Reviews for Pour Some Sugar On Me
Ellabeaubella chapter 62 . 12/7
You're a great writer. This was such a joy to read. Will start on the sequel now :)
Guest chapter 62 . 5/23
Hey hey just read ur story again love it its like going on holiday x
Duckbutt chapter 62 . 3/26
LdyJulanna chapter 62 . 3/19
OMG I never want this to end your view is jow I wish it had been though I thank the gods your doing a sequel... I have always wanted sookie to learn more of Erics Viking life and homeland in some way I mean she knows all about Bills and they both know hers I wish I was a better typist I have some killer Idea's but I suck at putting them in writing also I think they try and shelter Sookie to much she shot Clancy because he was danger they should give her more credit I think she should get a piece of quinn and she should be aloud to be a true queen she is not just a human ...:) thank you for this wonderful story I can't wait to read more of your work
LdyJulanna chapter 60 . 3/19
Wait ... what about quin? sookie should get to had him his ass
LdyJulanna chapter 56 . 3/18
I'm gonna run out of tissues but it's so how it should have went
LdyJulanna chapter 54 . 3/18
I will say it again this is how it should have been beautiful...
LdyJulanna chapter 52 . 3/18
LdyJulanna chapter 49 . 3/18
you are awesome I love this I wish this was in the show I never want this to end ...
LdyJulanna chapter 48 . 3/18
the wedding was beautiful i need tissues
LdyJulanna chapter 43 . 3/18
oh please ...sookie can't die
LdyJulanna chapter 37 . 3/17
I couldn't imagine leaving
LdyJulanna chapter 30 . 3/17
oh wow
LdyJulanna chapter 26 . 3/17
this is beautiful I need tisses
LdyJulanna chapter 8 . 3/17
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