Reviews for That Look
EvilDragonMuspelheim chapter 70 . 11/8
Holy crap the grudge train finally left! Hallelujah!
OfficialAce chapter 8 . 11/4
So you made this a Naruto x Anko Fanfiction but then have her sleep with Kakashi? That's just disgusting and now I really really hate this story. I'm out. I wasted my time trying to find another Naruto x Anko Fic. Piece.
hi chapter 15 . 10/25
oh. fucking inuzukas.
Ghost786 chapter 61 . 10/24
Shikamarus a dick in this story. He caused inos desth and a war.
libraryrockerr chapter 70 . 10/7
I would translate "Amai Chichi" as "Sugar Tits" because Anko is just that fucking hilarious. I was completely not prepared for when shit got real. I was really sad when Naruto and Anko were angry at each other. Thank you very much for being awesome! ! !
abbysbazil chapter 70 . 9/8
Welp, finished what you posted so far. I like your writing a lot. And i truly loved how it all started. I hope you continue. Ill put it on my alerts just in case.

I will say that Naruto should stop being an idiot by that point. An idealist is fine but when his ninja skills need to suck in order for you to take him where you want him to go, than it loses its magic. Im no longer as drawn in as i was.

Anyway, hope you keep going. Thanks for your time and hard work.
abbysbazil chapter 69 . 9/8
Ummm... is Naruto a Badass or Not? Why is he getting catpured so easily? By this point even HE has to be wondering why hes awesome sometimes and completely green around the ears other times. Do you only give him ninja strength when it serves the story, then take it away for the same reason? That pulls me out of the story so fast. Its not consistent.
abbysbazil chapter 64 . 9/8
I really hope Naruto can stop being an arrogant idiot. Hes making it hard to fully enjoy the fic.
abbysbazil chapter 63 . 9/8
Wow... Naruto is an even bigger idiot. Do you feel you are sacrficing what should be obvious character growth to create drama where there doesnt need to be any? I mean Naruto didnt even think to plan. How arrogant has he become, to think he can attack a target blind. That is so moronic, its disappointing.
abbysbazil chapter 57 . 9/7
Im not going to lie... I like Ino, and I like Shika, but i dont like them together. Ill likely try to analyze why but ill wait until after i finish reading.
abbysbazil chapter 51 . 9/7
Wow. Naruto couldnt be that stupid in your story. Like that was reeeeaaallllyyy stupid. Maybe if he was deadlast in the academy and didnt train with Anko, Jiraiya, and Tsunade as much as he did, i could believe it better but i think this was too dumb to readily believe.
Eric Eagle chapter 1 . 8/28
You must absolutely continue this! Now Anko and Naruto is my fav pair!
Stratre chapter 70 . 8/22
even a second time its worth the read i hope you update soon
Corpj123 chapter 70 . 8/11
This story is a total heart-breaker! I wish I knew what the ending was. It's four years in the grave, so hope for it to be updated is really small.
Marksbay chapter 70 . 8/1
Will I ever see this story updated?
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