Reviews for Rapture
Keyoshi Honjo chapter 44 . 1/7
I found all the characters to be true to their personalities and the storyline is captivating. I enjoyed this so much and I am so excited to see how it ends. I know you’re taking a break, but I hope you’ll consider returning soon. Title Kubo dropped the ball on so many things, but that’s why FanFiction is so important for the Fandom. 3
kelliegirl16 chapter 44 . 11/7/2022
loved reading this story! even if it doesn’t get updated again, i had a great time reading this. thanks for your work
tabitaa chapter 44 . 7/6/2022
I really hope you are well, this is by far my favorite story. I would love for you to come back one day and finish it
Guest chapter 24 . 2/24/2022
This is great fanfiction. But I hate Hinamori Momo
Guest chapter 44 . 10/8/2021
I’ve reread this story multiple times over the years and love it more and more every time. Hope you’re doing well! Would love it if even way down in the future there was an update
XOXO your fan
huncwotka95 chapter 44 . 7/2/2021
hi there! hope you are doing good. I was wondering, maybe a small little short update on this story? there is no enough decent hatsukarin ff out there, and yours was always my favourite. And as it is now, it drops when things are finally starting to get some momentum. Would love to read what you were planning next
goodgunth123 chapter 6 . 6/18/2021
I wish to anything that Great that oxygen start poison to your lung
Guest chapter 44 . 6/18/2021
PLEASE continue this! I know there hasn't been an update in years but some of us are still hanging on!
Guest chapter 1 . 3/24/2021
I don't know how many times I read this story buuuut man, it' still good as the first time I had read. Kudos! I hope you will write HitsuKarin stories..

Your fan,
grossexaggeration chapter 37 . 11/8/2020
Lol so this is a great story but I’m just wondering... isn’t what Jinta did to Yuzu nearly the same thing Hitsugaya did to Hinamori? XD tiny bit hypocritical there Karin. I know I know Hitsugaya never really loved her as more than as sister and Hinamori is a bitch in this story but I’m thinking Hitsugaya should at least apologize for leading her on. Other than that this story is really good though!
IcyHeavens663 chapter 35 . 5/8/2020
This is the best Hitsukarin story I've ever read. This is my second time reading this. Please, continue this beautiful story, because, well, you kinda left us on a cliffhanger there. So please, continue.

And I know how the ending of bleach has brought so many of us fans down, but please, unleash your imagination. Please continue for the sake of the Bleach fanfics and your fans :)
Pokkle11 chapter 44 . 5/8/2020
I love your story.
Ieyasus chapter 31 . 4/9/2020
I am enjoying this story so far, but there are some things that I would like to criticize; I don’t understand how Karin in all her dense-ness can somehow tell that Momo has it out for her, it is rather inconsistent that she can’t pick up the fact that her friend from Rukongai clearly has a crush on her, yet she’s able to pinpoint jealousy is beyond me.

I also frown at the fact that Momo is somewhat antagonizing Karin; it feels weird. For me, I don’t have a single problem with Momo being uneasy/awkward around Karin, but the fact that it seems like she absolutely wants to destroy Karin is very out-of-character to me.

Other than that, I am curious to see what happens next, and I’m willing to keep reading as long as there is character development going on soon. Looking forward to catching up to the most recent chapter!
puffett chapter 44 . 3/28/2020
NaturalSam14 chapter 2 . 3/20/2020
So about that petition lol .. I'm down if everyone else is down to AT LEAST get another hitsukarin filler for the bleach 2021 thousand year war adaption!
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