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afi123 chapter 39 . 3/1/2014
Great story !
Time for bruce to kick ass again.
TrisakAminawn chapter 3 . 11/8/2013
I want Damian. I knew this wasn't him, but I wanted him. However he is probably about five, if he's even in continuity, and Bruce is not in any state to handle another shock like that now...actually, he'd be a much better father right now than in any of their actual interactions, except that Damian would be completely disgusted with him. How are the al Ghuls reacting to this whole unmasking affair, anyway? Apart from acute disappointment with the Detective's human frailties. Hmn. Talia underwrote Jason's scheming...
a2zmom chapter 39 . 9/21/2013
I've been incredibly remiss in not reviwing this amazing series before now, so this is me rectifying the situation..

imo, this is one of the two best batfics out there (the other being "Children of the Night by Nos4a2no9. You can read it over at ao3. I'd actually be curious to hear your thoughts on it.)

So first, the plot. The overriding plot - Bruce beginning to come to terms with his personal issues and beginning to move past them is extremely well done. Each small step forward is hard earned and naturally flows out of what has come before.

Secondly, what I call the action plot. I am amazed at all the plot twists, villians and pulse pounding heroics you've put in here. And I also like how things aren't forgotten, even if they're not center stage for a while. (for example Dodge, the undercover cop)

None of the above would be worth a damn if the characterization wasn't spot on. I also like the occasional glimses we get of the other capes. They know a lot of people and of course, they are going to be in their lives as well. (I always enjoy seeing Roy.)

I adored Cass' story. It makes so much sense that she would want to be Cass as well as Batgirl and her struggles in attaining that were very moving.

I also really enjoyed seeing what you did with Dr. Arkham. Most writers would have turned him into a villian at worst, a buffon at best. But just because he was not the right doctor for Bruce doesn't mean he's incompetent. So bravo.

I sincerely hope you never run out of steam regarding the wonderful story - certainly a lot more interesting than what DC is doin (which I no longer read to be honest.)
LuoLiBei chapter 4 . 12/30/2012
Aw, not Damien. :( I was a bit suspicious of your characterization when the kid giggled after helping Batgirl, but still I hoped. Michael/Dodge seems cool anyway, hopefully he doesn't get trapped on the astral plane.
LuoLiBei chapter 1 . 12/30/2012
Yay Damien! I lurve him! I'd been wondering if he might come into your universe considering how much it'd veered from what ended up happening in comics. I can't wait to read more!
The Huntress1 chapter 39 . 5/8/2012
Bravo! I'm late, I detest the fact that I'm so tardy. But surely you've heard it before & I can't say it enough: Bravo!

(My only complaint: There seemed to be a very real lack of intimacy between B. & S. I imagine the very real after effect of all they've been through, but I did find myself questioning whether *she* was as committed as *he* was...not often, but sometimes.)
rangermaid chapter 39 . 4/8/2012
WOoOow...Man, I can't believe it's done...can't wait for the next bit though! :) As always, the raw emotion you put into these stories is touching and not at all angsty, you add too much heart and humor for it to go down that slippery slope. I can honestly say you are one of my favorite FF authors. I cannot wait for the next adventure.
Louie Pastiche chapter 39 . 4/3/2012
P.S.- - -I apologize for calling you "Al." For some reason, I keep confusing you with AlbertG! Maybe it's because you're such superb story-tellers.
anon chapter 39 . 4/3/2012
I loved Maggie's part at the start, she could testify on his behalf but not won't keep out of a holding cell in the meantime most of all

I can't remember did Joker say he wanted the suit or would Bruce be enough

Orpheus's old turf wow

Yeah I loved Azrael, I think his costume is much better than Bruce's even all black, I also liked Stephanie's Spoiler thing though I'd prefer it black (and think they should all have similar costumes like that they don't have to have religious whatever) and Bruce's Insider suit, I don't like the symbol or the ears, I know in real life it's merchandising and that's where the real money and it's a business and they have a bottom line

you might want to propose that suit design for the SWAT team." AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME, I've seen Bruce in fanart with what would be very similar to Special Forces uniforms with an added cape, symbol, and the ears that remind me of Marvel's Black Panther

Wow seeing Selina and Helena there and then when he said if Tim weren't intense like any cop or soldier

So Hush is Bruce's archenemy, he's one of those who are his equal physically and mentally, I think his motivation is he feels always being second best to Bruce in addition to being jealous of his childhood, his own parents were abusive and he had to care for his crippled mother

Yes sometimes the bad guy wins, you need to see that they can win sometimes of they aren't a threat

Some villains do need to be put down for good if they keep escaping (Arkham is state of the art, the most infamous denizens are just that good at escaping) and butchering innocents
Louie Pastiche chapter 39 . 4/3/2012
Excellent wrap-up, Al! Although, personally, I would've ended the story with a different quote more in keeping with the title.

"Live the journey. For every destination is but the doorway to another."-Duncan, Man-at-Arms (Eternian Royal Guard)
leah0812 chapter 1 . 4/2/2012
I've loved reading this story. Is there going to be another one?
Wolvmbm chapter 39 . 4/2/2012
First off let me just say that you are truly a talented writer to craft this very emotional story/fan-fic. I have never read anything more compelling nor emotional within my history of reading fanfics so far. You sir/madame, truly have a one of a kind talent. :D

Now on to the chapter itself, I must once again say that this was a very emotional and intense chapter. As Bruce briefly jumps back into action against one of his most fearsome and dangerous foes.

I think Dick was wrong in comparing Hush to Joker in terms of Batman's villains. To me, Hush is a personal villain to Bruce/Batman, but to me...he will never hold a candle to the chaotic Joker. The True opposite of Batman's way of justice and order.

Besides the long time history of the Batman and the Joker rivalry history says so...:D

Still that was some update and very intense in some cases as Bruce was able to take down the Clown Prince of Crime and his little knock-off card side kick Harley Quinn WITHOUT THE USAGE OF THE BATMAN SUIT. :D

That was an achievement by itself, as it shows just how far Bruce has sort of gotten away from the suit. :D

What I'm also glad on was the showing of Bruce accepting the assistance of those around him, which proves to me that his progress of all this has gotten him far. :D

However, the most emotional moment I felt came from the brief moment between Helena and Bruce... as it shows for the first time how the little girl would feel to know that her "daddy" is Batman, although he wasn't truly wearing the suit at the time.

Still, the emotional crying of the little girl brought tears to my own eyes of seeing that for the first time what it's like for a kid to see his parent go off to battle and never knowing if he/she is coming back again safe and sound. :(

Truly another emotional moment in this storyline of yours. :)

I must say Bruce was truly lucky this time as he was able to survive the Joker's assault with the aid of Dick Grayson and was able to save both Tim and Harrier. :)

Great job in the storyline indeed, but now I wonder what's next in this tale of yours...

1. I mean will we be seeing anymore Batman Foes as this storyline progress, because it would be interesting to see how Bruce would deal with the likes of Two-face, another personal former friend of his ?

2. Will there be anymore visits from the other Superheroes of the DCU, as it would be interesting to see their takes of this series of events that happen to their "strongest" hero in the mental category and his extended family ?

3. What of Bruce's way back into Wayne Enterprises, is that still going to happen despite all of this ? :(

Nice update overall as I wish for you to keep up the good work upon such a great storyline like this one. :D
beege chapter 38 . 3/16/2012
After reading (and greatly enjoying) this fic for the last year or so I figured I owed you a review - especially since this story is criminally under reviewed.

I like the excellent plot (and the carefully woven subplots), the bang on characterisations, easily flowing dialogue and the skill with which you handle the premise. Seriously, DC probably couldn't do it better if they ever decided to take things in this direction.

As for the most recent chapter - fantastic use of the Joker. His rant about Tim's career path brilliantly underlines his obsession with the bat clan.

P.S: Isn't this plot line drawn from Batman of the Future as well?
anon chapter 38 . 3/16/2012
Harold didn't he just think that Hush would just go after Bruce and Bruce would beat him so didn't see anything wrong with it because he didn't think he'd go after anyone else to get to Bruce and Bruce said he'd forgive him if he gave him the name of who hired him and was going to but Hush shot him dead

Excellent as in Mr. Burns

You know what I've said about Luthor in Red Son he united all humanity and led us to a golden age that lasted millions of years no poverty, disease, war, crime, terrorism or environmental problems and science and art advance
Louie Pastiche chapter 38 . 3/16/2012
As the Joker, himself, might say: "And the hits just KEEP ON comin'!"

Once again, you have done impeccable background research to support your "what-if..." hypotheses. I'd completely forgotten about Harold's (whom I always refer to as "Edgar," for some reason) collusion with Hush! Let alone, the "talking costume" incident. To which I can only add: Bravo!

On a lighter note: the Harrier's costume is black-and-gray, too? And, here, I thought it was purplish-black (like teenage Bruce Wayne's "Executioner" costume from a certain Silver Age Superboy story).
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