Reviews for In Need of Rest
COOKIECHEESEMAN chapter 1 . 10/30/2011
Unadulterated crap... my favourite slogan.

Once again, Sain is awesome here. Maybe it's just his personality, but you seem to portray him well. I wonder what "vulgar position" Kent would be in, heh heh.

How could Eliwood control the horse while... tightly embracing Ninian? Funny stuff! (Okay, only I found it funny. Curse my strange sense of humour.)

After walking endlessly for a couple of days, one would think that horse would simply collapse of exhaustion after adding Lyn's weight. But one would be wrong. Admittedly, Lyn probably weighs about half of what Kent does WITHOUT his armor, but still...

I never get tired of reading these. Always a new adventure, always a new romance, always a new wisecracker making stupid jokes for the enjoyment of others. It's good stuff.

You can tell when people put a lot of thought and work into their submissions. You can tell there's passion for what the author does if the story has that "heart" quality that no one can describe. (and apparently I can't either) And you've done it again. Congrats.

May the writing force be with you.

10/10 Woo hoo!
Sardonic Kender Smile chapter 1 . 5/1/2009
Ack! I hadn't forgotten about this fic, you know, cuz I saw it and then I knew I had to read it, but I haven't had any time at all because of bloody BAND BAND BAND-

[He was sick of hearing the complaints, as truthful as they were. Everyone was tired.] That's so like Kent xD. "Suck it up, ya n00b-WORKHARDWORKHARDWORKHARD."

[they were possibly the only two left with energy.] Hahaha. That's so cute!

[“I’m not taking your horse from you.”] Stubborn!Lyndis is always so hard core. I love that side of her.

[but something in his mind told him that calling her his liege was too intimate…possessive, even.] xD! I've thought that before, how Kent's whole habit of calling her "my lady" could be twisted fic-tastically into something along those lines. I'm glad you touched on it, haha!

[when he saw Ninian riding in front of Eliwood] Oh, so we're in those, like, THREE levels where Eliwood actually has a horse? xD Ohh, pansy simply weren't manly enough. They had to give you a horse. HECTOR didn't need a horse. Hector could've just carried his woman over his shoulder or something-[shot].

[sixteen or seventeen hands high] You used hands as a unit of measurement! Ohmigosh. I love you.

[Sain tried to look sad as he rubbed at what would no doubt end up being a bruise on his shoulder.] HAHAHA, I love how he has to try. I can literally SEE him making that face xD. And Lyndis grabbing Kent's hair...was that a sleep-reflex to go back to holding the horse's mane? That's so cute. This gosh-durn thing is so cute, especially how you used such a wide cast to show how Kent was comparing his situation to everyone else's...and heehee. That one line of EliwoodxNinian, where Kent has to look away. (Gasp. Scandal.)Anyways, excellent job yet again!

Voy a terminar mi capitulo final pronto porque este fic era tan bien! Te prometo! D: (Translate that, if you can...BWAHAHAHAHA-*has twitching spazz attack from lack of tildes.* Uhg. My laptop makes for IMPROPER GRAMMAR!)

Xirysa chapter 1 . 4/22/2009
I should be studying, so this is going to be a very hurried, very lame review.

[Shaking his head, he realized that he had been standing next to the bedroll that Sain had so generously put out for their liege, and he also noticed that all three pegasus sisters were staring at him.

Fiora just blinked, Farina grinned, and Florina clutched her eldest sister’s sleeve as she smiled sleepily at Kent with…with something in her eyes. It looked like approval, but he didn’t dare dwell on it.] You know, my sisters and I have done this to many a person. I guess when three girls who apparently all look the same (in our case, at least) stare at someone, it can be quite intimidating. So this is one of my favorite parts.

My next favorite part is the end. Silly Sain! Oh, and yes; fear Lyndis' boots, for they can be quite intimidating indeed.

Uh... Yeah. End review.

Trevor X chapter 1 . 4/22/2009
I laughed SO hard! As always, a wonderful job. I like how Kent ended up half-asleep and staring.

And Sain? Yeah, I can see him pulling a prank like that.
jordan114725 chapter 1 . 4/20/2009
nice fic, I really liked this one. Unadulterated crap indeed. I liked the idea of Lyn rejecting help; she likes to be self sufficient. And Sain is always funny :)

Thanks for the fic!
Korsriddare chapter 1 . 4/20/2009
Love it!

I like how you add the reaction of the pegasus sisters, and Sain's not so subtle teasing in there. Grumpy Kent is indeed a fun read.
Ethereally chapter 1 . 4/19/2009
I have decided that the more I read your writing and the more I review, the more pointless it gets; I say the same thing almost every single time. But I suppose I should remind you- you're an amazing writer and I love the way you portray the characters. Your portrayal of Sain, especially, is amazing. I love the way you always write him in a way that makes him seem so supportive yet evil- he reminds me of the way I act with my best friends!

This story made me smile. Thanks for putting it here.