. I'm a little surprise many people ask questions about it when it all goes in a realistic direction. Though I admit there are characters who went a little OOC. But u do have a point how the war affects them.

I like the fact u are not making romance quicker unlike other Tomione (not counting lust or sex). The pain is depth and a mystery. U have much understanding than all of us. I also get confuse Tom's action and was surprise.

Some things went a little extreme, I'll give u that. But u have a realistic direction and what u pointed out is true. Especially unlike other Tomione fanfics, Hermione isn't that much of a threat to Tom and was keeping a low profile and had thought of it carefully. Though I'm surprise she hasn't kill him that far, and that was very Slytherin the whole planning.

Hope u update ;)
hermionelover778 chapter 13 . 4/21/2015
Excellent story :) its different from other tomione stories put there but in a good way :)
tango chapter 32 . 4/3/2015
please, please, pretty please, update soon
Guest chapter 32 . 2/15/2015
Guest chapter 32 . 2/9/2015
Please write again. The story is so wonderful. Sorry my English is not very good. That is the best hg/tr I ever read .
Hedwig3101 chapter 32 . 1/31/2015
I would say you should ignore the negative comments but that would not be fair. Not everyone will like what you write. We all have different opinions.

I started reading Unmasking The Heir Of Slytherin at the end of 2012. I fell in love. I was there when you made silly grammatical mistakes in the first few chapters. Then you didn't update the story for a really long while and I started wondering if you ever would (I was even making up the continuation to the story myself). But really I was worried about you because I know from what you've said in previous chapters that you're busy and you used to be really stressed out.
The storyline is unbelievably clever. I don't know why everyone expects Hermione to be better or cleverer than Tom... I mean, he was remarkably intelligent and talented and everyone should know that.

Well, sorry for such a long review but I just wanted to say that when I discovered a couple of weeks ago that you had uploaded a new chapter I fell off my bed of excitement and I will probably do so every time you update this fan fiction and I know I'll know how it ends. Even if that happens in 50 years, I will come back to check if there's something new written by you.

So, keep up the amazing job!
SlytherinGirl254 chapter 13 . 1/18/2015
Best story ever. Love it so much. Like seriously this is one of the best time travel/Tom Riddle fics I've ever read. Thank you :)
Maelia Airwood chapter 32 . 1/10/2015
Please update, I want to know how this ends very badly
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