Reviews for A Protector's Pride
Seth Richardson chapter 9 . 10/8
I'm not sure if it really matters or if you've already been informed, but you have Nnoitora as Quarta and Grimmjow as Quinta instead of Quinta and Sexta respectively. Thought you might want to know. I missed this my first read-through. Fantastic Story by the way!
Miss Ming chapter 84 . 10/7
thank you for such a great story and thank you for sticking with it to the end
Guest chapter 8 . 10/5
The Greek goddess of the hunt is actually Artemis, not Athena.. Just thought you should know!
john.oliva.54 chapter 84 . 10/5
This was not a story, this was a journey, an incredible and breathtaking journey, thank you for all of your hard work! :D
Ecomadness chapter 84 . 10/3
Really loved this story I hope u continue it someday I can't wait.
JV chapter 84 . 10/2
dude this was a awesome story. definitely one of the few stories that inspired me to be a writer. I've followed you since I believe ch 20 or so. I'm glad were finally here and as I want to be a teacher I'll give you an A. Anyway man I'll check your account out every few months so keep us all updated on your book and just remember to write for the enjoyment of it. later
marionberry chapter 84 . 10/1
i have a lot of feelings, most of them are some variant of the word damn

your writing, your worldbuilding, your character development, your politics, your fight scenes - i'm officially intimidated and inspired. now i feel like i should pull an ichigo and write non-stop for like three months to reach your level. this fic is AMAZING, and i feel so lucky to have read it. (insert ikkaku's lucky dance here)

somewhat ironically, i started reading this fic some time ago, and only just now found it again - just after it had been completed. a pretty awesome coincidence i think.

the one thing (only thing) that bugged me really was the lack of definitive resolution after the Aizen arc was over. that might just be because i'm used to novels, which tie up all the loose ends and then end, and sequels start from there. but like. the whole thing was really about ichigo's arc of self-discovery, and all the challenges he faced were part of that arc. so it's really a man vs himself thing, instead of a man vs other thing.

the sheer amount of badassery in this fic was almost making my brain explode with the awesome. the massive amount of asskicking, in combination with the sincerity and genuineness of all the emotions the characters were feeling, it was - fantastic. even as the power-ups got more and more intense, they never really got unrealistic - that is where i applaud you the most, your realism. you took this fantastical world, something outside of any of our experiences, and made the people in it real.

i think, perhaps, if you were to edit it, you could add some more development of ichigo and nel's relationship? i know you weren't originally planning on shipping anyone with anyone, and there was enough lead-up that it wasn't completely out of the blue. but maybe some more detail about what exactly happened that night? (i mean, besides the obvious.) also if you could put more detail about rukia and renji double-bankai-ing the endless invasions of Hell's armies i think i might scream from joy. and maybe someone could make a crack about Hell's Angels? i don't know who would say that though. it might be funny.

as it is, though, this story is like - life goals. almost 600,000 words, huge amounts of commitment - over years, with intense plot and also intense life-situations - i am thoroughly impressed. i don't know how much i can thank you for writing this. i look forward greatly to your next work, wherever that may be, and wish you all the luck in your ventures.
draknar chapter 84 . 9/30
Fantastic story. I greatly enjoyed it. I look forward to the sequel if you do eventually make it.
Guest chapter 84 . 9/30
Ignore am4l guy. He is a narutard.
Kisakraze7 chapter 84 . 9/29
I absolutely loved this story it was amazing and so well written and kept focus on ichigo and so many stories kind of wander a bit but yours always had him as the main point and I've reread this fic so often. This is better than many books I've read! It's a wonderful fanfiction and I'm happy I had the chance to read this
pretishk chapter 84 . 9/29
brilliaaant :) !
yiggdrasill chapter 84 . 9/28
be proud of this. there is so much i want to say at the end if this story i have been reading for years but the words dont really work for it. im still gobsmacked at your solution for the hogyuko and your ending is superb, life doesnt end at the last chapter, there is always another treat or issue to deal with. let us know when that book comes out, im looking forward to it
Endfall chapter 84 . 9/28
*Slow applause, increasing in pace*.

Thank you for sharing this story with us, for all these years.
Wolfkey13 chapter 84 . 9/28
I have been following your story since I first found it back in 2009 and I have loved every bit of it. Also congratulations on finishing this amazing story.

Now for something I haven't done in years. Story rating: 11/10. Why the 11, because this is one of the best fics I have read and you actually finished it. And thus I wish you luck on your next great venture

Guest chapter 84 . 9/28
Very nice chapter. Hope you do decide to do a sequel. This is actually one of the best fanfics for any series I've ever read.
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