Reviews for Temporal Guardian
Guest chapter 1 . 4/14
Do you know what a 'run on sentence' is? They make reading your story awkward. In short, use more periods and less commas. A sentence shouldn't be a paragraph long.
VortexWithAnEnd chapter 28 . 2/18
I very much enjoyed this :)
Guest chapter 27 . 11/13/2016
This wouldn't sell books.
marthapreston4 chapter 1 . 7/31/2015
Dumbles is the worst school principal ever who would advocate for a student to stay in an abusive home
Guest chapter 19 . 6/28/2015
Oh this story is great
I cap'n so see it all
ChaosofNightMoonlightKiller chapter 2 . 3/25/2015
Im not sure if youve heard this already but temporal has todo with time. The correct word is temporary. Otherwise this looks really good
mandancie chapter 28 . 12/1/2014
This was absolutely awesome! :) I loved this story. :) I couldn't stop reading it. :) I am about to start on the sequel now. :)
Shemione chapter 20 . 9/11/2014
I really enjoyed the beginning, but like your other story "a painful gaurdianship" harry gets really ooc. He's way too compliant and the story seems to focus on what he is or isnt allowed to do. No offense, but I stopped reading after the first 20 chapters because it just didnt feel like harry potter anymore. Where were his friends? its like they grew more distant and I missed harrys sense of adventure. Really liked the first few chapters though :) hope I dont sound harsh or anything.
marthapreston4 chapter 18 . 8/26/2014
awww that was sweet I have forgotten to review because the story was so good
branchkk chapter 29 . 8/17/2014
Brilliant story! Looking very forward for the sequel.
missgsmith51 chapter 28 . 8/16/2014
I was wondering why Lupin hadn't mentioned Padfoot. Surely Harry has talked about him. It looks as if this will be another wild year. I do hope Sirius manages to clear his name, so that everyone can be out in the open.
missgsmith51 chapter 27 . 8/14/2014
"As Miss Granger pointed… bicycles are not designed to fly." She's obviously never seen E.T.!

So they all got their butts spanked, eh? I wouldn't want to be Snape when Sirius finds out ... and he will. I wonder why Snape is going on the train. Dementors? Won't Lupin be there, as well, or is he taking Lupin's place?
missgsmith51 chapter 26 . 8/14/2014
Uh-oh. I think Snape is going to have a lot of mischief aimed at him this year. I hope Sirius is careful, however; I'd hate to see his nonsense and misbehavior result in his recapture. I also hope he pays attention to the fact that Snape is doing a good job with Harry.
missgsmith51 chapter 25 . 8/14/2014
Poor Sirius! A red bow? I have a white Maltese, and I don't even subject her to bows. (Actually, I keep her in a short puppy cut, as she is kind of a "tomboy." She just pulls bows out, so why bother?) Sirius should feel loads better with clean fur, a haircut, and clean teeth. He should also count his blessings that Snape didn't have him neutered when he was knocked out!
missgsmith51 chapter 24 . 8/13/2014
Petunia really WAS nasty even as a child ... a bully in her own way, just like Dudley. I hope Sirius does go back and make her life miserable. Not with physical stuff like Cruciatus. No, there are better ways to torment her.

Sirius could cause trouble, like maybe have the tax inspectors perform an audit on the funds Petunia and Vernon probably got for Harry's care but never spent on him. LOL! That would probably land them in jail for embezzlement or fraud. Maybe they could be charged with endangering Dudley's health by allowing him to get so fat ... and placed on probation. Vernon could get fired or demoted at work. Maybe he could be arrested on a DUI. Dudley could be put into juvenile detention for shoplifting, under-age drinking, etc.

There are a lot of ways to pay the Dursleys back for their treatment of Harry. Sirius (or even Snape) could put spells on the Dursleys that make them feel every stripe of the belt or punch of the fist they inflicted on Harry; every hunger pang he felt when they starved him; every illness for which he never received treatment; every terrifying nightmare he experienced due to them; and every feeling of emotional pain or grief he felt due to their words and behavior. Of course, nothing should leave a mark on them, and the spell shouldn't last any longer than the twelve years Harry lived with them; maybe it could even stop if they reach a point of true understanding and remorse for their behavior. I think that would be a perfect punishment. I wonder how long they would last?
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