Reviews for The Tutor
somebody2love chapter 35 . 8/5
flanduslover1 chapter 35 . 7/9
I absolutely love this story
3diamonds chapter 35 . 7/2
I absolutely love it when I find a gem I’ve missed before! It’s like unwrapping a hidden present! I’ve laughed and cried with this one and I’m so grateful for your words that have kept me company as I devoured this in two days! This is a great one, going into my Favorites! Wishing you a safe and beautiful summer!
Gigileexo chapter 35 . 6/17
I never thought I’d say this, but I really didn’t like this Edward very much. He always just seemed rude, demanding, demeaning and conceited. There were so many times were I wanted Bella to just move on and I’ve never wanted that in a fic before lol. I guess he changed a little in the end but I’m just not set on him. The twins was a shocker, but their names are perfect! This was emotive for me, frustration at the pair of them more than anything haha, but I’ve enjoyed it nonetheless. Thanks for sharing!
-Gigi xo
Hana chapter 35 . 6/8
Perfect ending for a perfect story. Thank you for sharing this beautiful work.
Moonlight4me chapter 1 . 6/10
This is a different Edward but I really like it. Reread it a couple of times.
MaisieSky chapter 35 . 4/25
Reread again. This story is awesome.️
BB Masen-Cullen chapter 35 . 10/4/2019
Love loved loved reading about this ExB! I'm going to miss them! 3 3
krisbianforlyfe chapter 24 . 9/20/2019
CarlisleEdward’s relationship in this fic makes me tear, enjoying reading about them so much
krisbianforlyfe chapter 21 . 9/20/2019
Rose was so fucked up for doing this and reading about Emmett fking glorifying her actions literally makes me wanna hurl
madelinecoffee chapter 35 . 9/3/2019
I spent the day at various times reading this story, and I adored it. I loved how you built Edward and Bella's relationship up and you did an amazing job discussing sex and just all the hard topics. It's wonderful thank you
Kksmum chapter 34 . 7/24/2019
Love this story
cctwilight chapter 35 . 7/15/2019
Love that they had a boy and girl! Edward and Bella have true love! Wonderful story!
cctwilight chapter 34 . 7/15/2019
Getting married and having a baby! Love it! I read this story years ago but at the time I wasn't one to leave reviews. I try to review every chapter now.
cctwilight chapter 33 . 7/15/2019
It's great that Edward has a job lined up and is going to be taking a few classes too. He and Bella are ready to live together and grow as a couple. Loved the story!
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