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Phalanx chapter 10 . 7/26/2010
I hear you! The pimp hats in One Piece are one of the best points of the series. 3

Don't forget there's also Bogart (fedora) and Pell (hood).

Oh, and X Drake's hat is a plumed bicorne or tricorne or some sort of variant of one of them. I think.

I liked the sword fighting description in this chapter. It's not easy to write interesting fights, I know, so have to say I'm impressed when someone manages to pull it off for such an extended stretch.

Best and last, and Lt. Pash IS A RIOT! XD An AWESOME riot!
Aoi24 chapter 10 . 7/26/2010
Mihawk has a pimp hat of true excellence. No doubt there and what's more he can work it! XD

Tashigi has a narrow view of the world. She may merit headgear of some sort once she sees more of the sea. Kaku has a baseball hat...and that nose...*flails* Oda has a true appreciation of Millinery!

Another excellent chapter (and I decry any claims that you borrowed anything from me. It seems all your own excellent work to me.)

I really enjoy the tongue in cheek humour where oddities are so easily accepted (So...just like in canon then XD) Boy grows more and more into himself with each chapter and has the most epic teacher ever! (or at least one of the most entertaining)

Excellent fight scenes and I simply adore the way you break up the narrative by flashing back to his previous battles. It's managed just right to match up to his development in his battle with the spiritual successor to Maito Gai (who is genuinely awesome by the way) Wonderful chapter as always. All I can say is that I look forward to what you do next. C:
Rom Nom Nom chapter 10 . 7/26/2010
10/10 It was, as a reply to your reply, I was wondering (sort of) how boy was going to find stronger opponents as surely some islands would have weaker swordsmen and now that has been answered. I took some time he other day to watch X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the concept reminded me of your story isn't that weird?
Cat chapter 10 . 7/25/2010
Wait, you guessed beforehand that Mihawk lived in the castle?
Sir Gar the Bold chapter 9 . 6/23/2010
as always, i do so love this work. my favorite points in this particular section were the use of the fanfic's title and the comment about hats. it explains so much, especially why mihawk wears such a ridiculous one. my only tiny complaint is that the transition between different points in time are occasionally so abrupt, i lose track of what is going on. as i said, a small complaint for an otherwise amazing piece of writing.

-sir gar the bold
Phalanx chapter 9 . 6/15/2010
Great story as always, but I had a lot of trouble reading it because the breaks between the story jumps were missing.

I know it's probably eating your line breaks (they do that to me sometimes too) but in this case it's unfortunate because it resulted in a lot of confusion because I would read something then it would stop making sense. Then I'd have to backtrack a few lines and reread to figure out there was supposed to be a break there.

Oh, and the Hat to Power relation theory was awesome!
AttilaTheBunny chapter 9 . 6/7/2010
I have a feeling I forgot to review your last two stories, which I feel very bad about and will have to go fix. As soon as my finals are over. Which will be very soon, so I'll try to get back to that as soon as possible.

Anyway, you know I completely adore this story. I LOVE the way you write fight scenes, and the way he thinks during them. And the banter between Boy and Curry is always a plus.

I would make this review longer, but I'm already probably wasting time that I should be spending studying. Sorry!

The next time you update, I shall leave a very long and detailed review.
Solo Loco Ellingson-Rose chapter 9 . 6/6/2010
Loved it! I can't wait for the next chapter.

Note: OP wiki states Mihawk as being 41, (and 6'6" at that).
Solo Loco Ellingson-Rose chapter 8 . 6/6/2010
I love these long chapters! But I also hate them. It takes me forever to read. I still love it though. I'm starting to sound like Boy...

The whole memory loss thing was a little random, but it still fit into the story and character of Curry quite well. Very nice.

You mentioned that your art is significantly better than your writing. It is, but since I firmly believe you are an amazing writer, perhaps that will tell you just how highly I also think of your art.
TheDML chapter 9 . 6/6/2010
Love.. love, love, LOVE this story I do! Took me 2 strait nights to read it and now, like the fanfiction junkie I am, need my next fix! You really put in quality and quantity in your chapters, sucking me in with every word! One thing I am wondering for the future for Boy, when whill he get the taste for floral fasion prints? XD
Solo Loco Ellingson-Rose chapter 2 . 6/5/2010
I think I'm in love with Curry.

He's probably the most fitted to One Piece OCs I've ever seen. EVER. It's like you raided Oda's home in the middle of the night, and pulled Curry directly out of the man's brain. HE'S SO PERFECT. And great mentor for "Boy."

Curry's awesome.

Mihawk's awesome.

You are awesome.
Bowl of Slightly Hateful Rice chapter 9 . 6/3/2010
You deserve more reviews. Alot more.


I liked that part.

I'm honestly too tired to write something that matters in this review. *yawn*

Anyway, the past twenty something minutes were well spent reading this.

Update soon, I promise to review properly. :D
Senko-Chandon'tfeellikelogging chapter 9 . 6/2/2010
Great chapter! It's nice to see boy getting a bit of a rep now. Also enjoying the cool swordwomen. Not enough of those in the canon universe.
Roronoanne chapter 9 . 6/2/2010
Yaaaaay, it's THERE!

You would'nt believe how often I checked the story for an update. I (almost) literally danced on the table when I finally saw it... well, enough of that.

I think some reviewers have called it that before and I also don't find an other adequate description other than masterpiece! In all my years of reading fanfiction (that would be approx. eight) I've never seen such a... well, masterpiece.

Your way of describing boy's fights (especially now, with all the different details in fighting style) is absolutely awesome, and reading about Curry's training methods such as the stride-thing makes me think you and I share very much the same opinion of what a true fighter should be.

Say, are you a martial artist?

Und jetzt mache ich mal auf Deutsch weiter, weil du es ja so wolltest. Dafür erstmal Respekt, ich glaube nicht, dass ich Deutsch lernen wollen würde, wenn es nicht meine Muttersprache wäre. Das muss echt kompliziert sein.

Wie auch immer, ich weiß echt nicht, was ich dir noch erzählen soll: Die Story ist einfach großartig. Normalerweise bin ich immer sehr ungeduldig, wenn es um Updates geht, aber auf "Subtlety" warte ich immer gerne, denn Qualität geht bekanntlich vor Quantität.

Ich hoffe nur, wir bekommen den Kampf mit Marione noch zu lesen, ich war etwas irritiert, als er plötzlich zuende war. Und ich bin sehr gespannt, wie der rest des Kampfes aussah. Besonders weil du es bist, der den Kampf beschreibt.

Und ich hoffe, dass die Story noch seeeehr viel länger wird als zwölf Kapitel, ich bin sicher, du lässt dir noch ein paar tolle Dinge einfallen, wie Boy zu seinem Namen und natürlich dem Kokutou Yoru kommt - ich selber habe mich noch nicht getraut, dazu eine Theorie zu bilden, auch wenn ich sonst bei Mihawks Vergangenheit ziemlich kreativ bin (eigentlich schon ZU kreativ _~).

Well, I think this will do it. Just ask if my german jabbering irritated you ;)

But, just as usual, keep up the absolutely and incredibly awesome work!

Rom Nom Nom chapter 9 . 6/2/2010
You should change some of the words and publish this as a book, I would buy it definitely, this story is an absolute gem to be quite frank about it, it's by far the best story on this site (that I've read anyway) and deserves may more reviews, In the Naruto section there are stories with 7000-8000 reviews but they aren't even comparable to the quality in this. So I don't think I focused enough with this review but err...5 stars 10/10 can't wait for the next chapter.
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