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ilzehs chapter 36 . 10/11/2010

That has officially become my favourite line from Fae.

'He's gotten worse. He has Mor tied to a chair, and he maimed Addy twice and Matt's getting afraid of him.'

Hehe, and why do I still am loving the idea of psycho Jeff taking over; thats why! It brings maiming Addy along side which is a compensation for ANYthing.

'Edge muse: (pouts) Turns out no one wants me! (begins sobbing)'

Aww baby; you are not trying to be the next attention seeking whore are you?

'Terrah: Anyone's a moron that doesn't want you.'

So totally true. Everyone should want Edge and who doesn't must be blind or an idiot. Edge is prettier than ANYone or ANYthing. There is no excuse as to why you shouldn't want Edge at all! Sorry, my Edge obsession got me carried away again ;)

'Edge muse: (sniffles looks up and blinks) No one loves me! (crying harder)'

Aww isn't he adorable. Can I give him a hug please?

...He isn't high or something is he?

Ok right, just being a drama queen as usual.

' Edge muse: (licking on lollipop and oblivious to previous sob fest)'

*Blinks* Excuse me? He is high...

'Terrah: Um.. please tell me my Edge muse isn't pregnant too.'

Or that! I hope pregnant!

Now Randy is flirting with the guards? Ok, I have come to the conclusion that this guy goes psycho and obsessive just for funs. He knows how hot it makes him and he stays like that.

'Edge muse: (sighs) It doesn't matter to me, Jeff. I never have been the main muse. I'm fine with it.'

Awww so compatible. I love your compromising obeying Edge muse so much. He is such a good baby.

'Edge muse spinning around in circles'


'Terrah: He so wants psycho Hardys to brutally maim him.'

Oh yeah...yumm equation.

'Edge muse: Is that what you wished for?'

Oh *blinks* Why do I get the idea Jeff wished for Addy to come around the pregnancy idea?

Aww yeah, Addy covered in cake in sooo delicious, specially when he becomes a desert for dear Jeffy!

Awww Christian/Adam/Matt/Jeff huggles! Me loves!

I had so much fun reading these 3 chapters in a row. I am in love with your muse world and I am loving the current main ones very much! Thanks for all the entertainment Terrah! I really do love you a lot!
ilzehs chapter 35 . 10/11/2010
'Can Chris be like a stupid Pirate that's kinda the comic relief? And Jay can be First Mate! I vote for wench Addy. And I know this is kinda strange for me to say to actually put Orton in a story- don't ask, but I really am beginning to love him as a baddie- but I still think he should be an Evil Pirate. Except that's more for the Pan one... Mebe he can be Jeff or Mor or Addy's evil pimp that Captain Matty saves one of them from in one of the one shots.'

Well, I second this setting. Specially find Jeri's description amusing and Randy's very much fitting. Randy is a very hot baddie indeed. Even I prefer him evil & dangerous. And he is one of my major loves.

'RE; Fae; 0.0...Addy bent over a stump getting maimed whilst Randy is tied to another tree and forced to watch. And the Psycho Hardy's are doing this... (faints from too many hot and delicious images running through mind at once)'

Yes, this NEEDS to be written badly! And I mean very very badly or I might faint this time from lack of content behind this brilliant idea!

'Jeff's also decided that he's to be my new Word Smith'

Now this is going to be torture. Jeff and intelligence doesn't match.

Hunter/Miz/Shawn? Ok, this is indeed a creepy equation.

Jeff has gone insane again. Now Matt is normal...can't they both be normal together at once just for funs? Addy gotta remain the pet though. He ain't leaving his status cause he has finally found his comfort zone. But still, Jeffy that was your decision to leave and as long as Addy is here, we won't be forgetting about you. You won't let us.

'Edge muse: Hey, that's rather catchy. (starts chanting w/ Jeff) Death to Punk!'

See my point, thats just the beauty not brains. Such a dork.

'Terrah: If he keeps this up.. (sighs) It's chaos.'

It already is.

'Jeff muse: Stop fighting me, Addy! (jerks Edge into bedroom and slams door)'

Can't he leave the door open for once! We wanna watch!

'It's always one Hardy at a time who's psycho. And that's hella hott.. but, I figurez it'd be hotter w/ two psycho Hardyz running around.'

Come to think of it, which I haven't before, it would be actually extremely hot to have both Hardys going psycho shit all over the place.

'Jeff muse: Nero. After me. (dragging Edge behind him)'

Get your own baby, Jeff! When Addy gets preggers Matt'll demand to name her after him as well and we'll be having a house full of babies with names longer than tales.

'Matt muse: Jeff, are you alright? You look.. um, psycho.'

So? Thats normal. You ask Jeff if he is alright when he doesn't look psycho.

'Edge muse: And that's new? (screams as hair is yanked) OW! (glares at Jeff)'

Exactly the point point.

'Randy muse: (in straight jacket) Hey, Terrah (grins psychotically)'

Hehe, image I mean psychotically hot *grins wickedly*

'Edge muse: And the sad thing is, it's so fucking beyond hott. (grinning stupidly)'

Lol, actually it is. And hotter than that is, Edge is loving every minute of it. Kinky little slut!

'Terrah: (facepalm) What the holy fuck was that?'

Proof of being the biggest drama queen ever?

Plus...I cannot believe Jeff is now the main muse...surprisingly, I am loving the idea. He gotta take over cause its something new and will bring lot of craziness. Craziness can prove to be entertaining as hell.

'Jeff muse: (glares at me) I'm not raping him, dirty-minded writer. I'm only keeping him tied up.'

You are suppose to rape him Jeff dammit! You wont get a chance like this on daily basis and you are gonna get away this time cause Addy is quite scared of you right now, as well as Matt.

'Terrah: Okay.. (forgetting that Matt cheats on Jedam w/ Christy, but that dun count.. and Christy cheats on Matt with Mor.. and Mor cheats on Miz w/ Christy and Miz cheats on Mor w/ Jeri.. and Christy sometimes shares Mor w/ Jeri and Miz.. ow, head hurts!)'

Wow; we have got a world full of cheaters! How appropriate. First rapping became cheating. And funny thing is, we perverts love it more than anything!
ilzehs chapter 34 . 10/11/2010
Well you know actually Randy is very much on the spot. You do let your Hardys get away with too much. Not that I'm complaining of course ;)

'Edge muse: Can't Randy & Jeff just share me once in a fic?'

Hehe, you little slut. But a very good point indeed. If Hardys can share Edge's ass, why not Jeff & Randy? It'll be fucking hot and the equation screams 'DO ME'.

'Terrah: Great idea.. don't let Jeff know you said anything.. Edge muse: (smirks) Oh, I won't. (winks & scampers off) Mor muse: (checking hair in mirror) That little slut likes getting in trouble. Terrah: Apparently.. (blinks)'

Yeah, well who knew Edge was secretly liking what Randy was doing as well? I had a feeling he was just scared of Jeff or else who can resist Randy's Godly hotness really? And yes, Mor's very intelligent commentary should be continued.

'The first rape scene where the Hardys get Addy- and tie Randy to a tree and make him watch- has been molesting my mind for weeks. '

It wont be my fault now if I keep bugging you to update 'Sadistic Desires' more than anything else. That teaser is just too much and I now desperately wanna read it!

Quite honestly, I have been re-reading 'Lost Memories', 'Mating Season', 'Night Terrors', 'Sadistic Desires', 'Sold' all lately and I have come to the conclusion that I don't have a specific favourite now. I am in love with all of these stories and I honestly think you are an incredibly creative and skillful individual. When you read all the chapters in a flow there are some great qualities of the writer you become familiar with, which I didn't think I fully complimented in my reviews. I know this is an off-topic thought sharing but I wanted to mention it. The way you have written Matt/Adam in 'Mating Season' is so beautiful in the regard that it was probably your first time when you wrote Adam in a normal, relationship with a normal boyfriend. The life you showcased of their pairing was so genuine and it felt so believable. I mean, it was clearly a happy loving couple and your Matt was so perfect in his role. I find it so amazing because you are not used to write Matt like that. Plus, you wrote a perfect domestic Adam as well. I loved his little house wifey role so much. It just made me wish that someday you'll write Adam with Jeff like that where they are just a happy couple, sharing a happy life. Maybe you can get Addy preggers in that and it'll be a perfect family story for Jedam hehe ;)

Anyways, back to the topic...sorry for getting carried away again.

Yeah, well...*blinks*...Childish Matt is so...unusual. I thought he was always suppose to be the responsible one. Does this mean Jeffy get to be responsible one now?

'Jeff muse: (gets up and stomps foot, whining) I'm sick of being the responsible one! (stalks off angrily)'

Duh, I am not. I kinda like the responsible Jeff; and like Terrah said, it serves him right for getting on everyone nerves usually as well.

Wow, and I thought HBK was a saint. Maybe Hunter lurked him into...nah, they weren't doing anything, not at all. *roll eyes*

'Terrah: I dunno if Addy was gonna be a pirate or a wench.'

I vote wench! Hehe, I wanna see him in a wench out fit and Addy's too pretty to be a rugged pirate. If that made any sense at all.

'Edge muse: You are so deviously cruel.'

You love her for that baby! So do we actually.

'Jeff muse: Shut up, you like me and Matty maiming you.'

A little too much ;) When will Jeffy get to know that Addy expressed his desire to be shared by Jeff and Randy? I know it isn't suppose to happen but I wanna see Jeff punish Addy. *grins wickedly* Or maybe he'll warm up to the idea? Who knows. Either way we are gonna have fun when he finds out.

'Jeff muse: Awe, poor Addy. (picks a pouting, huffing Edge up and carries him off) There, there, since Matt is all crazy right now, that gives me and you special sexy time.'

Awww so cute! Me likey the way you think Jeffy ;)

'Mor muse: (scurries in living room and skids to a stop near Edge) Save me.. please save me (latches onto Edge's legs) Save me from your psycho boyfriend. Please.. I'll be good..'

Why can't pretty boys like Edge and Mor learn when to shut up? Out of Edge and Mor, I always thought Mor was the one with brains and beauty combined. How wrong was I. Hehe, but honestly, all the fun is when these two sluts get themselves in lots of troubles. I am though curious at what torture Jeff has inflicted on poor Mor? He seems horrified...or he is as usual being a big drama queen?

'Jeff muse: (jerks Mor's hair) Imma give you to Randy if you dun shut up!'

Yes yes, please? Mor please for the love of humanity keep talking. I would lovee to see if Mor is handed over to Randy.

'Matt/Christian muses: (raise hands)'

what? Not Addy? Wow, am I surprised.

'Randy muse: Your 'Troubles' readers miss me.'

Aww so very true. I hope Terrah loosen up on you soon, you gotta try mending things up with Jeff :P

'Terrah: Ugh.. (notices Mor glaring) Don't look at me. You just had to keep on antagonizing him.'

Aww but still Terrah, this pretty doll doesn't deserve to be bound! I would rather have someone maiming him till Matt gives birth.

'Present day; Just saw something with Rey making Addy his bitch'

Lol, care to share? I have actually seen it back in the day when they teamed together. Yeah Edge, sorry, people WAY before Terrah are responsible for this heavenly task ;) Terrah still took her time to come around to your real self, and someone bitchifying the shit outta you is very very hot indeed!

'Edge muse: (sniffles cutely & bats eyes) Jeffy trusts me.'

Why don't I believe that?

'Jeff muse: Addy! Where is you? I turn my back for two seconds & you're off making messes! Mor, he spilled your glitter in the bathroom!'

Oh yumm...angry Jeffy makes me horny hehe. Specially when his anger is directed at Addy for being miss-behaving!

'Jeff muse: Oh? & I'm Cleopatra.'

LOL, Jeff do I love your sarcasm!

'Edge muse: (has hands clasped behind his back, hair falling in his face as his head is bowed)'

Aww isn't he so damn adorable?

'Jeff muse: (ignoring idiots, advancing on Edge) You've been a naughty boy, Addy.. so very very bad.'

Do something about it then Jeff! Please, I beg you!

'Jeff muse: (grabs Adam's other arm & holds him tightly) That's not the point, Adam. (glares down at Edge) You've been noting but trouble. You've been asking for it, and now you're gonna get it.'

Damn Damn Damn...Did I ever tell you I fucking LOVE you to death when your Jeff gets in a mood like this and decide to punish the naught bratty Edge like this? Jeff advancing on Addy like that and Addy being scared shit less and ready to wet his pants... hehe brilliant.

*Bow Bow Bow* I was BEGGING for this scene between Jeff and Adam for months! And I mean desperately! I just visualized Jeff giving Edge a public spanking like that and I drooled all over. I love your muses! I love this angry responsible Jeff WAY more than a paranoid and childish Jeff! Can he be around longer? I think I am in love. Sorry Randy but this is HAUUT!

*Thuds* Oh, yumm, damn, Edge in that position receiving his punishment with his ass exposed...*faints*...this is like the delicious of deliciousness. The best part, Edge's Jeff bashing and the way he quickly learned his place and held his tongue and reversed it from 'you little pervet' to 'sorry'.

Hehe, oh yah, such a pretty little slut our dear Edge is. How can he not get hot after receiving a spanking by an angry and HOT Jeff? I mean come on, we knows Edge like to get in trouble cause he wants to get punished every now and than.

'Edge muse: (tosses back head, shaking hair out of his mouth) Je-Jeffy.. we're uh.. in living room.. where people..'

Oh shut up Edge! I wanna see Jeff take Edge in front of everyone for once! It would be kinky and fucking hot and it'll show people what Jeff has and they never will hehe ;)

'Jeff muse: Shh.. it's okay.. (pets Adam's hair back as he uses his legs to nudge Adam's apart some) No one's really here today..'

*Pouts* I wanted an audience when Edge gets punished and taken by Jeff. Its a sexy damn thought!

YES YES YES! Jedam smexiness and so damn drool worthy when Jeff take Addy like that and Addy is puring like a slut!

'Mor muse: You do know this is why he's bratty? He likes it too much.'

Hehe, yes Morr...and you are back to your intelligent 'brains and beauty' self too.

Edge is our little kinky pretty whore! A bratty Edge is adorable and so punishable as well!

*Jeff muse: (picks Edge up bridal style) Shh.. Be quiet..*

*Gushes over sweetness* Awww see Jeffy could be sweet. Well its really hard to stay mad when you just had a visit in Edge's ass frankly ;)

'Jeff muse: (narrows eyes) You were watching?'

Hehe, Watching and wanting!

'Dean muse: (blinks) I.. well.. uh.. (clears throat) C'mon, Sammy, shower now. (picks Sam up & tosses him over shoulder before carrying him out)'

Lol, even the cocky Dean is scared of Jeff. I love when people are scared of Jeff.

'Mor muse: (sighs & slumps in defeat) But I didn't.. (watches Jeff leave) But.. but..? Oh! (growls in frustration)'

Poor Mor has officially become a slave to the Hardys in your muse world Terrah. Not that I mind but still...thats Addy's cum though..Mor shouldn't feel so bad ;)

' Sorry about that, Jeff likes to take over scenes/chps and impose his will'

Thank your Jeff muse for me ;) That was one of the best thing he did and I am hoping to see this happen again!

Between Terrah, our dream just came true! Jeff has gone EVILLL!
WinchesterVivi chapter 1 . 9/8/2010
i swear on my life, i started cracking up at the FIRST LINE! lmao
GrandpasGuitars chapter 36 . 9/1/2010
The cake thing was delicious. Randy is such a hot psycho. And the end? Utter adorable. I love your bubble gum sweet shit, Terrah :)
Esha Napoleon chapter 36 . 9/1/2010
Always Straightedge and proud chapter 36 . 8/31/2010
well hey at least he did return, to me it doesn't matter what company he wrestles for as long as i get to see him every week and i prefer him to be in tna at the moment, since i don't get the smackdown channel so i would've been really really pissed had he returned and where i couldn't watch him each week.
Esha Napoleon chapter 35 . 6/11/2010
Animal Luvr 4 Life chapter 35 . 6/9/2010
The musi are still nuts...I haven't missed anything!
GrandpasGuitars chapter 35 . 6/9/2010
The whole Christian/Edge brother stuff is confusing. The usual is they either share a ma (Judy), a dad (Gangrel), or Christian was adopted and added to either family. I know I did it that Adam's parents abandoned him and Christian's ma died giving birth to him and they were both adopted by Gangrel in Nightstalkers... but meh... who cares, as long as they're bros

Randy psycho is kinda hott. Just sayin. So is psycho Jeff.

And no, Dean is not the bottom. Sam's the sensitive one, so he gets to bend over
Always Straightedge and proud chapter 35 . 6/9/2010
well we're all fangirls and fangirling is a job upon it's self and one that i actually love
Esha Napoleon chapter 34 . 6/5/2010
Rey: *snickers* Its fun to make Adan a b-

Me: *facepalm* Now I have a cookie craving

GrandpasGuitars chapter 34 . 6/5/2010
Hilarious. I must admit, I'm sharing these cookie cravings Mr. Matthew has. And d'aww, thanks. Bottoming Matt is an art, tee hee. Poor Randy, but hey, you don't mess with a happy family. May I say, you and I seem to be among the few that think Dean'd top Sam- I'm happy I'm not alone in this.
LegacyChick chapter 34 . 6/5/2010
*pouts* Dun hurt your Mizzie muse like that every time. He's a good lil boy who doesn't deserve it. Just like Randy! Yes, I just called Randy a good boy... so sue me :P
ilzehs chapter 33 . 4/20/2010
For some reason the thought of Matt bottoming makes me twitch irritably. Its just there are few guys I am stuck as tops like forever. Matt, Randy, Christian...I can see Matt bottoming to Jeff though. Dont know, like you says, he is an ultimate top.

I wouldnt oppose to Randy getting a part in the pirate story. I dont know if he would make a hot pirate or not but I like to read him anywhere I can. I still find Hunter's little appearences extremely entertaining.

I agree with Jeff. The idea of Hardy's punishing never gets old. It produces such pretty visuals, I like to read over & over again. I have come to notice Jeff has a short memory by the way. I dont mind. I like how his thinking about Edge remains the same.

Terrah also requested Matt/Mor/Jeff in redsandman's one-shots. Just keeping the record. Addy never gets the love he deserve. I hate it when he is always used as an asshole or not used at all. There was a time when I was reading him in all sort of pairings alot. With Dave, Randy, Cena, Hunter, Hardys...lately he seemed lost in fic world. It hurt me. Terrah was the only one who kept giving me my much needed Edge dose. I do want more Addy though. Also, I believe there is a lack of Redge as much as Jedam.

Edge, dont question your dorkiness. I have proof pictures. You are a cute dork though. Plus Terrah, I thought you had learned your lesson to be careful around Jeff regarding Adam and Matt's romantic & sexual encounters or other things.

I like your current mood more than your anyother mood concerning Adam's bottom status. I was desperate for someone to write it to see how good Edge is like this.

Even when Randy is evil or nice, I always feel sorry for him in your stories. There is nothing he lack, yet he cant get what he want ever. Things are changing though I am glad. Randy should be really happy with 'Destroyed Innocence'.

Great update after such a long break. Hopeful to read more soon!
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