Reviews for A Protector's Pride
the girl who envies books chapter 56 . 8/27
You that logic wouldn't ishida's arrows do something else to the souls now that he's fighting to protect his town instead of avenge the quincy?
Death knight15 chapter 36 . 8/27
Ace of Spies chapter 60 . 8/19
XD Character development for Lisa! Yay! I f*cking love Lisa lol
narutoreader4368 chapter 83 . 8/16
Fantastic story that i thoroughly enjoyed.
AnonY chapter 83 . 8/11

I just finished reading through the story (started a few days ago) and I wanted to complement the chapter before this. The ending, when Ichigo pulls out his mindscape, and the words he said, we're actually super cool.

I hope you update, it would be nice to have closure!

All in all, good job.
Guest chapter 3 . 8/9
To be a Shinigami for less than ONE year, and yet be about Captain-level already, is both awe-inspiring and downright TERRIFYING."
Although I think it is less than 4-6 months at this point.

simple Bakudo 1: Sai! The time it'd take me to break out using sheer strength
considering his immense power now, I doubt that. Unless she can use Black Coffin without an incantation…even then he could still use shunpo while he is breaking out of it.

"It's also the color of mourning,"
In Japan, the color of mourning is white.

Just realized but you mixed up the definitions of Reiatsu and reiryoku. The former is spirit pressures, the latter is spirit energy.
UjeanBlandino chapter 83 . 8/6
I have to say one of the best story in this website, really creative and pretty much awesome in every way. It'll be amazing to see more Bleach story's like this one.
Guest chapter 83 . 8/5
I wish this story was cannon.
TM11 chapter 48 . 8/4
You know, i think you get some sick pleasure by having Ichigo go through all kinds of emotional pain. First he has to admit that he is a Shinigami, then that he's a Hollow and NOW he has to fight a power hungry side of him too! Poor Ichigo! Can't the guy have a break!? Is peace that HORRIBLE!?
TM11 chapter 37 . 8/4
I read your comment about Ichigo being adopted by the Shiba Clan. In case you didn't know, Ichigo is cousing of the Shiba Siblings, since Isshin is their Uncle.
Reemikz chapter 83 . 8/4
truly an amazing story cant wait for the last chapter congrats on such an amazing story
Reemikz chapter 78 . 8/4
as sad as it would be i had a sudden idea of a path i thought this fight could go down when it look like there was no hope left and that was nel offering to be consumed by ichigos hollow side for the power up i dont why but i thought the emotional scene would be horrible/amazing or ichigos will to protect everyone including nel when she offered would let him evolve on his own
Reemikz chapter 70 . 8/4
i know it hasn't really happened in your story but i thought his hollow powers in canon increased the more he used them? that's why he eventually went vasto lorde against ulquiorra he never did the originally when he nearly hollowfied i was assuming that if you were gonna make the vasto lorde form his trump card i thought it would be because cazadors powers finally evolve not because he had to eat another vasto lorde?
Reemikz chapter 67 . 8/4
well i hope grimmjow decides to join ichigos side ive always loved ulquiorra and grimmjow the most out of the espada and i hate to see him on the "evil" side otherwise loved the chapter
Reemikz chapter 66 . 8/4
dam i was really hoping in the final battle it would be a combination of ichigo achieving vasto lorde and than rejoining with Zen'i and combining all of his powers into one badass form
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