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Ender NightBlade chapter 14 . 7/17
Sacrifice a hundred human beings, or be eaten. Sounds like the doing of Painis Cupcake.
Not pleased chapter 3 . 7/16
I'm not even going to finish this charter. I hate fuckers like you, just let him embrace the Darkness. If he does not he is living a lie and is a puppet. Yaz ayangibasela lamasimba owenzile.
vysirez chapter 55 . 7/13
So now I get to chapter 55 and I now see that the whole forced situation from last chapter was so that you could reverse the situation and have Anko be faithful while Naruto sluts around. Sorry, it falls apart and is stupid IMO. The situation with Naruto sleeping with the prostitute made some sense. You had him do that, and you indicated that he wasn't happy with it and felt that he wanted something more. Yet here in chapter 55 you have him sleeping around and breaking hearts. It's completely OOC and forced just so the situation can be reversed.

You didn't have to reverse the situation. It adds nothing to the story except to make me dislike Naruto. If you hadn't forced the situation and Anko had told Naruto that she was willing to try to be faithful, the Naruto as you wrote him would have accepted that. Naruto doesn't have to act as badly as Anko did for them to have a relationship.

I felt chapter 54 was a bit forced, but I figured I would keep reading. Unfortunately, this chapter killed it for me. It was completely contrived and ooc for Naruto as you wrote him up til now. I wouldn't have expected him to remain completely celibate, but after the situation with Anko, I can't see Naruto being ok with sleeping with a bunch of women and breaking various hearts. I could see him sleeping with a few here and there, assuming it was very upfront one night stands. The first time there was "tears and broken hearts" he would have stopped. The fact that you had him keep sleeping around after that just so that you can have a reversed situation with Anko killed any respect I had for your version of Naruto and I no longer care if he gets together with Anko or even what happens to him.
vysirez chapter 54 . 7/13
I have been liking the story quite a bit so far. I have thought you did a great job with just about everything. I think the various interaction and reactions of the Naruto and Anko have been great, and I agree with most everything that happened. I think you nailed the various reactions and I have been quite pleased with the way you have had Naruto standing up for himself.

So I just finished chapter 54, and I have to say this is the first chapter I have been disappointed with. It felt very forced, not to mention another time skip. So Anko has been waiting for him to wake up the whole time, and Tsunade forces her to leave right before he wakes up. I'm sure she had slept in the room before. Then Naruto wakes up from what happened and she just lets him leave for another 2 years? Even if Naruto didn't want to talk to Anko, it would have been completely reasonable to hold him in the hospital for a while for checks to give Anko a chance to say her bit. Sorry, the chapter felt super forced in order to keep things hanging, and for 2 years even. Meh, I'm gonna keep going cause it likely won't ruin the story, but it was super contrived, sorry.
Guest chapter 70 . 7/10
It would be awesome if you'd finish this please? I read all this in one sitting and am craving more.
Guest chapter 25 . 6/23
Dude I am going to say that this story is really dark because the wave mission was a fail and lots of people died because naruto wasn't there. The chunnig exams was dark during he second phase ( Damn shikamaru is really scary when wants to, not to even metion he killed gaara ) what else is going to happen
By the way great story
jtcookie96 chapter 70 . 6/22
um hi. i'm not sure if you are continuing this story or not. but i hope you are. i love this story and this is actually one of my favorite shippings. i'm sure you are currently busy with other stories, but if you could, could you maybe finish this one? i'm not like those asshole trolls or whatever kids from my generation are calling them nowadays. but anyways great story and i hope you finish it. um just pm me if you want to reply. if not that's okay too. have a nice day or night where ever you live.
candsandn chapter 70 . 6/19
Are you ever going to finish this story?
MeisterJohnny chapter 70 . 6/9
Well... first off: good job. You are a very talented writer.

I have to admit for a short time I thought like 'how could he make Anko sleep with Kakashi and other guys?! How could he kill Choiji, Gaara and Ino?' ... but I see that the story, your story, had to be this way to make NarutoxAnko really special and to have a reason for the ongoing war. Furthermore it's something new. And that so few young ninjas died in the original is just unreasonable.
While reading I felt really sad and I shed some tears... so good job with writing.

I wish you would have continued this Fanfiction, open endings are always a pain in the ass, but it is up to you, we can't force you to continue for the sake of enjoying your story.

4 things I wish you have done: Naruto and Anko to have sex earlier, a good or multiple good Naruto lemons, continued writing or at least posted one last short chapter with all the paths you had planned to end the story.

I think optimal to continue the story may be a sort of showdown: team Orochimaru vs team Itachi vs team Deidara vs team Suna vs team Konoha. Or something like that. Then Naruto should beat the crap out of the rest of Akatsuki and become Hokage with Anko as his wife. But... there is no way you would end this story this way, right? You would kill Anko in the upcoming battle :(
Neji99 chapter 70 . 5/30
You should at least complete it please
foresha-forecast chapter 13 . 5/27
anko will use naruto's promise near the end of the story to actually marry the kid
calilove chapter 70 . 5/22
Its a real shame this was not continued.. I see heavy elements of it in 'Small Changes' by Digitize27, but its just not the same..
Guest chapter 70 . 5/9
Another half assed fic where they potray Anko as a Slut.
Heavensward chapter 70 . 4/15
Most impressive. In the span of two or three days I have finished this. 94/100
Animelover1663 chapter 70 . 4/1
Please for the love of all things holly don't stop this story it's amazing. Please update as soon as possible.
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