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Petrolea chapter 43 . 8/21
Though I fully understand the way real life claims up our time and effort, I do really hope you will continue this fanfic shortly. I've read quite a few Marriage Law fics by now, and I love your spin on it and the fact that the Law is not the only problem faced by our lovely protagonists. I can't wait to see if my theories on the plot turn out right and how this new bit of information will undoubtedly upend their world once again.
Love, Petrolea
QuixotixNyx chapter 43 . 8/12
Sorry if previous reviewers don't understand the concept of personal lives. Just finished this up to this chapter and I eagerly hope you'll be continuing this story. It's absolutely wonderful. I'll admit I didn't go over it with a fine tooth comb, but I'm pretty good at spotting errors and frankly nothing made me look twice. ;) even if it's not "perfect," art never is. Please keep writing if your personal life allows for that, I know I'll be looking out for another chapter in my inbox.
ShiningBrightInTheNightSky chapter 43 . 8/5
Man, you CAN'T leave it there! NO! I NEED to know what will hapoen to Hermione...Please update...I added the story to my alerts in hope that you will update it as ig has only been a year since you last updated...please, for the sake of my sanity, UPDATE!
treesliketorches chapter 43 . 7/24
Oh my. I thought my phone had broken when I reached the end of this chapterI restarted the app and everything, hoping there was more to read. Alas... There is not. For the moment. This is, quite honestly, my most treasured Hermione/Sirius stories. I won't give you the usual 'omg so good 10/10 author' because this quality of work and depth of storyline deserves so much more. Each chapter that brought a new twist or turn, each heart wrenching or heart bursting moment kept me engaged. I can't get over the genius behind weaving so many small parts throughout this story. It is unique, believable, and, in all honesty, a worthy rival to the actual HP series itself. I love this. I love your work (all of your stories... I was so depressed after finding this wasn't finished I the proceeded to read your other work as well. Well, read the other stories I hadn't already read. Anyway. Back to the point) I cannot wait for an update, regardless of when there is one. I admire you for still finding time for such wondrous stories, and I hope that everything in your own life only ever gets better. Okay, I'm rambling now. Overall, this has been bloody great to read. Thank you x
crystalmeth1 chapter 43 . 7/14
Any chances of an update? Please?
I read the whole story for a day and I got so into it that now that I'm up to the last chapter you posted I feel so sad... chapter 43 . 6/11
So I normally never read wips because I am scared that I will fall in love and it will never be updated again. But after reading almost all of your other stuff I just had to read this one. So after finishing it all in basically a day I am absolutely in love love love this fic. You are such a talented writer and I hope you come back to this story soon.
Eminator chapter 43 . 5/25
Ok so I know you're busy, but it's been over a YEAR since you posted. I just found this story and I'm quite desperate for it not to end HERE of all places! Please please please PLEASE post! (I'm not above begging)
CJRed chapter 43 . 5/14
I sincerely hope your muse visits you soon to finish this story. If you need a beta. Call me. I just must know how this ends!
emilynicole28 chapter 43 . 4/29
Can't wait for an update! This is amazing!
CrazyKitCat chapter 15 . 4/28
I just have to say that I SEVERELY love how Ron isn't a total arse and actually sides with Hermione most of the time... I hate the stories where he never grows up past his childish tendencies... I love the maturity shown in this brotherly-love bond between him and Hermione
CrazyKitCat chapter 9 . 4/27
Ron knows Shakespeare?! If a Shakespearean scholar is crying, I'm sure it's in laughter... And forget Sirius, I'M currently besotted with this story... I'm so glad I've come across it after it's been completed so I can binge read it. I rarely give in-depth reviews, but I have to say that I really like how you've taken this story and developed it so thoroughly into your own. Too many times, writers skip the development to get to the good stuff and I'm always happy when I find excellent stories like this with so much explored background. I love all of their hilarious quips and unique character growth.
HPFan chapter 43 . 4/18
You do remember that there is a Harry Potter fanfiction WIP called Playing the Players that you haven't updated in 15 months. Please update as soon as you can.
HPFan chapter 25 . 4/16
HPFan chapter 22 . 4/16
Bloody brilliant!
Fuzzygrub chapter 43 . 4/4
Just started down the rabbit hole that is fanfic, and have thoroughly enjoyed getting lost in all your work (especially this one). I sincerely hop you find time to finish it soon!
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