Reviews for A Night at the Opera House
PermanentNerd chapter 1 . 6/3/2009
Oh! This was...amazing! Absolutely breathtaking and i enjoyed every minute of it. You should really consider writing a multi chapter fic of Royai!I loved it, and i dont always say that :) Great great job.
words without chapter 1 . 4/18/2009
Wonderful writing! Clever and *very* amusing. I particuarlly liked the dialogue; it was smooth and stayed in character all around. Nice work!
Dailenna chapter 1 . 4/18/2009
I'll admit, I was not in a great mood when I started reading this. I was trying to distract myself from various annoyances. But, from the first little part that made me smile, that seems to have lifted. I realised I was being a git and very mopey. Thank you :P Aforementioned moment ("a Colonel who couldn't distinguish a nocturne from a nectarine.") was the first of many lovely parts of your story. I haven't even finished reading it yet, but I'm quite pleased with where it's heading! Let's see what else I have enjoyed . . .

Ahah, I couldn't help but be interested by the name of the pianist: Ling Sho Pan. My first thought was "LOL, Chopin."

Havoc watching Mustang "with a leer" was a lovely touch. I'm all too used to leer being used in an ogling sort of way that it's a good reminder that it can be used in other ways, too. I can just imagine Havoc's expression, too.

"“Of course, sir,” Hawkeye responded seconds later, thankfully sounding oblivious of Roy's torment." Hmm. The box seats are potentially up higher than the stage, but also COULD be just most of the way up. What are the chances that Hawkeye, from her position on the catwalk, can actually see Mustang, I wonder. I mean, she's got to have a pretty good view of the audience. Problem there is that if she can see the audience, it's possible they can see her too, unless she's behind something inconspicuous with her rifle and sight sticking out through it. Eh, moving on.

Ouch, that telegram must have cost Hughes a bundle. They're priced by the letter, you know?

Ahh, Mustang with cheeky eyes. He's a hilarious character to read. Poor Hawkeye got some harsh comments from Mrs. Westen, though. Man, that woman has a mean mouth on her.

Lovely story. Thanks for the laughs!