Reviews for Cullen Wife Swap
Spawn chapter 55 . 10/13
Tim has been taken care of and hopefully Theresa will loosen up and give her kids a good life. Edward brood too much. You did a good job on the story.
Spawn chapter 54 . 10/13
Not that he didn't deserve it, but I was a little surprised that Bella was the one to do the deed. I think the instinct to protect the kids allowed her to be able to do it. Enjoy hell Timmy.
Spawn chapter 53 . 10/13
I see Bella's got a bit of an evil streak like her siblings. I think it's only fair that they play mind games with T
Spawn chapter 52 . 10/13
Tim's not such a big man now. He's shaking like a little girl. Jasper is quite helpful. We wouldn't want Tim to ruin Rose's car. Why make more work for her? I don't think it's a ranger...
Spawn chapter 51 . 10/13
Tim should be careful who he picks up in a bar. I enjoyed Rose toying with him. Poor Emmett has to listen to this scum hit on his wife. They should let Emmett pound Tim into mush.
Spawn chapter 50 . 10/13
What a swell guy Tim is. He's casually sitting in a bar as he plans how to murder his family. I'm sure that Lillian will show him a good time. She's good at getting rid of abusive scumbags. She has had plenty of practice.
Spawn chapter 49 . 10/13
Tim is getting more bold. If they don't do something soon, he could hurt the kids. I guess this means no nookie for Jasper.
Spawn chapter 48 . 10/13
Some of those comments really make you cringe. The honest positive comments are overshadowed by the sick, demented ones. I'm glad they are taking everything with a grain of salt.
Spawn chapter 47 . 10/13
Sadly, that's exactly the kind of responses found on message boards. I did laugh at Rose's comment. Are the Cullen boys having a ...bromance? Hmm
Spawn chapter 46 . 10/13
The texts from the pack we funny. I feel bad for Bella since her parents are basically enjoying themselves at her expense.
Spawn chapter 45 . 10/13
Smart move on Alice's part playing Kristi's friend in order to check on the kids. Now that they know the kids are safe, they can go ahead with their plan to terminate the vermin named Tim.
Spawn chapter 44 . 10/13
Well, that was disturbing. Tim is one twisted piece of shit. That wasn't a fight as Tim claimed. It was a man beating the shit out of his wife.
Spawn chapter 43 . 10/13
At least they made Theresa and Tim look like the crazy psychos that they are. I'm with Bella, she's only five! Let her be a kid instead of some fast tracked mini adult. So Alice got a vision of Tim killing Theresa. I vote they both die.
Spawn chapter 42 . 10/13
Esme should make Jake clean up any popcorn since it's clearly going to end up all over the place. I don't blame Bella for being upset that they labelled her mentally ill. Edward agreeing that she is, was not helpful. Poor Carlisle will have to deal with the rumor mill at work after this.
Spawn chapter 40 . 10/12
Carlisle bought her a new Jag, nice. Clearly the Doctor's gaydar is off. It sure didn't take long for the rumors to spread. Esme is loading that child up with sugar.

Tim's beating her again, but it's Esme's fault? Go buy a clue, lady. I'm do done with those two. You can kill them both off.
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