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Zinfer chapter 4 . 4/29/2011
Super sweet fic! It was cool to see the story focus on Sam but still give me a good dosage of dean awesomeness and h/c XD. Loved it, though I was a bit weirded out by the virtual season, partially cause I'm not up to date with the season, and it's not something I could relate with the show
Death-Muncher chapter 4 . 10/16/2010
Cool story. :)
Leahelisabeth chapter 4 . 2/7/2010
I definitely loved this story. I took your advice and am reading the stories you said were more Sam-centric because I definitely love how you turn a phrase. Well done, I am actually curious to read the rest of the virtual season because I caught glimpses of other story arcs that I found intriguing. How would I go about finding that? Anyway, I am going to go and work on getting through a couple more of your stories. :) Yay!
badaiwind chapter 4 . 9/30/2009
It's too short, usually yours tend to have lengthy fic.

Enjoyed reading it, after crappy day at the office. O_o.

Thanx for posting it here. :D
supernaturalsammy67 chapter 4 . 6/12/2009

the way you describe Sam's visions...i do believe i found fic heaven :)

this was awesome- i really gotta get into the virtual episodes huh... :)

thanks for the amazing read- as always hun
JazzyIrish chapter 4 . 5/23/2009
God, I love the way you write your stories - even in the VS verse, your style and personal touches are evident everywhere. This would have made a terrific episode in the actual series! Love the way you make these boys come alive with their actions, thoughts, and emotions.

Speaking of action, those fight scenes were absolutely fantastic, edge of your seat affairs. And I do love how you whump Dean, so much so that even he finally succumbs:

"Holding tightly to Sam’s shirt so that when he fell off the edge of the earth he would be able to find his way back, Dean gave in to the darkness." I've never read a better description of Dean falling unconscious! :)

I'm sure that I reviewed this story when you posted in the VS, but wanted to stop by and say "hi". Hope you're having a wonderful beginning to summer. Thanks for sharing this with us and reminding me how much I love your writing whether for the VS or just for "us" ;) Until next time...
Sojourner84 chapter 4 . 5/7/2009
I remember when I first read this story, how drawn I was to the way you wrote inside Dean's head, how you wrote his disorientation after that fight. This was my favorite part:

"Dean closed his eyes. He felt the hungry fingers pulling at his beaten body. He wanted so badly to give in, to let the darkness take him. Then he wouldn’t have to open his eyes and see in Sam's the same look he saw in the mirror every day since he'd killed the man in the alley.


Sam's voice trembled. Dean felt his brother's hands on his face, felt Sam's fingers lightly tapping his cheeks.

"Dean, you with me?"

Yeah, Sammy, I'm with you…

"Dean, please… open your eyes."

They're not open? He blinked hard, working to pry the lids open, working to see Sam. He was so tired. He couldn't… they were too heavy…

"Dean… I need you to open your eyes," Sam said. Dean heard tears in his brother's voice. "I can't do this by myself."

"Yes, you can," Dean whispered, finally winning the battle with his eyelids. He blinked up at Sam's battered face.

"Yeah, well," Sam sniffed. "I don't want to."

Not going anywhere, Sammy… "

Thanks for sharing these with us here.

pickamix chapter 4 . 5/3/2009
This was different for you... I liked it though. I thought that the argument between Sam and Dean about how to take care of a human foe was interesting. I thought all things in this story were tied up well.
ontara chapter 4 . 5/2/2009
such an awesome story - again. wonderfully written. I love pretty much evrything you write anyways, but this again was wonderfully written!
Meggin Lane chapter 4 . 5/1/2009
This was so action packed I felt my head swiveling to capture all the swinging fists and zinging bullets!

I love it when the Winchesters save the damsels in distress. When it is all about the simple act of preserving a civilians life and taking out the threat human/demon or fugley.

They have such well established characters you can layer all kinds of subplots and lines of comflict and paths of resolution. And I love how you keep them true to the way they were up to season two whe the brotherly vibe was still strong.

And I love the way you describe Jensens face. The way it looks when he flutters those lashes to wake up. Or how pale and fragile he can look when down for the count and it scares Sam to see him so. (good times! LOL)
UpstairsMind chapter 4 . 4/30/2009
This story was AMAZING. I must read the rest of the fantasy season!
PADavis chapter 4 . 4/29/2009
I've been overwhelmed of late but have been holding onto the VS stories like a present. Reading this just confirms my determination to read the whole series - one day! - to get caught up.

This was such a pleasure to read in one go. Always a little disconcerting trying to remember the differences, but the writing was fluid, a wonderful special child (yay S2), nice OCs, and a wonderful climatic fight. And of course, shot Dean. Sighs.

Thanks so much for putting it up here on ff.

Onari chapter 4 . 4/27/2009
There we go...

"Dean leaned forward, his hands on his knees. “I’m not gonna bleed to death, period. And no way you’re going anywhere without me, Sam.”"

Well, yeah, not that we would expect less. But really, this boy's gotta learn to take it easy now and then :)

"He stepped past Sam, his throat constricting painfully. Nick Brookes lay on the floor of Grace’s bedroom..."

I liked him :-(

"“Easy, Sammy,” Dean tried, his voice trembling. “I got you, man.”

But he didn’t have him. He couldn’t hold on. Sam fell forward and Dean couldn’t stop him."

Beautiful wording.

And I loved how they...passed out on each other. The next scene is great too. Actually, summing up, it's a long, agonizing, delicious fight with Lucien. Both brothers accept to kill him in the end, to protect the other, only Sam is the one "succeeding". Poetic. It's like...the last bit of innocence Dean has failed to protect in him. Quite sad. and how Dean fades... aw

"Let them in," Sam was saying. "Just… just let them in, Grace."

Great line.

"She sighed. "Oh, like… pictures of yellow eyes on his wall, and Latin phrases in permanent marker on his doors.""

OH! I had forgotten this detail! So I get surprised a second time.

""How long have you been awake?"

Dean opened one eye. "Long enough, Sam," he said, his voice a weak rasp."


And Yay! For all the final dialogue!

You know, it's been interesting reading a bit of Sam-centric by you _ I mean, you say it's Sam-centric, and sort of is, but it's perfectly balanced in all senses, so we all find what we like! And your moments with the brother alone will always be the best.

I'm gonna try to go over Suffocate now! What's the time anyway? Oh well, I'll try to go fast _

Thanks for sharing, babe.

L xx
Onari chapter 3 . 4/27/2009
Hello again!

"“I said I’ll take care of him,” Dean snapped. He knew she was trying to do what was best for Sam, but he didn’t have the energy to explain what he didn’t think she needed to know."


"“Y-you know what we… what I…”

Dean sat back, looking at Sam. “Are you kidding me with this?”"


"“So, it’s okay if you get laid by the cute waitress in whatever town we’re in because it’s fun, but if I sleep with someone, I have to be emotionally troubled, is that it?”"

Well, don't "have to be", you just...are :S

"Sam dropped his hands, staring right at Dean, his eyes twin pools of misery. "Why are you doing this to me?"

That question right there? It broke me. So I don't wanna know what it did to Dean.

Well, yeah, I do!

"“I can’t get this guy and make sure you’re okay at the same time,” Dean met Sam’s eyes. “Not tonight.”"

And that must have hurt to admit!

""You okay, man?" Sam leaned forward, peering closer."

No! He's not! Yay, hurt Dean coming!

""Just… just gimme a minute, Sam," Dean breathed out."


"On second thought," Dean muttered. "Y-you might wanna call… call Dad, S-Sam."

Sam didn't have time to form the question of why. Dean's eyes fluttered closed and his knees buckled"


""Yeah, Dean," Sam said, setting the needle down on Dean's chest and reaching for his brother's hand. He caught it and gripped it in his, trying to quiet the tremors of pain and exhaustion that ran through both of them with the strength of that connection.

"D-don't call Dad," Dean whispered. "I know I said…"


""Help me up," Dean said, motioning Sam toward him with a clumsy hand.

"What! Are you high?"

Hehe, I heard Sam there, I swear.

"He watched Dean set the empty glass back on the nightstand and then use the furniture to try to pull himself to his feet. In three quick strides, Sam was next to him and had pushed him back down on the bed."

And all of it without dropping the phone! My hero...

"Dean sat slowly in the chair next to the table. "Had those creepy blue eyes and this weird fold in his lip. Made him look like that dude from Gladiator."

Hey hey hey, watch it there, sis. Joaquin was the best of Gladiator! ;)

On to the last chapter!

L xx
Onari chapter 2 . 4/27/2009
And...there you are, chapter 2 and another vision...

Could we love you more?

"Grace seemed to read his mind.

“I told them to give him some air,” she said."

See? Too perfect, _

"He clutched Sam under his shoulder and grabbed his arm at the wrist, noting how Sam’s hand automatically tightened around his own wrist in response."

Such a simple gesture, but it speaks volumes.

"When Sam was in the car, Dean shut the door and turned to face Grace’s worried expression. She was looking through the glass at Sam. As if feeling Dean's eyes, she looked up at him expectantly."

Aw, sweety, keep dreaming.

"He sacrificed her, Dean. I mean… how many times does she have to die because I can’t—“


Dean was good again, breaking into this...despair spiral Sam was falling into.

"“Hey, Gracie,” Sam said softly. “I’m okay.”

Dean blinked at Sam’s tone. His voice held that hint of familiarity coupled with warmth Dean had only heard his brother use with him."

That's then I got suspicious, I guess. Sam calling her Gracie I was wrong anyway!

"“Sam,” Dean leveled his eyes on Sam’s. “She doesn’t need to be here.” You don’t need to be here."


"The hooded man stood and Sam curled forward as he felt the impact of a foot in his side. His last thought as his consciousness grayed out was Where the hell is Dean?"

He's coming, Sammy ;-)

"“No, man,” Sam shook his head, his jaw muscle clenching. His pain-filled gaze met Dean’s squarely. “They were insane.”

Nice final line!

On with the 3rd!

L xx
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