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cataya chapter 1 . 12/8/2011
All of these were really insightful, but that last one was just lovely
Azamiko chapter 2 . 7/29/2009
*waves* Just so you know that someone is reading. I'll probably finish the rest tomorrow...
Chrissy-chan chapter 2 . 5/4/2009
O So, my laptop is still in the shop but my roomie is letting me borrow hers so that I can do my research paper. (And yet, I'm using it to write you this...)

AT ANY RATE, I decided to check your account to see if you wrote that one Hands Off story. ALAS, you have not. But that's okay. Cause, I'll wait. D

I, instead, started reading your drabbles. I must say: GUH! The love, the angst, the humor! Makes me want to delete my own drabbles right off it does. I had every intention of telling you which of them were my favorites. But I can't do it. I can't pick! I pretty much love all of them.

Though, I have to say your Yuuto/Karen pieces are lovely and any Kotarou/Mio interaction is grand.

AH! "Lips of An Angel" I remember that was definitely one I had gushed and swooned over. I think no matter who Yuuto would end up with, he would always be in love with Kyoko. It made me feel bad for Karen since I do love them together.

Gyah. I will finish reading all these eventually. But I have to actually do my paper now. Or, you know, I'll fail. I should be getting my laptop back and hopefully we'll be able to chat. Talk to you later and keep up the good work!

You inspire me to write a Kyoko/Yuuto/Karen love triangle as well as Kotarou/Mio.


And I still want to write a Kyoko/Tatsuki fic. 3