Reviews for Think Beast, Therefore Soul
zombiegirl22 chapter 1 . 2/22/2016
part 11

I knew Karin was a talented soccer player, but that kick she did towards the three fighting hollow left me in awe.

“But when your brother was in danger of losing his life to a demon, who were you to question the sense behind your convictions?” She takes after Ichigo a lot, but at least she has a plan when doing something that could be considered insane.

And what a plan Karin had, cracking eggs to get a reaction out of Ulquiorra and send him back to his animal state. I guess it was fate that had her be the one to listen to Ulquiorra’s story. Be the one who ends up doing what no else could do.

And I thank Tomas once again for giving her character development and use rather than someone who was forgotten in the story line, like in the manga.

And I know that Ulquiorra is the bad guy and has threatened Karin but I couldn’t help but have
“His dead, blind, half-grown bleeding chicks tumbling out of a snake's guts, staring up at him for days as the poison worked its way through his system, rotting and oozing into his nest, flies buzzing over them, stinking like death I'll kill you!”

And thank heavens for Neliel saving Karin and Rukia.
And I am glad that both Rukia and Neliel put themselves between Ulquiorra and Karin.

And I am glad that Ichigo got there in time to save his siser.

“Karin watched it slowly topple over, reaching out to her again, and there in the wide green eyes might have been something like sadness.”

And this scene was a lot more touching to me than that scene where Inoue and Ulqiorra reached out to each other.

Honestly. Inoue could have done something for Ulquiorra in the manga but she didn’t.

The sadness in Ulquiorra’s eyes, was that because he sees that Ichigo was able to protect Karin, while Ulquiorra couldn’t do anything to protect his eggs? He sees how many are willing to try to protect the girl, but he himself wasn’t there to protect his unborn children. Perhaps he finally realized that he should have been sympathizing with Ichigo rather than fighting against him, for Ichigo, unlike Ulquiorra has the opportunity to save his loved ones.

And I am glad that the hawk didn’t get dragged into hell-“Rejected and chastised, the lines of the underworld slunk back into their domain, and the doors closed, disappearing from immortal sight.”

And I love the small banter that was included between Byakuya and Yoruichi, especially Byakuya calling her an alley-cat.

And I love the scene between Gin and Rangiku and how it calls back to their first meeting when Gin saves a hungry Rangiku only this time the roles are reversed.

And freaking hell Tomas. You got me to like Inoue in this story. Giving her more development in this final scene with Ulqiorra, than all the “development” she has gotten in the manga. You have done the impossible (making me like Inoue), and you should feel proud of yourself.

So much so, that I kind of want a story detailing the adventures of Inoue and her trusty hawk, Ulquiorra, in the Afterlife.

I can’t help but smile at Inoue able to understand Hawk!Ulqiuiorra’s squawks.

“It regarded her steadily. Its mistress flinched. ‘Urahara-sama, maybe. I don't think the rest are very familiar with this sort of thing. I'm still not quite adjusted to it myself. Kurosaki-kun's father, almost for certain. He knows all about jumping from one life to another.’”

I can see why Inoue flinched. I have to wonder what Ichigo, Rukia, Uryuu and Grimmjow will do once they find out that Inoue and Hawk!Ulquiorra are in the afterlife.

I know that Uryuu will be quite happy to hear the news, and I can see him visiting SS to go and visit her. I can also see hawk!Ulquiorra sort of terrorizing Uryuu, not in a bad way but in the asshole way that some cats act. Like perhaps landing on Uryuy’s head, making a nest out of clothes that Uryuu sews and brings to Inoue, etc.

I like that Inoue finally realizes that she can be happy without Ichigo. And that Ichigo wasn’t her happiness and she wasn’t his. She would have had to change herself completely, and if you have to change yourself to get someone to like you, they aren’t worth it in my opinion.

And I am glad she realized this part- “I wanted to be the rain, but the rain was the thing that caused him the most pain. She's the one who made it stop. When he finally realizes what that really means, I'll be really glad for them."

And I have to say I love Inoue’s humor and her thoughts, here that even though she finds Grimmjow and Mayuri scary, she knows that they are going to help- “They're good people. Well, most of them anyway. Grimmjow and Mayuri still scare me to death, but even they're going to lend a helping hand. Or maybe bite one off." I couldn’t help but smile at her joke.

And you didn’t do the same thing as Kubo did. You gave a good explanation and a good backstory to how Ulquiorra came to be so strong, you didn’t pull it out of thin air like Kubo seems to be doing. Yeah Ichigo is the hero of Bleach, but just because he is the hero doesn’t mean that Kubo can be lazy when it comes to Ichigo’s character development.

Thank you Tomas for writing this masterpiece, and giving Ulquiorra the story he deserves.
zombiegirl22 chapter 1 . 2/22/2016
part 10

And I love how the topic of Shinigami as bullies was in this story as well- “if you relied solely on strength to determine every outcome, what did that leave you with but a pack of sword-swinging bullies, whether shinigami or arrancar?”

And thanks heavens Yumichika had an appearance in this story as well- “A fairly tall, emextremely/em beautiful shinigami spoke behind her.”

For a minute there I thought that was Byakuya or Rangiku, but I am glad that Yumichika had a brief appearance.

"That level of speed and power would render our contributions meaningless. It's a shame, really, because we'll probably never get the chance to fight a vasto lorde again in our lives. Those might have been the only four in all creation."

I am glad that Yumichika didn’t get a chance to fight Ulquiorra in this story as well. His fate in “Hammered Down” makes me glad he isn’t up there fighting.

I also like how Yumichika tries to comfort Karin as well.
And I love the slight dig to Ichigo that Yumichika was able to include “He might not be much to look at, but Ichigo can certainly be counted on to surprise you in a fight."

I feel bad for Ikkaku, no doubt his anger has to do with the death of his captain, no longer having someone to fight under.

And I can’t help but empathize with Karin as she yells at them all to do something rather than stand around and comment as Ichigo is losing.

“This isn't a dumb bishonen martial arts TV show! There isn't going to be some miracle power item falling from the sky or an inner soul boost that'll let Ichi-nii cut that monster down!”

It isn’t easy watching your brother, your hero (as Karin called him earlier), die in front of your eyes. So my heart does indeed go out to her.

And I can’t help but smile at Mayuri’s snarkiness- "Do you have any suggestions or information that we might not be aware of, wise one?"

And thank you once again Tomas for explain the nature of hollows and giving it more development than Kubo ever did- "Truly wicked people who avoid Hell upon death become Hollows instantly. They're ruled by instinct, but still have a clear sense of self. The rest of them, the decent ones who fall into it over time, when their Hollow hole opens fully, they're completely ruled by their emotions and impulses. The mask hides that naked newborn self from the world. They can hunt and fight, but actual clear thinking takes months to resurface. Right now, that chewed-up-eraser head is burning with the urge to kill his enemy, and nothin' else matters.”

A better explanation of hollows and of Ichigo losing sense and control to his hollow, than ever wrote.
“Not here, not in front of all these strangers, with her cherished elder fighting for his life in the clouds. Crying was not going to solve anything!”

Again my heart goes out to Karin, and she could teach manga!Inoue a thing or two about crying not solving anything during a fight.

I love Rukia’s thoughts. Once again she knows and empathizes with Karin’s situation. Rukia would like nothing more to help, but she knows that she will get in the way, knows that she can’t help Ichigo in anyway. But she sees a girl who is important to Ichigo, in distress, so instead of just looking on with sad eyes, Rukia seeks to give the girl whatever comfort she can- “It came to her then that while she had not been able to divine a means of helping Ichigo, she could certainly try to ease the suffering of his younger sister. That was something siblings were eminently suited for, she had come to understand.”

And I am not afraid to admit that some tears came to my eyes at Rukia’s speech-“Little one, I know what you must be feeling right now. I've also felt like I was helpless to save anyone. But I want you to realize that none of us here are expecting your brother to fail, or are unconcerned about his well-being. We care about him just like you do. Especially me."

I love Rukia’s faith in Ichigo, and I love her faith in Karin telling her not to give up- “Don't give up, Karin-chan. I've seen Ichigo do things that are simply amazing. I wouldn't be standing here talking to you if it wasn't true.”

I aslo love how Rukia tells her- “The fight he's in right now, he's doing it for you. So that you will never again have to be afraid like you were a little while ago. Your brother saved you then, right? He had a plan, and he made it work.”
Sure if Ichigo wins it will be a benefit to SS and the living world, but that isn’t why Ichigo is fighting. He is fighting ofr his sister, and I am glad that Rukia made that clear to Karin. Sure Ichigo might have gone off to training, worrying Karin, not spending time with his sisters, but Rukia’s words to Karin, should comfort caring in knowing that Karin and Yuzu weren’t far from Ichigo’s mind.

I also love Rukia’s slip of a confession-“Ichigo's a miracle-worker, really. He's a pain and a fool sometimes, but really I love him for that too."
And I am glad that Rukia’s words were able to inspire Karin, just like Rukia’s words inspire Ichigo- “There was a light and inspiration in Karin's face that left the other woman tongue-tied”.
And I love Grimmjow, but I couldn’t help but be in awe when Ulquiorra shoved his hands into Grimmjow’s stomach (Now you know what Rukia felt like, Grimmjow) and used him as a shield against H!Ichigo’s attack- “The point instead stopped several inches from its target, lodged with a bloody spray in Grimmjow's chest.

And I am glad that Tomas isn’t able to get gory when it comes to imagery- “Ichigo was a mess. There was a smoking pit gouged out of his abdomen. One leg was hanging by a strip of meat. The rest of his body steamed, hair ablaze. Even from behind, Ulquiorra could tell that the Hollow mask was virtually unmade.”
zombiegirl22 chapter 1 . 2/22/2016
Part 9 I checked my email this morning and saw the alert notification that “Lifted Up” was updated.

However I am not letting myself read that update until I finish reading and reviewing this story.

I again will forever be grateful for the way you write my favorite female character, not having her on the sidelines, but coming up with brilliant plans as well-“You're right. He will. And you won't. Not if you listen to what I have to say... Then we know something he doesn't. Something too small for him to pick up on. Something he's never encountered before. None of them have. It might catch him by surprise enough to give us the chance we need. Isane-san!"

Everyone else didn’t think about Kon being able to help but she did.
And thank heavens that Ichigo stopped and actually listened to Rukia’s plan.

And thank heavens Tomas wrote Ulquiorra a lot smarter than Kubo ever did –“Once there, I simply moved out of the way of your attack. Dodging is something you might want to consider developing an appreciation for.”

I have always wondered why Kubo never had his characters simply dodge.

I also like Ulquiorra’s witty, sarcastic response-“Tell me something I don't know, shinigami."
And the tension and fear in Karin’s thoughts for her brother, wanting him to get away, knowing she was going to die and all her concern was for Ichigo to run. It was brilliantly written, and my heart went out to both brother and sister.

And I will forever be grateful that Tomas wrote Kon with use unlike Kubo.

And I am so happy Mayuri is alive, and I couldn’t stop laughing at Ishida wanting to shoot Mayuri for his comments about Karin being a boy and saying he could turn ‘him’ into a girl.
And I was once again in awe of Aizen’s Bankai and the way Tomas had Ulquiorra describe it- “A stage of battle with your opponent tripping and stumbling over his own worst instincts, and effectively blunting the power of an inner Hollow by their human doubts and restrictions”.
Tomas once again did more for Kubo’s characters and their development and their powers than Kubo ever did himself.

Not only that but you gave Ichigo a flaw, something that isn’t going to go away by a sudden power appearing to save the day. Which in turn makes me consider your Ichigo in a new light and makes me have more respect for what he does manage to accomplish.
And Ulquiorra is relentless in his attacks, and I have so much respect for him and his skills, and that is all thanks to Tomas’s writing.

And though I am in awe of his strength, I also love how Tomas had Ulquiorra have his own flaw, and that is thinking that humans can’t change- “Humans, the evolved Hollow sighed. They could be so stupid. Some things never changed.” And also waiting for Ichigo to regain his sense rather than killing him outright. It seems that Ulquiorra picked up some bad habits from Gin. Playing with their prey rather than killing them outright.

“The Kurosaki family's savior felt a shiver run through the frame of her young charge. She gave Karin's shoulders a friendly squeeze, and rested her chin on top of the girl's head for a moment. The contact seemed to afford some small comfort, for she could feel the anxious soul relax somewhat.”
I really love how Rukia is able to comfort Karin a little bit. And I am glad that Rukia is still a bit taller than Karin that she can rest her chin on top of Karin’s head. However when Karin gets a growth spurt, that probably will not be possible anymore.

It is nice that Rukia is there for Karin, and hopefully the two have sister moments in “Lifted Up”. Karin can do with an older sister figure.

I also love that Rukia recognizes her weaknesses. She knows she will be in the way and knows that trying to participate or crying out Kurosaki-kun will only be a distraction, and she will only get in the way.

She sees someone that needs comfort, and does what she can to help Karin, Ichigo’s sister, who can very well be watching the final moments of her brother’s lofe.

I like how even though she recognizes her weakness in strength compared to Ichigo and Ulquiorra, she tries to think of another plan of action that doesn’t rely on brute strength- “Spiritual power, the varying degrees of it: wasn't their overreliance on such a divider the very same thing that had brought their world to the brink of annihilation? Hadn't the last sacrifice of the Vizard been solid proof that it didn't matter how much stronger the enemy might be? If you could think of a way to beat them, you had to try!”

I really love Rukia’s thoughts and how she addresses how Spiritual power has its flaws, and how one can’t only rely on brute strength.

“Yamamoto's enduring legacy, more than establishing a system of rule, had been to instill in every soul that came under his protection the lesson that might was the only thing that mattered.”

It’s funny. How Yamamoto’s fate would have been different if the old man had actually lowered himself to consider that strength wasn’t the only thing that was important.

He deserved his fate.
zombiegirl22 chapter 1 . 1/16/2016
Part 8

And dammit Tomas, your writing of Inoue, makes that small amount of respect from a review ago grow. Actually having her sacrifice herself (in a way), just so that her release on Aizen wouldn’t break.

And just when I didn’t think my awe for Aizen couldn’t grow anymore, a single sentence changed that- “If Ichigo's full Hollow form was demonic, Sōsuke's was satanic. The king of Hell itself.”

I must confess, I felt goosebumps. And I feared for those who survived, were Aizen to win (though I am still cheering him on, quite the masochist I am.)

“When faced with the possibility of his own destruction, their shining unreachable moon chose to abandon all beloved ideals and rhetoric, and aimed now to obliterate everyone around him, including his own followers.”

Though maybe not cheering him on, because it seems that the state he was in, Rukia wuld have been a casualty if she had joined the fight.

“Were it not for Yoruichi Shihoin, Shinji Hirako, Ryūken Ishida, Byakuya Kuchiki, and Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez.”

Seeing that list of names, there couldn’t be a more different bunch fighting together for the same goal- a werecat, a Vaizard, a quincy, a shinigami and an Arrancar.

And though I dislike Inoue, I couldn’t help but feel for a ‘sobbing Uryu’. I don’t like the pairing, but I do like Uryu.

So Shinji likes Lisa. Or should I say he loves her, seeing as he made sure she wouldn’t enter the fray and die.

However him giving her a drink, then drinking from another jar and then muttering a kido spell causing her to pass out, makes me remember ‘Hammered Down’ and ‘Lifted Up’ and now I can’t help but think that Shinji is the mysterious Vaizard, especially when he says‘Learned that trick from Aizen’.

So what other women was Shinji talking about when he said “don’t you let any more women I love die.”


I have to say that is quite the interesting line, and I do wonder why it caused Hollow Aizen to become quite angry at hearing it.

“At his command, Rukia Kuchiki raised Sode no Shirayuki, and brought it down on the Hollow skull of a man who in life had murdered a classmate to impress a girl.”

Is the statement above talking about Shinji? Because for a moment there, I almost thought that it was describing Aizen, and boy did I want to read that backstory. But then the logical part of my very sleepy mind, figured that I made the wrong assumption, and that it was probably about Shinji.

And Shinji and his mouth. I couldn’t help but smile at his announcement about them coming to claim Hell under Aizen’s command.

Quite an interesting difference, from “Hammered Down”. How in ‘Hammered Down’ Aizen and company were locked in Nirvana, and in this story he and others are locked in Hell.

And of course what stays the same is that Urahara and his plans were behind Aizen being locked away.

“The observers to this unexpected Armageddon were struck dumb by the implausible level of savagery and strength that was brought to bear. Never had they witnessed such total carnage, on an epic scale.”

That statement above makes me wonder how a story about Aizen actually setting his sights on hell rather than Nirvana would have been like. Pretty amazing, but brutal fight scenes I am sure.

I was hoping that Aizen would be able to conquer hell, but I was saddened to see that that was not the case. And I was saddened he died. That is not to say that his death wasn’t fitting, because it was fitting and perfectly written.

I’m glad that Uryu was offered comfort from Shinigami.
And the picture of Nanao keeping watch over Lisa touched my heart. I always wished that there would have been scenes in the manga with the two, but sadly there wasn’t. So I am happy that Tomas did include that in this story.

So Rangiku took Gin’s body. I am wondering if she had any luck in awakening him from his catatonic state.

And at least Ichigo is awake. And I am glad that he grabbed Rukia’s wrist when he awoke.

And I will probably finish reviewing tomorrow (or rather later today since it is 3 am). I apologize for not finishing up my reviews like I said I would.
zombiegirl22 chapter 1 . 1/16/2016
Part 7

So Ulquiorra was a hawk. I don’t know why but it reminds me of Animorphs for some reason. Don’t pay my wandering mind any attention.

And Tomas’s writings once again have made me add something else to look into- ancient Egyptioan religaions specifically the one Karin is remembering- “She recalled one of them had the head of a hawk, and was supposed to be involved with bringing justice to his father's killer, or something like that.”

The history of Ulquiorra’s life when he was a hawk was quite interesting, especially when he talks about his mate. I don’t know why but this like made me smile- “There was an interest then that had nothing to do with food.”- probably because my mind processed it as an innuendo.

It is quite interesting how Ulquiorra had spoken about not feeling emotions, but retelling his story shows that he isn’t as emotionless as he or other would like to think- “Karin saw Ulquiorra's wings rustle violently, in little snaps of leather and bone. The hold on her body grew tighter, and the girl flinched from what she recognized as a deep and abiding anger.”

Even after who knows how many years since his life as a bird, he still feels that anger in him.
And I am love animals, I do get teary eyed whenever something happens to them, so it wasn’t a surprised that I began getting teary eyed as Ulquiorra talked about the snake eating the last of their eggs.
“This time, I didn't know what I was doing. It wasn't hunger. I wasn't killing it for anyone to eat. I wanted it to die. I wanted my eggs to come back. So I ripped it to pieces 'til my eggs tumbled out. Broken."

And I feel my heart going out to hawk!Ulquiorra, especially in his blind grief and rage. I’m glad he was able to tear the snake to pieces.
Another of my favorite parts, that tugged on my heartstrings- “Sometimes I thought the broken eggs were worth eating, but I never did. They were supposed to be mine, but not like that. They were supposed to grow, and let me feed them, not feed off of them.”

Even though he hadn’t realized his emotions, he did care for his unborn offspring.
And thank you Tomis for opening my eyes on the fact that animals can become hollow. I mean I knew that animals could have some spiritual power. I mean look at Komamura. But thank you Tomas for writing it in a believable way. Unlike Kubo’s writing.

And now I see how Ulquiorra got his bat form, by eating all those bats- “Those furry flying rats were all the prey I wanted. It wasn't for food anymore. I needed something more. For them to scream.”

"That was merely an indication. Like hatred. What I had gained was a soul."

Interesting thoughts that Ulquiorra has. Especially when he said that he believed he would go to a world where his quicks were at.
And I am glad that Ulquiorra was able to take his revenge on the hunters.
“Before it could kill me with its far-death, I took away its eyes. I had realized that they could not kill anything they could not see.”
This reminds me of “The Crow”, where the crow had scratched out Top Dollar’s sister’s eyes (her name eludes me at the moment).

And I see I was mistaken when I believed that Hawk!ulquiorra had died when he had been bitten by the snake.

But what a clever being Hawk!ulquiorra was, able to recognize the hunter’s feelings as feelings he had felt at the loss of his eggs, and therefore he was able to manipulate the hunter into killing his own kid-“I leapt atop the small thing's chest, one of its eyeballs in my mouth. Rocking back and forth on my howling perch, I spread my pinions out to their full width, and called out every drop of my own hate and fury at its parent."
A brilliant picture that Tomas has painted.

"After I became a Hollow, I hunted down that human, and killed him too. Along with his whole family.” At least Ulquiorra put them out of their misery.

His actions remind me of Gin in ‘Hammered Down’ for some reason.

And at least Karin (and me) have the answer to her first question. Quite a wonderful and spell binding tale that Ulquiorra told.

Though my heart goes out to Karin, and her finally crying. Again I can’t help but feel how fitting the quote “Childhood’s over the moment you know you are going to die.”

And not just Karin, but her family as well.
zombiegirl22 chapter 1 . 1/15/2016
part 6
I have to say Aizen’s Bankai seems quite scary and awesome at the same time.

A lot better than Kubo’s butterfly!Aizen in my opinion.

Able to enter the mind of his awake enemies. Sort of like Freddy Kruger, except rather than dreams, they are awake.
He has the power to not only step into the minds, but perhaps their souls as well.

Talk about a mind-rape. Not being able to protect one’s own mind, from someone else entering it.
“He examined all the young man's past and emotions with omniscient ease.”
So he is god-like after all. Having that omiiscient power to know everything a person is feeling, to know everything about their past. I do have to wonder if there is a flaw in his Bankai.

“When the Hollow came for him, he shattered its sense of time. Then memory. And finally, the mastermind broke its sense of self.”

Well that is one way to get rid of an inner hollow. I really do feel bad for Ichigo’s hollow.

“At the same moment, a similar effortless restructuring was occurring in the brain of the Kenpachi.”

And Aizen is able to multi-task by being able to do the same thing to Kenpachi. A god-like quality in my opinion.

“The ultimate warrior was left to flail in abject impotence at the complete lack of any trace of a world or enemy, divested of all knowledge regarding himself or his surroundings. He lost his name. No manner of willpower, training or spiritual strength could be brought to bear in this conflict.”
For some reason this statement reminds me of the short story ‘I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream’. A short story that still gives me goosebumps, and nightmares. I do not envy Kenpachi one bit at being basically reduced to an empty shell.

“Strength of the spirit was simply not enough, for a change.”

I love this statement. Kenpachi and Ichigo are two characters I like, and I do feel for what they are going through, but I am so happy that Tomas made the villain win, and didn’t allow powers up or resolve alone to lead to victory.

The fact that Kenpachi and Ichigo failed, though bittersweet, was still quite enjoyable, because it made this story a lot more realistic, and makes whatever triumph the two may have that much more better.

“Separated from his only recently-discovered guardian zanpakutō, his ban-kai shut off, and Halibel proceeded to behead him.”- I see I spoke to soon about Kenpachi’s future triumph. I’m sad to see him go. I do love crazed Berserker types, and I especially love how you wrote Kenpachi in “Hammered Down”, so I do feel a bit saddened at his death, but I do love it; him dying makes this story more believable.

“ Aizen's mental command let Gin know to do the same for Kurosaki, which he was more than willing to carry out.”

Now I have to wonder if there was a personal reason as to why Gin was willing to kill Ichigo, perhaps something to do with Rukia. I know that the plot for this story is quite different from ‘Hammer Down’, but I still can’t help but wonder if Gin and Rukia shared a history in this story as well.

“Upon realizing that Orihime had been so worried over Ichigo that she had completely tuned out the preceding war counsel, he could not help but laugh at her folly. And that proved to be his own.”

Those words don’t sound good for Aizen’s future, and I feel like my awe for Aizen will be slightly diminished if he was taken down by Inoue. I knew his megalomania was a flaw, underestimating people, but still to be taken down by Inoue? He should have left her where she was.

And I kind of dislike Tomas a teeny tiny bit, because dammit I am starting to slightly tolerate Inoue, thanks to her actions in this story. Which is testament to Tomas’s writing abilities once again, making me go from hating a character to tolerating her. Giving her character development, that Kubo never bothered to give her. But I’m just kidding. I don’t dislike. I still dislike Inoue though, so I hope Tomas doesn’t mind me skipping my assessment on Inoue’s actions, mostly because I am once again reminded of my anger at Kubo not giving her proper development. Not sure if that made sense. I apologize if my statement comes across bad.

Besides, I find Unohana’s Bankai much more fascinating. I do love bloody scenes, and Unoahna causing the top three Espada and Gin to explode in blood paints a lovely, macabre picture. “It was a rescinding of healing, in any fashion. Or, to put it bluntly, every single wound they had ever suffered, from minor scrapes and infections to life-threatening injuries and mental anguish, reopened all at once.”
What a magnificent and deadly Bankai.I don’t envy them at all. Instead I find myself feeling sorry for them, especially Gin, being put into a catatonic state after the trauma he had to relive again. Having worked in a hospital for similar patients, I can’t help but feel for him.

I am happy that Aizen didn’t have to go through any of that, and I loved the lines- “He had no weaknesses but those he gave himself. Lack of determination was not one of them”. I can’t help but cheer for my favorite mastermind.

I am quite happy that he killed Inoue. I apologize for my happiness, but I am so glad that Aizen wasn’t defeated by the girl. Sure he lost his strongest soldiers, but I am just glad he killed her.

because even though I hate her, she died trying to do something. She wasn't on the sidelines, crying and screaming Kurosaki-Kun. She actually became a threat, a threat to a god-like individual that felt it necessary to kill her. And for that my respect of Inoue (for this story) has grown.
zombiegirl22 chapter 1 . 1/15/2016
part 5

“But the first secret, girl, is one I told no one, not even my master Aizen. That secret is this."
I am quite glad that Ulquiorra has some secret of his own.

“Thanks to the destruction of the pillars in Yamamoto's last fight, and his subsequent decision to surrender with honor, a gradual return to the city's natural state prevented any loss of life whatsoever.”

And it’s good that Yamamoto finally did something right. But even if he did surrender with honor, I still hate the old bastard.

“The former head of the Technological Development Bureau and his successor both arrived at the same conclusion: they could not win this battle head on.”- Does that mean that Urahara and Mayuri had been discussing the problem together? Or did both just arrive at the same conclusion, but separately? It must have been an interesting discussion between the two, if it was the former.
“Unohana Retsu, as the sole remaining original captain of the 13 Imperial Guards, chose this time to reveal that her commanding officer had not been the only one entrusted with an Imperial Key.”

Since Unohana has a key in this story, does that mean it is possible that she has a key in “Lifted Up”? Even if there is a second key in “Lifted Up”, I doubt that Yamamoto being the suspicious and abusive person he is, wouldn’t have given Unohana the key.

“Rukia saw it there, in her young champion's eyes. The crawling bloodlust of a Hollow. The beast within was influencing Kurosaki's thinking, now.”

I imagined Rukia must have been quite frightened for (not of) Ichigo in that moment. No doubt remembering her former mentor. However, unlike her former member, I am sure that she must be relieved that the Hollow is just influencing Ichigo, and not possessing him.
“In the end, she consented to let them both go, while the rest remained behind to formulate a plan.”

I found the line above interesting, specifically “she consented to let them both go”. I’m sure that she had she asked Ichigo not to go, she would have been able to convince Ichigo not to go, but Kenpachi is a different story. I don’t see him listening to the petite shinigami.

I’m still glad she let Ichigo go. It speaks of her trust in his power and his resolve.-“Somehow Rukia knew that Ichigo would not die this day.”

“The heretofore unseen population of this midnight world was evident only in the form of corpses. Courtiers, Ichigo guessed. And the exalted Squad Zero, the Royal Guard, some of whose remaining faces were identified by Kenpachi.”

I know that Aizen and company are responsible for a number of deaths, but the statements above leave me in awe of his power. He and his forces were able to face Squad Zero and put them down.

“The last remaining bastion of Squad Zero was making their final stand. Protected in their midst, a regally attired boy-child screamed at them to kill all the invaders, including the ones who had just walked in.”

I must say, the boy-child’s statement of killing Kenpachi and Ichigo does not make me look at him in kindness. It speaks of arrogance, and of judgement without knowledge, and I must say I do not feel anything towards his fate. I take it this boy child was who Aizen addressed as Infanta.

Seeing him kill the King of Soul Society makes me excited to see how Aizen disposed of the King, his anscetor in ‘Lifted Up’.
I have to say this part was quite beatufiully written-“In the face of cold-blooded murder, Ichigo and Zaraki abandoned all pretense of grace and formal warfare. They went nova. One to full Hollow, the other speaking a never-before heard name that invoked his long-suppressed ban-kai.”

Again, I applaud Tomas’s writing abilities. Tomas did so much more for Kenpachi’s and Ichigo’s powers than Kubo ever deemed to do. The words just draw me in.
And I am so glad that Tomas had Kenpachi attacking Tosen, without wasting time on speeches.

“Having dragged themselves up from the level of the beasts, it had not dawned upon those three that their nemeses might take exactly the opposite tack.”
This is another favorite part of the story. Because it eloquently and subtly reminds me the evolution of the Vasto Lorde, leaving behind their beast forms, and evolving the thinking hollows they are now. They worked hard to get where they are, they worked hard to survive and no longer be “beasts”.

So I can see why it is confusing to them for Kenpachi and Ichigo to de-evolve and to become beasts themselves.
zombiegirl22 chapter 1 . 1/15/2016
Hopefully I will be able to finish my reviews for this chapter. Life (my two jobs, family life) got in the way this week, I didn’t even get a chance to play Fallout 4. But now the weekend is here and I can give the rest of the chapter the attention it deserves.

As Ulquiorra threatens Karin with what he can do to her- “You would just be a broken piece of meat, of no interest to anybody. Even beasts would be in a better situation than you."- there is no pleasure that Ulquiorra receives from his threats, not like in individuals like Nnoitra or even Gin. This isn’t a power trip for Ulquiorra, he just wants answers from Karin, which again is even more terrifying in my opinion. Because this isn’t someone who is playing a twisted game, but someone who will carry out the threat.

Karin’s statements speak of the level of fear and hate Ulquiorra has managed to bring out in her- “And we're gonna feed you to the dogs in the street! You won't even get to be buried like a decent human being! We'll carve you up and pop out your eyes and make you into an ugly black bento box! I hate…! I HATE YOU!"- speaks of the true terror she feels not only at his threats but also at his presence.

Karin, who is quite young, shouldn’t even be saying things like that, she shouldn’t be dealing with such horrifying threats to her person. She should be kept safe, from all harm, she should be able to cling on to childhood a little more.

But like one of my favorite villains said- “Childhood is over the moment you know you are going to die.” Not all children escape harm, not all children have a happy childhood. Which is why I really like this story. It is quite dark, but it is realistic as well. It allows others who have gone through similar traumatic events to find comfort in the story.

And I’m proud that Karin punched him in the nose.

And I never expected Ulquiorra to answer Karin’s question- “YOU'RE…NOT…HUMAN! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU?!"

But I bet no one has even thought to ask Ulquiorra what he is, probably because everyone who has come across him (fellow Arrancar, hollow, Shinigami) know what he is.

And I must say I am glad that Ulquiorra explained what he is. I liked his explanation better than Kubo’s explanation of the evolution of hollows from a mere dead to all the way up to Vasto Lorde.

And even though Ulquiorra threatened Karin a few moments before, I can’t help but feel sorry for him- “I knew that in order to protect myself from being eaten, I would have to find a way. I witnessed numerous lesser Hollows striving in the same endless quest for survival I had known all my days.”

Survival is something that hollows have to deal with on a daily basis. They wouldn’t even need to worry about being eaten if Yamamoto and company did their jobs the way they were supposed.

“Though I could have eaten all of them, I realized it would do me no good, and my hunger grew. It spread all throughout me, and the hole in my chest where a heart might reside grew even larger."-

The need to eat, the need to survive. Something I am sure the poor and hungry in SS can sympathize with. Again, even with his threatening remarks, I can’t help but feel for Ulquiorra. Makes me wonder what would have happened had his soul been given a soul burial, and he would have went to SS.

I take it by Ulquiorra’s statement that he is quite different that all other hollow, for his soul body to disappear but he did not- “I endured. Somehow, through will or strength or power, I remained, in darkest void, but still aware. And I realized that what made me myself was not a body, a mind or even a soul. It was something higher, darker. More mysterious. Unnamed.”

I have to say I am quite confused by Ulquiorra’s statement. But despite my confusion, am I to take that Ulquiorra’s ‘Condition (‘I could never die, from hunger or anything else.’ is why he is still ‘alive’ in ‘Lifted Up’. I’m sure both Urahara and Mayuri would love the chance to have him under their operating knife, to try to figure out the ‘mystery’ of Ulquiorra.

“Black hole," she whispered faintly.
So I am a little less confused, now that Karin was able to suggest an appropriate metaphor for what Ulquiorra is.

Black holes are one of the things that frighten me, and Karin’s comparison makes me have quite a bit of fearful respect for Ulquiorra.

“It was the secret all Hollows dream of achieving, but not even a handful can win, and certainly cannot explain how to others. "I was the secret. I am vasto lorde."

So by his statement, does that mean that Tia went through something similar as well? If she did, it would be interesting to see her evolution.
zombiegirl22 chapter 1 . 1/11/2016
part 3

I really love the tone in Aizen’s voice as he looks down on the once great Yamamoto and says- “It's time for you to think, Yamamoto. I know you haven't had cause to really consider anything for the longest time. It's why you could never react to a given situation any other way than to try and crush it with raw power. But that is the way of a soldier, not a leader. Leaders think. They observe the advantages and disadvantages, and proceed to craft a strategy that will lead to the desired end with the fewest possible losses. They do not consider their followers expendable, nor themselves indispensable. Had you bothered to really try and outthink me, perhaps I would be the one listening to a voice through two bloody holes in my head. The time for power-mongering to solve all problems is over."

This was my favorite part of the entire story, Yamamoto finally having to listen to how wrong he was, finally realizing how foolish actions were, especially to those he felt could be sacrificed.
Another of my favorite parts-"Swallow whatever lingering remnants of pride you have left, or go to your grave as the deluded tyrant we all knew you for. Either way means the end of your imperial overlord.”- I am sure that that is something that Aizen had been waiting to say to Yamamoto’s face for a long time.

And it is good to know that Yamamoto is smart enough to realize when he is beat, as well as realize that he should at least act with dignity in whatever moments he has left- The General-Commander of the Gotei 13 withdrew the Key from within his body, and gave it over to his vanquisher.”

Another of my favorite parts- “Aizen complimented him, slipped out his own zanpakutō, and finished the old war-horse quickly. It was done with no anger. Only mercy.”

It really speaks of Aizen’s character, and that he had in a way reached Godhood, in the manner he behaved towards his former leader. He could have prolonged the pain, could have tortured Yamamoto, could have desecrated his body. But instead he put Yamamoto out of his misery.

“Only the insistence on restricted casualties from the aspiring ruler of this realm kept it from being a complete bloodbath.” And I am glad that Aizen didn’t kill more than he needed to.
“Or kick him in his scrawny black nut sack! Wait. Does this creep even have a nut sack? Before she could think about it, Karin looked down between his legs. Nope. Didn't look like it.”- It’s a good think Ulquiorra can’t read minds. I’m sure that the thoughts Karin was thinking would not have made him happy at all.

Although judging by the fact that he was staring at Karin as she was ogling, maybe he was able to imagine what she was thinking of. Or perhaps didn’t care at what the trash (in his opinion was thinking).

And I have to say, I admire Karin a lot. Ulquiorra is a scary individual, and she can still find it in her to yell at him"Don't call me 'child!' My name is Karin Kurosaki, you skinny horn-headed flat-nosed bat!"

Even when he threatened her, she tried to hold the tears- “When she reopened them, Karin's eyes burned with wrath. She faced death like a lion, unconcerned, assured, dangerous.”
And I hadn’t thought that Ulquiorra would have threatened Karin with such a thing- “Death is not the worst thing there is. If I were to push my claws into you, I would ruin you for life."- but that is what makes him more terrifying.
zombiegirl22 chapter 1 . 1/10/2016
(2nd part of review. I should really shorten my reviews, that way I don’t burden Tomas with the lengthy task of having to read through them.)

“Rukia felt her throat clench. The pressure from the captain's hands was more than physical, and she could sense the sudden surge in her recuperative effort flowing into the body of the young man outstretched in the grass.”

Another part I love. How welcoming this man was of her, even to the point of welcoming her into the family. The two almost seem like real life father and daughter.

As well as his caution and care when speaking about her brother. There is much love in his tone as he feels her distress and seeks to apologize for causing her pain.

“The man with three lives”- again I am confused- about what his third life could be. One is his shinigami life, the other the life he made for himself in the human world. I feel like I am missing something.

I really love Rukia’s thoughts, because we get to see more into her mind and how she felt for her brother- “I suppose I didn't question the idea that we would lose him, and the line would end. But I was still his family, and his surviving heir. And among the Kuchiki, we always remain with our loved ones to the last breath. So that they are never alone. They told me he would be gone by morning. I was determined to keep his vigil all through the night if necessary.”
Very admirable of Rukia, to try to ease her brother’s last moments even though the two had only gotten to know each other in so few months.

I really love how Isshin had briefly thought of the bad luck a black cat brings but then remembered who the black was- “And the proud father grinned. "What did the cat say?"

And I love how the two had matching intense smiles.-“The smirk on Rukia's face was of equal intensity."She said, 'Did you have a nice nap?' And then she winked at me."

I really love Yoruichi, and how she can still tease Rukia.

“Well, the cat looked at me, like this." The other death god gave him a very fresh look, and he laughed aloud. "Then she said, 'If everyone dead-set on mourning this boy would kindly leave the room, there's a method of healing I would like to try.' I was only gone for about half an hour, looking in on the others. When I returned, nii-sama was still asleep. But he was smiling too. Bigger than I've ever seen. And the cat was asleep on his chest. Purring.”

It’s a good thing Rukia left the room. Though I know that she loves her brother I doubt she wanted to witness whatever ‘healing’ Yoruichi gave him. That is if it was the kind of healing I am thinking of.

And it is nice to see Isshin’s thoughts on Ichigo- “Isshin continued to stroke his son's orange tufts of hair. "You try so hard, my boy," he murmured. "You make your father proud, in every way." Another thing Kubo didn’t give us.

Another of my favorite parts- “He then turned tired, dwindling eyes on his son's protector.” Because Rukia was indeed Ichigo’s protector, defending him in every way, and doing her best to keep him safe.

"Do you blame him for failing, Rukia-chan? Even a little?" She gazed right back at him. And shook her head firmly. “Neither do I."

I am glad that none of them blamed Ichigo for failing, like I’m sure others besides Uryuu are doing.

And I must say I am very happy that- “Aizen won. On every conceivable level, the revolutionary leader triumphed.”

I know that the Aizen of this story is more than likely different than the Aizen in “Hammered Down”, but I am still that glad that Aizen won in at least one universe.

I hadn’t expected Toshiro to be one of the casualties, but I am glad that Tomas took a more realistic turn in his story telling- having him fall in battle- “ In spite of his phenomenal inborn talent, the youngest squad leader in all of history was unable to keep up with his opponent even after releasing ban-kai.”
And though it was sad to hear- I am glad that Momo came to her dear friend’s aid, the two dying together, and Momo finally doing something that would benefit her friend, even if it was to make sure Toshiro lived a few moments longer- “Before the final blow could be dealt on the boy's stricken form, Momo Hinamori intervened between them, willing to sell her life in exchange for her longtime friend having a few moments more of his.”

And I must say I am happy that Tomas made the Arrancar powerful, rather than the weaklings Kubo made thme out to be- “Barragan Luisenbarn and Stark unveiled their resurrecciónes at almost the precise same instant. The resultant outpouring of soul intensity rendered the lieutenant of the Second division instantly brain-dead. “

Honestly, I couldn’t take any of the Arrancar seriously, nor did I feel any feel for the captains as they were battling them.

The arrancar were supposed to be fearsome foes. Yet Kubo didn’t do that.
“Soifon was the first to die that day.” And still remembering the hatred Soifon had for Rukia in ‘Hammered Down’ I couldn’t gather any sympathy for Soifon’s death.

“The pair of them together, fighting like two mirror images so perfectly attuned to the others' style they might have been brothers, forced an amazed Stark to actually exert himself in his own defense, and for a time, it seemed that all was not lost.”

And what a brilliant scene Tomas has painted with Ukitake and Shunsui.
Their deaths I do mourn. I am glad that Stark didn’t allow for the descretaton of Shunsui’s body.

And I really do love Tomas’s writing of Aizen-“Aizen Sōsuke, the man who dared to challenge a system that had endured and resisted all assaults for storied millennia, took a deep breath of the late autumn air and smiled. He then turned deadly serious brown eyes on the brewing conflagration of destructive force regarding him across the battlefield, and spoke briefly."Show me," he said.”

Far better than anything Kubo ever did for Aizen’s character. Just in the short description Tomas gave of Aizen above, his confidence and his deadliness is shown, and we know he isn’t an enemy to be trifled with.
And Tomas did a better job in describing Yamamoto’s ban-kai than Kubo ever did-“Hell on earth erupted.” Just those four words did more justice to Yamamoto, that the pages and pages Kubo did of Yamamoto which didn’t impress.

“Captain Komamura was resolved to remain at his master's side, and was immolated for his loyalty.”
This was both a beautifully written and disturbing (in a good way) description of what happened to Komamura.

I am very curious as to the words that were exchanged between Aizen and Yamamoto, especially Aizen’s words- “Some words were exchanged.”

And though I Yamamoto seemed to be a worthy opponent, my hatred towards him was one of the reason’s I was quite happy at his fate- “Two minutes later saw Yamamoto-Genryūsai Shigekuni on his knees, staring in shock at the bleeding stumps where his hands had once been.”

And I was very happy when Gin told Yamamoto “that he was nothing more than a bully. He then withdrew Shinso, and without even bothering to release its shikai, the smiling star-pupil of the shinigami academy deftly gouged out both of the general's eyes.”

Fitting in my opinion.

And though I am not a fan of TOsen- I liked the description of what he had done- “Kaname Tosen gave a rather sanctimonious and long-winded lecture on the nature of justice, and sliced away each ear for added effect.”
zombiegirl22 chapter 1 . 1/10/2016
As promised, here is the review for this story.

It has taken me quite awhile, I’m sure I had mentioned some time ago that I would review and review and I never got around to doing it. And for that I apologize.

Karin was an instant favorite when she first came out in the manga.

There were some similarities that between me and her-We both liked and played soccer, we both have an older brother we looked up. I was a tomboy when I was her age was.

However, her lack of appearances in the manga, except for a few pages here and there, made me her no longer be a favorite. It’s all Kubo’s fault really. She had potential, yet he never really did anything with her character.

And all the fics of her have her paired up with Toshiro. I like Toshiro, but I never understood the pairing. Some of my friends told me that the reason they get paired up a lot is because a filler, but since I never watched the anime, the pairing never appealed to me.

So I am thankful that you decided to do one that featured Karin.

“Curse their father, forcing her to deceive her own sister like this.”- I feel for Karin, the two sisters always struck me a close, what with them being twins and all. So I can’t imagine that it was pleasant for her to lie to Yuzu. Though I do understand Isshin’s reasons as well. Yuzu, thought the same age as Karin, is still quite naïve about things. TO tell her the truth would no doubt affect her.

“Maybe it was because they all looked so tired. And a little sad. Rukia had explained to her that their friends had just lost an important basketball game.”- Understatement of the year, but I do understand the need to keep the naïve Yuzu in the dark.
I also like how insightful Yuzu can be, she might be in the dark about spiritual things, but when it comes to her twin, she can read her quite well- “There was something in her voice there. Something wrong. Yuzu found her heart was beating a little faster now…There was no doubt about it now. Her brave and strong sister sounded scared.”

And I also like how even though she is scared she isn’t about to leave her sister behind. “A pall had descended, and she should just run away. But that was her sister up there. Her only sister.”

And Tomas must be commended on their writing. With the description and what Yuzu was feeling, we the readers were able to feel that same despair she felt at seeing her sister trembling with horror, and when Karin screamed-“RUN, YUZU!"
And I didn’t think that Ulquiorra would have answered Karin’s question, so I was quite surprised he did.
I really enjoyed the conversation between Isshin and Rukia. I always felt the two were quite similar, what with them living in the human world for a small time. And I don’t know why but I liked how Rukia told Isshin- “But you could have determined that for yourself, doctor."

Maybe its because Rukia in her own way was both acknowledging the life he made in the living world, even though she knew he wasn’t originally part of the living world. Also in a way of acknowledging she knew that he was a Shinigami, for even a human doctor wouldn’t know what was wrong with him.

I also liked how she went into an explanation about Ichigo’s condidtion. Her explanation made me think that Rukia was answering very much like a doctor herself, almost clinical in her explanation.

I also like Ishida’s observations as well as well as telling Rukia- "His tone was even, but there was an edge of recrimination in those words that Rukia did not fail to note. "Don't say 'human.' That's a bad joke, even from a shinigami. If Ichigo were human, the injuries you're healing would have been enough to kill him outright. We might have the magic factor to thank for that small favor."

And I can’t help but love how Ishida snaps at Rukia- “so instead she gazed at Uryū intently, who continued to avoid eye contact with anyone present. "I think I know what's eating you, Quincy." "Then that makes you a genius!" he snapped, rounding on her then. "Right up there with Ichigo, the savant who always pulls some ridiculous miracle out of his back pocket to save himself when the chips are down.”

Whether it’s because I will take whatever tension is between Ishida and Rukia (the IshiRuki shipper in me will take whatever tension even if it is rudeness)- or because I too am upset that Ichigo always manages to survive when other characters were killed off.

“But when the rest of us are faced with certain death, do you see any angels coming down to bless us with a second chance?"- Ishida does have a point.

"You're alive," the shinigami rose and stepped over to face him squarely, doing an excellent job of matching his angry gaze despite being almost a meter lower. "The fact of that statement is the result of many people coming to your aid. Blaming Ichigo for living when others did not is an insult to all those who stood in surety of your continued existence. That boy fought to save us all."

And Rukia does have a point as well, Ishida did have people coming to his aid. And she is right, Ichigo can’t be blamed for surviving, especially when Ichigo did all he could to save everyone.

“Actually, Rukia-san, that might be what's really keeping him down. While you're working your death god resuscitation, you might want to try and use a memory wipe. If he forgets that he wasn't able to save the day one time, that might serve to revive him completely!"

And I know that Ishida’s words were meant to be cruel, I can feel the icy contempt in them, I couldn’t help but smile at his words, expecially since what he said does seem to be what Ichigo would do, being depressed that he couldn’t save the day.
I also love the statement- “She was on her feet in an instant, turning back to face the Quincy with fire in her eyes. Gigai or not, she was going to kick his ass for that comment!” Again the IshiRuki shipper in me with take whatever tension is between them in this story, even if they are fighting. And what I would give to see the two actually fight or spar with each other.

You know, it’s probably dumb for me to say this, but seeing as both Ishida and Rukia do argue with Ichigo, I wonder if Ichigo being unconscious is why the two are arguing now.

And leave it to Renji to break the tension.

And I am surprised Rukia didn’t hit him for the kick in her rear he gave her. And I am surprised she didn’t kill him for his comment about unclenching that “skinny rump”, especially since I am sure from the Bleach panels I saw on my tumblr dash when those panels, Rukia’s rump isn’t skinny at all, but has a heart-shaped peach appearance.
"And when you go too far, I'd be glad to challenge you to a fight. That's how guys relieve the pressure."- I don’t know why, but I felt a bit offended on Rukia’s and other female characters behalf at Renji’s comment of “that’s how guys relieve the pressure”, as if Rukia and other women don’t use sparing or fighting to relieve pressure, and after he told Rukia to “fart”, rather than offering her to fight as well.

Of course he probably did so, because he knew where Rukia’s concern was, and that was on Ichigo, and thus felt it was best to leaf Uryuu away so that Rukia could focus on Ichigo.

Also it could be that Renji was trying to save Uryuu from a justly deserved beating, and it wouldn’t help Uyuu’s pride to be beat by the tiny shinigami.

“So thinking, the thwarted pugilist once again lowered herself to her soul mate's side, endeavoring to improve his state of health.”

And I am glad to see the use of Soul mate when describing Ichigo’s role in Rukia’s life.

And now I realize why it took me forever to read this story.I am quite loyal to ‘Hammered Down’ to the point that I accept the events in their as canon, that I won’t not read other Bleach stories less they contradict ‘HD’.

"That woman never shirked when it came to preserving life.”- I was quite surprised at this part, but then remembered that this story is not in the same universe as ‘Hammered Down’.

I would like to think that that was how Unohana’s behavior would have still been in ‘Hammered Down’ had Yamamoto not beaten the kindness out of her.

“And no matter how badly the other squads treated them, they took her example to heart and threw themselves into whatever soul they were healing at the time.”- And it is good to see that the 4th are still diligent in their tasks regardless of how they are treated by others.

“It was probably that sense of devotion more th”an anything that motivated me to become a doctor on my third time around."

“My third time around”- what does Isshin mean by his third time around?

“I never thanked you, Rukia. For saving all my children that night when I couldn't. And for giving my son so much these last few months. You should know I honestly consider you a member of this family, and come what may, you will always have a home with us!"- Another reason to prefer Tomas and their writing to Kubo and his writing. I had always wanted to see a conversation between Isshin and Rukia concerning the first night they technically met. Even though I know that Isshin didn’t have his power, I am sure that he could still see Rukia, just like Ichigo and Karin could.

It always made me wonder what Isshin could have been thinking when he saw her. Whether he had known her or known of her adoption into the Kuchiki clan. I know that Tomas said that there would be no connection between Isshin and the Shiba, but with the manga revelation, I had always wondered if Isshin (manga! Isshin) had somehow known that Rukia had killed Kaien, and if that was why he was so welcoming to her into their home in the manga.
Oui C'es moi chapter 1 . 6/10/2012
I just reread this story, I had forgotten how amazing it was. Canon should really have been more like this! I agree with you that Ulquiorra's end was more than a bit unsatisfying...Tite Kubo creates all these awesome characters, but all to often his plotlines degenerate into DBZ-style 'strenghth of main character (Goku/Ichigo)overpowers everything'...which is booooring
LunaBianca chapter 1 . 2/4/2012
This story kept me up waaay to late! Thanks, I think? ;)

Best take I've read on Ulquiorra's origin and motivation, and I like the alternate Winter War scenario you devised. (Well, not exactly like, 'cause the baddies killed a lot of amazing shinigami/people, but it is creative and well done.)

And Karin! I'm just crazy about that girl and her moxie. Thanks for doing her justice. (In fact, all the characters are authentic and skillfully presented.)

The conflicts are suspenseful from both a combat and emotional/spiritual perspective.

I appreciate the scenes at the end to fill us in on Byakuya, Gin & Rangiku, and Orihime & Ulquiorra. I don't know if I ever would have figured out the mysterious light and understood how Ulquiorra escaped Hell without the last vignette.

Thoroughly enjoyed this piece. Thank you!
ForgottenReveries chapter 1 . 1/4/2012
Hm...for some strange reason, says I never favorited your story. Well, I did now and am happy! XDDD
Fullmetal11791 chapter 1 . 12/7/2011
Fucking amazing, seriously.

I seriously loved everything you did with this, I have never read a fic and not had at least one negative comment about it, until now.

So fucking realistic, awesome character personalities, amazing plot, well written grammar, well written fight scene, realistic and fucking moving character deaths, and the ending was vague enough to keep you guessing without being annoying or bad.

Cannot wait to see what else you have written.
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