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Fox Sage Kinoe chapter 70 . 7/15
It's sad that this story is abandoned. Even with a few... frustrating plot points it was a genuinely good fanfiction.
Fox Sage Kinoe chapter 42 . 7/14
Ok, what part of this does Anko not understand? She KNEW he was serious about them getting married. He promised he will save himself for her. She kissed him Slept with him. Do I also need to point outthat she was his first friend. The closest person to him for 5 years. On top of the fact that he was 12. And she made no try to explain to him their relationship or what she wants. How in the everliving fuck is this a conflict that exist. She is wrong, he is in the right. She better than anyone is supposed to understand him, so by extension, why she is the wrong one in the situation. Can we move on already?
Fox Sage Kinoe chapter 40 . 7/14
Ok, can we stop with the stereotype of 'if a man sleeps with a hundred women he'd be congratulated'? No, he fucking won't. Reactions range from being called a manwhore to being treated with indifference. The only people who would congratulated him are assholes like him. And that's just the male population. What would be the reaction of the female. Also with what Anko did is taht she lead on Naruto that they have a future together by not rebuffing him when he shows interest repeatedly, kissing him, sleeping with him and than having sexual relationships with other people, which shows complete lack of emphaty, understanding and consideration to Naruto's feelings and wishes. Anko completely missed Naruto's point. This isn't about how Anko would feel in Naruto's place. This is about how completely self absorbed she is being. I haven't read the whole chapter yet, as I become too annoyed with how this whole situation is framed, but Anko's in the wrong here. This isn't about gender roles, this is about basic human empathy.
pyoson123 chapter 1 . 7/13
Why is anko a whore?
Mr. Hide chapter 70 . 7/10
Thank goodness at least you abandoned it in a part where the fic is comparatively less excitable and the main plot has already been understandable.
Mr. Hide chapter 42 . 7/10
Yeah, it's me, Mr. Hide alright. Wifi is unavalible so I have to review as a guest. Just for this single amazing chapter and especially the last scene, I think I can forgive you for not continuing this fic.
Kyurioth chapter 65 . 6/26
I honestly can’t believe how this has more favorites than “Small Changesanother Naruto/Anko story.
I mean, this was good at the start but now is just, I don’t know, shallow? Empty? It feels this way from ch30.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/25
kys you cucked faggot
Shashabux chapter 70 . 6/22
Really. It’s fucking amazing, I enjoyed almost every word of this story, take pride in your work. I’m sure when I read it again I’ll find something that need improvement but I’ll enjoy the happy glow of reading a great story for now. This will be on my favorites for a very long time. Spending what? Ten hours on reading this was the best choice I made all week. Thanks for all the time and effort you’ve put into this, I really appreciate it, even if it wasn’t for me.
Eien no henko chapter 70 . 6/12
Is this ever going to be updated?
Justbrowsingthestories chapter 48 . 6/11
This story is fucking disgusting, i sometimes run into stories where I'm honestly glad they got dropped, this is the perfect example. I honestly think you have no talent for story telling and while this has so many favorites and follows you should feel no pride in your time wasted writing this garbage. I really think this had potential, the concept for the early story was good but you made it into some cuck shit where let me guess, they do end up together? There's no pleasure in reading about this self destructive bullshit.
John Waters Favorite Gimp chapter 70 . 6/10
This story is trash. You are a trashman; A cuck of the highest order. You turned a simple love story into a absolutely ludacris angsty melodrama. I hope you have fun in your Mastorbatorium of multiple monitors showing cuckold porn, you piece of human garbage! You ruined a story with great potential to be wonderful romance. You turned it into the female protagonist being a whore for basically no reason than to be edgy. I mean really? I hope your mom and sister flick their beans at the thought of you dying a horrific death!
Guest chapter 29 . 6/8
I still can’t tell if this story is nasty and disgusting or hot
StrattyPlus chapter 60 . 6/6
Yes. Like you dont owe any of us anything. It's nuts how entitled people get over a content creators work. And people really think that being good at writing means you're ego tripping. You're effective at something obviously based on the traffic of this work, that's not akin to comparing yourself to a really good writer like Dostoevsky, but people always have to jump to have. Sorry that happened to you. If you're still writing I really recommend moderating that kind of stuff.
Lovehates833 chapter 40 . 6/6
The reason a guy who fucks a hundred women is seen as a "hero" while a woman who's fucked a hundred guys is seen as a "disgusting whore/slut" is extremely simple. There are undoubtedly more thirsty men ready to jump at the opportunity for some easily available pussy than thirsty women ready to hop on easily available dick. Generally speaking, an average guy can't simply spread their legs anywhere and expect to get even one taker for sex, but if an average girl were to do the same she could get gangbanged in her car if that's what she wanted. Simply put it's so much easier for a woman to be a slut, and those guys who have fucked a hundred plus women are seen as heroes because guys envy them and want to be like them, they wish they could get sex like that. Also realisticly anyone who's fucked that many people would suck at monogamous relationships (to say the least) or relationships that require commitment and actual love so that by itself is a huge turn off for relationships.
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