Reviews for Seal Shatter
Utopia Empire chapter 36 . 6/15
Finally done reading this (for the second time, I think)
Got a bit bored at the middle (that's what I experienced with Fire Shadow's son too) because the plot doesn’t really progress after he got his memories back.
But still, good job.
NUHH chapter 36 . 6/15
story was really good
write next chapter with naruto and hinata in it
still have naruto's parents in the story
Utopia Empire chapter 10 . 6/14
Awww here it is itachi
Jenny chapter 36 . 4/13
I really liked this story! I could definitely understand Kushina's decisions and I think you wrote her well! I believe Minato was also in-character from what little we've seen of him. And the memory stuff was interesting. But I wanted it to be acknowledged that Naruto actually did help his Dad! I know it was risky but he did get rid of the seal! It was funny how Kakashi revealed he had a son. This fic had drama and laughs! Thanks for writing!
misuky7 chapter 36 . 4/10
It was so cute. I loved the idea behind Minato loosing his memory. The entire plot was different and exciting. I love your works. :3
yugewinner chapter 19 . 4/5
other than stupid ass Japanese words it's a ok story
laelruin chapter 36 . 3/15
A wonderful, epic, engaging story!
I truly loved it.
Shadowpawzzz chapter 36 . 2/17
excellent story!
mckertis chapter 36 . 1/23
It was rather enjoyable, if stretched somewhat thin. I do believe the story would benefit, if it was cut to one third of the current length.
ChimamireNoBara22 chapter 36 . 1/7
Very cute fanfic! The interplay between characters was wonderfully done. I kinda wish you would have shown the reactions of Naruto's friends when the eventually found out about the fox, but overall it was very well written. I greatly enjoyed it!
Guest chapter 36 . 12/5/2017
Parabéns gostei mt. Adorei o final. ...
MadMaxxCoyote chapter 27 . 10/24/2017
Of course Naruto doesn't get promoted...oh and of COURSE he doesn't care at all. That might just add some real tension to the story, something other than the dull He doesn't know/she wont tell stupid juice Kushina has been drinking most of the story.
LoveGlutton chapter 27 . 10/12/2017
Hmmm just pain... thats good, more to work with
LoveGlutton chapter 26 . 10/12/2017
Poor naruto
LoveGlutton chapter 17 . 10/12/2017
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