Reviews for The Woods are Lovely, Dark, and Deep
jedigirlsc chapter 40 . 12/17/2023
This is GREAT! I really enjoyed reading this story again from the start. I look forward to more chapters!
asclaw14 chapter 40 . 11/17/2023
Love love love this story! Thank you for coming back to it!
laavalicious chapter 40 . 11/13/2023
Hi! Just wanted to drop by and say, I'm so pleasantly surprised to see an update in this story! This has truly been one of my favourite stories, your writing, pacing, and ability to build an atmosphere is great. I hope you can keep updating, no matter how slow it is. Cheers!
HappyEndingLover chapter 40 . 9/11/2023
Oh wow this is getting good! Can’t wait to read more.
Rebadams7 chapter 40 . 8/25/2023
There are more things under the sun than any heart may dream of.
cinnynala1 chapter 39 . 8/20/2023
I want you to know how absolutely thrilled I am that you are continuing this story. Every time I would come across it over the years, I would instantly get sucked back in and end up rereading the whole thing! It is one of my favorites because of the way you slowly reveal Edwards feelings. Masterfully done! Now I can’t wait to see the vampires come out to play. Please give poor Edward a happy ending - he’s been through enough!
polyphany chapter 40 . 8/20/2023
Love it! ;-)
Rita01tx chapter 40 . 8/7/2023
Holy crap! What a freaky way to end an already crazy evenin'! At this point, I'm not so sure their "problem" won't follow them to Florida which would be totally no bueno for Charlie and Renee, right!?
Rita01tx chapter 39 . 8/7/2023
Well, that's what I call comin' back with a BANG! Holy cannoli, Batman! Havin' been reminded by a marathon reread that James was on the prowl, I can only assume Victoria is Edward's "hallucination," although hallucinations don't usually leave proof of their existence! Also, more and more Cullens are comin' out of the woodwork, luckily for Edward, methinks LOL!
LuckyBlueMoon13 chapter 40 . 8/7/2023
This is so freaking good and I can't get enough!
VryUnique chapter 40 . 8/3/2023
Scary! Why is she playing with them? I’m going to assume the jacket wasn’t there when she opened the door, she could have killed them already. I assume it is Victoria and not James. She had said to Edward that she is breaking the rules. Which rules were that? Feeding where she shouldn’t be or letting a human know the secret.
I would have never gave my statement with Sullivan in the room. He seems like a real obnoxious
asshole. Seems like the kind of cop that would let an innocent go to jail as long as he got praise
or credit for catching them.
Where are the Cullens? Where are the wolves? Why aren’t they able to keep Victoria away from them?
A couple of them outside the hotel would stop what is happening, right? It doesn’t make sense.
Looking forward to the next chapter.
VryUnique chapter 39 . 8/3/2023
What an exciting story! So much mystery.
I love trying to figure out what the hell is going on with James and Victoria.
We know they are on the outs.
That James left the area, maybe.
That Victoria has been in their rooms and took Bella’s jacket.
So does Victoria want to eat Edward or mate with him?
Edward could be the reason they are on the outs. Maybe when they killed
is parents Victoria saw his picture and became infatuated.
I’m assuming it was Emmett and Rosalie that saved Edward.
VryUnique chapter 38 . 8/3/2023
I wish they were already in Florida. I would feel less worried about them.
VryUnique chapter 37 . 8/3/2023
I’m worried Edward could be a suspect because Mr. Miller died the same way his parents did.
VryUnique chapter 36 . 8/3/2023
It sounds like Mr. Miller sacrificed himself. Maybe Alice saw Edward and Bella getting attacked and the only thing that changed that future was Mr. Miller taking his walk and getting attacked instead.
He encouraged them to go into the woods knowing they would be safe.
How can one vampire cause so much trouble with the Cullens and wolves near by?
It doesn’t really make sense. I know you will eventually clear up all mysteries, you always
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