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Zela Night chapter 2 . 3/19
The lack of sleep would explain his short temper
kuroh chapter 2 . 5/25/2015
countinue please
123rwefsdf3q4 chapter 2 . 8/24/2010
HAHAHAH i loved both chapters! :D I feel sorry for Zero... geez that guy must've had some SERIOUS sleep problems... he has my sympathy..
kachoi85 chapter 1 . 7/30/2010
Good amusing fic! I like your writing style and your sense of humor. Keep up the good work! :)
bestlemongreen chapter 2 . 1/8/2010
I've always loved Zero but after reading your story I even love him more ._ Teehee.
RisingWinter chapter 2 . 5/24/2009
I really liked how each chapter ended with a bitter-sweet-ish touch.

I also like the Chairman singing off-key. Seems so like him.

Well done!
lightpathetic chapter 2 . 5/10/2009
I thought it was funny. I loved the quip about Zero's two good shirts and his objectifying Yuuki while she ate enough sweets for a candy store. I also liked the touch of angst in the end...

Nice. But Zero was so "miserable" (Bajan-speak for irritable, bad-tempered)! I wanted to smack him and say "lighten up man!" Lol.

YenGirl chapter 2 . 4/27/2009
Oh yay – another chapter of Zero goodness! *rubs her hands together, already grinning like an idiot*

7:00 am Wake up to the Chairman singing off-key… again

Ugh, how awful to have your weekend sleep interrupted like that but looks like it’s something one just has to tolerate… *tries to keep a straight face but winces at that un-lovely note*

7:20 am Taking charge of breakfast

LOL, did you say ‘literally’? *giggles in delight then passes Cross a band aid for his sure to be tender rear*

7:22 am Fuming at the Chairman

*squeals happily* BW and I love the idea of Zero in an itty bitty apron (only in our minds, it has little pink hearts on it and Zero wears precious little else :D) but this is cute, too! *coos at apron* Well, Zero – you may be a Level D vampire but at take heart that your adopted father doesn’t think of you that way! *beams at him and is ignored*

7:30 am Cooking

Aw, don’t be too modest, Zero – I’m sure you’d be good in a household of excellent cooks! *glances at Cross and Yuuki* It’s too bad that you can’t compare yourself to anyone at the moment. Loved the fact that Yagari cooks well too and my inner KxZ fangirl insists on saying that she’s sure Kaname will love Zero’s cooking… if he gets the chance to taste it! *hearts*

7:34 am Serving breakfast

Aw, isn’t he sweet! *is envious of Yuuki and is completely enamoured of Zero’s attempted nonchalance – wants to pinch Zero’s cheeks* So cute!

7:35 am Eating

LOL, you cutie! *glomps onto Zero and pinches his cheeks. Gets a bump on the head but doesn’t care* Be as arrogant and vain as you can, damnit!

7:57 am Cleaning up

*wonders if breaking a few plates will make the same tactic will work on hubby…*

8:20 am Homework

Golly, he’s getting more perfect by the minute! Yes, I have him pegged at one who does his home work a.s.a.p. too! *thumbs up* Completely understand the rolling of the eyes, dear, she’ll come seek you out when she’s frantic… *nods wisely*

10:00 am Still doing homework

Am I right or am I right? *awards herself 2 points*

12:10 pm Finished

Oh, wow… you shoulda taken a break midway, Zero! *frowns at him* Sitting for prolonged periods of time (no matter how cutely industrious you look doing so) is not good for maintaining a cute butt! *quickly directs gaze to said area to check out if roundness is still maintained*

12:45 pm Lunch

Oh, yay for another Zero-cooked lunch! *is relieved that none of the three members of the household will be food poisoned* Bless papa Cross! *giggles*

12:46 pm The Chairman still gushing

Ooh… hang in there, Zero! *crosses her fingers*

1:03 pm Eating

And he’s wise, too! *beams fondly at him* Yes, that’s right – just enjoy the sound of her voice, dearie… *tries to snitch some of the food he’s cooked without getting her fingers slapped*

1:25 pm Being dragged out of the house by Yuuki

Aw, you don’t honestly mind, do you, Zero? *giggles* After all, you do like Yuuki…

2:40 pm Going around town

Oops… yes, but a gentleman always carries the heavy stuff, right? *mops his brow daintily with a tissue*

3:10 pm Shopping

LOL… typical Zero! Aw, just let her, dear… *beams at them both* So cute! *is alarmed that she is starting to sound like papa Cross*

3:11 pm Arguing in the shop

LOL, I remember certain pages from the manga now! :D No, no, no! *puts her foot down* That is such a meager wardrobe, Zero! *frowns at him then eggs Yuuki on to buy him some clothes*

3:12 pm Losing the argument

‘He knew further resistance was futile.’ – loved that! :D

3:27 pm Shopping

Wise Zero… *nods and pats his lovely silver hair* No point in prolonging the torture, right?

3:40 pm Continuing on

Er… that’s good, Yuuki but er… you didn’t mention anything about Zero having any pants other than his uniform ones…

4:10 pm What now?

Yuuki – you are a real smart cookie, you know that, don’t you? *shakes her head and smiles at her* Bet you she’s forgotten all about her homework…

4:25 pm Killing time

Aw, you’re lovely, Zero but - oi, what’s with all this modesty, huh? You deserve her smiles whenever you cook for her and help her with her homework!

5:10 pm Dinner

*grins even more widely as she recalls other pages from the manga* Yes, you enjoy those noodles then a cup of coffee, Zero…

5:50 pm Desserts

*blinks* Well, what do you know – coffee! *pauses dramatically* I swear I’m reviewing as I read! *awards herself another 2 points* Aw, so cute! *gushes at mental image of chibi Yuuki tearing around and reducing Cross and Kaname to exhausted shells of their usual selves* Hey..! *blinks in surprise* I made a tongue twister! *decides to award herself yet another 2 points*

5:51 pm Still eating

*giggles* Go right ahead, Yuuki *secretly schedules an appointment with the dentist for her*

6:12 pm Returning to the academy

Aw…! *glomps him again*

7:00 pm Shooting practice

Oh, you go, Zero! *cheers with fluffy pink ear muffs on, stolen from Professor Sprout*

7:35 pm Interrupted

LOL, that was an almost vicious jibe, Zero my boy, even though I loved it! Yes, Yuuki does seem to need your help, doesn’t she? And yes, amazing how hard she can punch – must be all that sugar she’s consumed *nods knowingly*

8:20 pm Tutoring

Bingo! *sighs* Well, some things would never change, right? *sighs again*

9:30 pm Night snack

Look away, Zero! Resist or the cookies will come out, I know they will! *tries putting a book in front of his face to distract him*

10:10 pm Caught by Chairman Cross

Typical Zero! :D Love him! *gives distracted pat on the head to disappointed Cross before stalking Zero once more*

11:00 pm Reading

*giggles* Hey, I love that series! But yes, it would be a night with a purple moon indeed when Zero read such a book. Inner KxZ fangirl insists that will be right after he and Kaname fall in love. With each other.

1:00 am Going to sleep

Hey, it’s way past bedtime… guess that novel must be pretty gripping, huh? Aw, a lullaby? *eyes sparkle at the thought* How lovely! And touching… *sniffles* Sweet dreams, baby… *blows him a kiss*

That was lovely, dear writer! Yes, the first chapter is a little more amusing but this is still lovely! *hearts* Thanks so much!
Hanamaru chapter 2 . 4/26/2009
this was cute, I really like the ending the idea of Zero feeling warm and fuzzy for a moment:)

Lolita-C chapter 2 . 4/26/2009
OMG! This is hilarious! Good job!
katen1993 chapter 2 . 4/26/2009
wee! i really love this story. i hope there's more chapters in this fic. _
katen1993 chapter 1 . 4/21/2009
KYA! I love this! :D

mind doing the rest of the vk characters? this is so nice. :D
YenGirl chapter 1 . 4/21/2009
*favourites story & alerts author* This is AWESOME! And so funny! *tries in vain to stifle giggles unless she gets thrown out of the internet cafe she's in*

7:00 am Wake up to the sound of the Chairman singing... horribly off-key

LOL, Chairman if you only knew how much you were putting your adopted son off! And how much danger you were in each day, too!

7:30 am Stare suspiciously at his breakfast and wonder if it's toxic

Sorry Zero, but it's because Yuuki is a pureblood that she survived this long! And yes, you being a vampire helped too. Aw, so you were just entertained by Kuran's expression when tasting Cross' dishes? And not interest of any sort? (Sorry, it's my inner KxZ fangirl speaking)

7:32 am Start eating

Uhm, that will just you indigestion, dear... *shakes head and tsks a little*

8:00 am Take a morning nap

LOL! Yes, there is a limit to Yuuki's cuteness, I guess, especially if one sees it everyday, unlike Kaname :D

8:40 am Is awoken from nap

Aw, poor baby! *stands over him with an open umbrella borrowed from Cross. Damn, it would be pink and frilly..

8:50 am Tossing, turning...

Uhm, sorry, not sure what else I can do!

9:20 am Goes to class

Yes, it is indeed unfair that Zero can sleep through class and not fail while Yuuki suffers!

9:21 am Yelled at by teacher for being late

Ah, some justice for Yuuki! *grins*

12:30 pm Lunch hour

*sighs* Well, at least you know why you don't have friends, Zero!

1:20 pm Afternoon classes

LOL, he is grumpy! *wonders if she can ruffle his lovely hair and get away with it*

4:30 pm End of classes

*sighs* Zero is... Zero! *shrugs*

4:50 pm Enter stables to help with White Lily

Aw, it's horse love, Zero! *giggles* But I liked that it was the thought of Cross who frightened Zero the most, even more than Kaname! But Zero's right about one thing - his hair is precious, kya!

6:00 pm Dinner with the Chairman and Yuuki

Ah... actually, I like liver, I do! But not had them with bell peppers yet... hmm *muses thoughtfully*

6:35 pm Doing the dishes

Oh yes, she does indeed...!

6:38 pm Blood!

Ouchies! Lucky for him, his bloodlust's not so bad yet *relieved*

6:39 pm Stomping out

Dear Cross, I love him! *beams at him happily but runs out after Zero*

6:50 pm Bloodlust controlled

LOL, what kind of code is that! *giggles* And such dedication, too! *titters from behind hand* Damn, I was so hoping he would run into a generous Kaname... (Sorry, it's my inner KxZ fangirl speaking again)

7:01 pm Prefect duties

That poor girl - I empathise with her, I really do! Zero really is handsome, my dear, no doubts about it! *nods in total agreement*

7:02 pm Glaring at the Night Class

Oho, and what emotion do you want to see from Kaname, Zero? *eyes brighten* Some reluctant attraction, maybe? *winks at him*

7:03 pm Still glaring at the Night Class

Poor baby and his sensitive ears... hmm, since the Night Class elite don't seem to be affected, guess they're wearing ear plugs, maybe? *grins*

10:00 pm On patrol with Yuuki

Well... Yuuki is Yuuki!

11:08 pm On patrol

LOL yes, girls love guys who count the stars! *getting starry eyed herself* I loved the 'But... his record so far was 852.' - kya!

2:30 am End of prefect duties

Oh, so they escort twice a day, then? Kya, kya, ky-! Oops, sorry... *runs away from an irate Zero*

2:52 am Racing to the bathroom with Yuuki

They really do seem like siblings, don't they? *shakes head in amusement*

2:53 am Waiting for his turn

Aw... *melts*

3:24 am Return to bedroom

LOL, Yuuki took almost half an hour? Wakaba is indeed a very perceptive person. And whaddaya know - she's right! Aw, poor Zero's still disturbed by dreams? *pats his hair to get him to sleep... tries very hard not to pet anywhere else*

3:25 am Good night

Aw... *melts onto Zero's pillow and hopes he doesn't notice* That was so sweet! *hushes inner KxZ fangirl who is plaintively asking why isn't Kaname in that group of 'impossble, annoying, odd, frustrating, foolish people'*

Loved this! *hearts*
lightpathetic chapter 1 . 4/19/2009
Funny and interesting. I liked it. Not sure if Zero is that much OOC.

Hanamaru chapter 1 . 4/18/2009
cute, funny and sweet

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