Reviews for That Look
Karyuma chapter 70 . 6/16
This story is amazing, please continue to update it!
Atheist god chapter 29 . 6/4
Best. Fic. Ever
Krieg118 chapter 70 . 5/25
I love this story. The characters are believable and so are their reactions. Please complete this story. Please. There are very few Naruto x Anko stories that are this good
Fernando overkill chapter 1 . 5/17
que buena historias
arckane chapter 70 . 5/16
you probably shoulda put hurt or drama a the main genre cause that's what its mostly is
arckane chapter 68 . 5/16
this was the best chapter out of the whole story they finally got together and it was in a good and emotional way I really like the character development as well throughout the story I just think there was way to much drama but people who like that would love this story like how you changed anko as well probably my least fave anko fic cause she was such a whore but that was the personality you wanted her as I think chapter with a little tweak coulda been a perfect ending
Reviewer chapter 60 . 5/14
Truly, you sound so pathetic it's kind of insulting. I'd explain why but I don't feel like getting you even more butthurt than you already are. Dumbass.
Lunatican chapter 70 . 5/11
Finish this please
UpZ chapter 41 . 5/10
I'm glad to see the scene with Jiraiya calling Naruto out on the fiance thing because it's REALLY been irritating me. Your version of Naruto I just really want to punch in the face.

He says he's going to marry Anko and suddenly she has no say whatsoever in it. There's been parts where she jokes about it but I don't recall any scene where she explicitly stated "I will marry you and I am your fiance". He just goes around telling everyone "she's my fiance! We're getting married!" without any input from her, she even began by declining him several times.

It just irritates me how unlikable and completely inconsiderate this Naruto is. He assumes that just because he loves her and is committed to marrying her that she automatically feels the exact same way even though her words and actions convey the COMPLETE OPPOSITE.

Fuck this Naruto.
Ratchet2546 chapter 70 . 5/5
I know it's been 3 years but I'm still hoping for more.
myownphilosophy101a chapter 70 . 5/4
Dark, but this is such a realistic spin. Your style of writing really grabs and clings to the reader, I could not put my phone down. I look forward to the next update
myownphilosophy101a chapter 24 . 5/4
Wow just wow.
Hinatalover204696 chapter 25 . 4/29
oh my fucking god best fanfic ever, i only wish you had not abandoned your fanfics. ide so buy this book or fanfic even if its childish for a grown 19 year old
animecutylover chapter 55 . 4/27

Poor Jiraiya.
animecutylover chapter 54 . 4/27

That's so sad!
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