Reviews for Hunter & Hunted
0987hgt chapter 1 . 4/21/2009
I'll try my hand at a decent review! :3

You have me definitely intrigued to see who these people really are and what they're up to.

I guess the only real cons to this would be the one spelling mistake I caught. You wrote aver-age instead of average. Though you still get the point across. *obviously*

Also it seems a little rushed. I feel at times you cut things off when insights into characters were just lifting off. Just let the scenes flow and play out! Another small suggestion for future writing would be maybe to separate character descriptions a little. For the five wolf pilots, you gave us all of their descriptions in one paragraph. It made it hard to remember who was who and their relations to each other because of this. A small suggestion would be to describe each one as they perform an action, making them more memorable to the reader.

Besides those very small things, this story is off to an awesome start. I can't wait to see what's going to happen to Brad, whether he goes back to the wolf pack or stays with the Blitz Team. I'm personally more of a CC/GF fan myself but you've definitely pulled me into a /Zero story. BTW love how you're using your own zoids, I've always liked when some new zoids are added, they make things a lot more fun, as long as they're described properly, which you did. I think Desert wolf is my favorite of the three right now. And lol at the no BradxNaomi pairing. I think I know where this may be headed if you add a little romance judging by your profile. x3

Well in closing, I hope you stick around in the zoids section, as I've said to others, contrary to popular belief we don't bite. xD I also hope you don't take what I said above as a flame either. It saddens me when people take things the wrong way. T.T While you're here you should also check out our small forum community. Most of the regulars usually hang out over in Chaotic Century Chat, though I'm sure our mod wouldn't mind if we took the light conversation there in a /Zero direction. She's put up with it before. xP Also we have a small RP going with humans and organoids in the aptly named Organoid Role Play board. We'd love to have you. Can't wait for the next chapter! I'll be watching the section. It's not often we have new authors in here after all. Not many people know about zoids anymore. .