Reviews for the Chronicles of a Unique Connection
d-kronk chapter 4 . 3/9/2013
I'm glad they were all there for her when she needed them. And I love that JJ points out that they are family.
d-kronk chapter 3 . 3/9/2013
What a great birthday. I love Derek being there at midnight to wish her happy birthday. And I'm glad he blew off his latest girlfriend for her, and left no room for argument.
d-kronk chapter 2 . 3/9/2013
I love that Pen knew exactly what to do to help Derek and that Emily called her. And then him taking care of her when they came back and the scene when they woke up was great.
d-kronk chapter 1 . 3/9/2013
Aww... that was great. I love them just spending time with each other. And their teasing is great, I love Dirk. :-) And I love that his mom sends her care packages.
Guest chapter 54 . 10/7/2012
I recently discovered this site so I am late in commenting on your story. It made me cry in several places and it has to be good to do that. I wish there had been better proof reading because the errors are distracting for me, a former English teacher. But I loved the story.
PaceyW'sgirl chapter 54 . 7/26/2010
Loved this story, would have loved to have read more on the kids and had some dialog from them but its a great story.
PinkAngel17 chapter 54 . 4/4/2010
Aw, very sweet ending! It was great and so was the whole story!
celticstarwolf chapter 54 . 4/4/2010
oh sugar what a sweet ending i loved that they had a daughter and that they lived well together so sad to see this one go but i loved it thank you for sharing
Kathy0518 chapter 54 . 4/4/2010
Thanks for sharing

Great story
Mechia132 chapter 54 . 4/4/2010
Love this ending to the story. Thank you for a great job with the story.
Kathy0518 chapter 53 . 3/30/2010

I was a bit nervous that Pen wouldn't forgive him. Glad she did more soon :) Great chapter :)
celticstarwolf chapter 53 . 3/29/2010
oh damn sug that was so emotional and heart tugging i loved every minute while reading this so cant wait for more please
PinkAngel17 chapter 53 . 3/29/2010
I'm so glad that they talked things over. Very emotional chapter! It was really good! Most definitely looking forward to more!
alohareader chapter 52 . 3/28/2010
Oh man, Morgan better man up & make thsi better. I can't wait to find how this fight ends.
celticstarwolf chapter 52 . 3/28/2010
he loves his wife so much but sometimes forgets that his choices have words unspoken as they maybe that effect them both great chapter hon more please
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