Reviews for That Look
XKetsuekitenshiX chapter 69 . 8/26
Did you stop writing this story or is there a sequal?! I love this story and I how its life realistic unlike other fanfic that just sounds stupid d when read it...
gabeclone chapter 36 . 8/24
...Question: You made Naruto sound seriously over powered when you were writing about the training he went through while training under Jiraiya, so how is it that Anko still has the ability to strip him naked and tie him up without his permission?
gabeclone chapter 35 . 8/24
So... I love your story, good character development... but you're not super good a writing fight scenes...
scaryorange chapter 69 . 7/12
how come you can't let things go right for once?
scaryorange chapter 46 . 7/12
scaryorange chapter 13 . 7/12
i cringe
Pokemonpoko chapter 58 . 7/4
continue plz its so good
Guest chapter 70 . 6/28
You gotta finish this, you can't just leave us hanging
X chapter 70 . 6/23
Hey, please review. We've been waiting for like 3 years
kanazak chapter 36 . 6/17
Hmm. This story really is quite interesting. It's exceptionally well-written and pretty much the best example of a For Want Of A Nail story I've ever come across. The changes that come from Naruto being apprenticed and not part of Team Seven are not only believable, they're plausible, and similarly far-reaching as would be expected, if you took the Designated Hero out of the canon plot and put in a competent, but not Designated Hero-tier replacement. A masterful piece that delves into the changes that a simple replacement of one character can cause.

Problem for me is, I'm so used to canon even in fanfiction that I'm actually unhappy with many of the changes wrought, because I have become used to, and fallen in love with many of the Stations of Canon. Gaara becoming Kazekage, especially, has been something I've always enjoyed. However, you write too well. Just because I dislike some of the parts of the story doesn't mean I can dislike the story as a whole! Argh! If only I was more immature about such things! XD

Making matters worse for me is that I keep getting this feeling something horrible is going to happen to Anko, and can't shake it off because I ran out of my anti-anxiety med two days ago and still haven't gotten around to filling a new prescription for it. Made the mistake of not having it be set up for automatic refills .

Anyway, I find this story really interesting but sometimes stressful thanks to my foolishness with my med. I'll probably stop reading until I get the next dose, but you've written an excellent piece here and I'm definitely looking forward to finding out what'll happen next as I read further!
Karyuma chapter 70 . 6/16
This story is amazing, please continue to update it!
Atheist god chapter 29 . 6/4
Best. Fic. Ever
Krieg118 chapter 70 . 5/25
I love this story. The characters are believable and so are their reactions. Please complete this story. Please. There are very few Naruto x Anko stories that are this good
Me llamo Fher chapter 1 . 5/17
que buena historias
arckane chapter 70 . 5/16
you probably shoulda put hurt or drama a the main genre cause that's what its mostly is
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