Reviews for Lost in Austen Reborn
Fairy of stories chapter 6 . 5/23/2015
Yay! this was the song I thought of when Amanda was singing in front of Darcy and the rest in the serie! Haha you just made my day!
nanciellen chapter 19 . 3/28/2015
Enjoyed this very much. Thank you.
nanciellen chapter 18 . 3/28/2015
Wow Didn't expect the drama. How exciting. Thank you.
nanciellen chapter 17 . 3/28/2015
Wow Just when I thought things were settled down ! Thank you.
nanciellen chapter 15 . 3/28/2015
This is so great. Thank you.
nanciellen chapter 12 . 3/28/2015
What a great story. That's about all the additional feedback to give. Thank you.
nanciellen chapter 10 . 3/28/2015
Your story shows such incredible creativity and I find it engrossing. Thank you.
nanciellen chapter 9 . 3/28/2015
What a great story. I am enjoying it so very much. Thank you.
nanciellen chapter 8 . 3/28/2015
Am enjoying this so much. The new 'Lizzy' is great as a blast from the future. Thank you.
nanciellen chapter 7 . 3/28/2015
Strange and very funny. Thank you.
nanciellen chapter 3 . 3/28/2015
This is so funny. What a great story. Thank you.
VictoriaFrank chapter 18 . 12/20/2011
at first i was jealous of LucifersAngel23 for getting a shout out but then I realized OMFG THAT'S ME! thank you sooooooooooooooooo much! This chapter was well worth the wait, it was awesome 333 It is just like Amanda as a mother to worry about her daughter. Personally I'm not too worried about Constance since I think she'll feel right at home with her tomboy attitude and all ]
VictoriaFrank chapter 1 . 11/15/2011
That was totally AWESOME! I can't wait to read more D
rachydoodle chapter 7 . 10/19/2010
I have only just found this story and, I have to say, I am LOVING it!
Pink Lady Alex chapter 15 . 3/6/2010
A well-written story with an interesting and unique twist! Thanks for all the hard work you put into writing it - it's a good read )
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