Reviews for Harry Potter and the Veela Bond
Lordlexx chapter 5 . 5/9
That wasn't a lemon.. It wasn't even a lime. All you did was hint at something and say they climaxed.

And simpering whining Harry with the goblins was hard to read. I'm not saying that he should throw a temper tantrum. But he could still get mad at them continiously calling him a liar. And then he even GIVES them money and an apology for him getting upset... like what the fuck?
Nevarus chapter 3 . 4/26
and the reason behind Hermione turning her back comes out... I'm guessing it's yet again something to push him away from them and towards the delacours. otherwise it's a out of left field event that I'm assuming you created, because I don't remember it whatsoever (not saying it's a bad idea, just that it's either poorly placed or poorly implemented).

btw, is the entire Weasley family in your universe two faced? I cannot explain how they are acting otherwise. anything in here to do with the Weasley family and Dumbledore comes across as bashing and not the justifiable kind. not the kind where Ron turns his back on Harry in goblet of fire or when he abandons his two friends while wearing slitherins locket.
Nevarus chapter 3 . 4/26
I'm hoping there is a good reason for the extreme out of character moments by Harry's friends.

in Ron's case it makes some sense, but you would think that after everything he would've grown up. any time where he turns his back on Harry is due to being jealous. I don't think he would blame Harry because he didn't blame him for what happened to his leg in 3rd year.

in Hermione's case, it makes no sense. whether she was coerced or not, she does what she thinks is right.

the way you setup the bill and fleur breakup was great, in the way you made me think it was gonna end with Bill being made a bad guy (cause that's the way most of this seems to be going), so good job on breaking my expectations.

this is gonna have to end with Dumbledore being made out to be the second big bad of the series (which is getting incredibly old...). he doesn't have to be a manipulative old evil bastard. he can still be manipulative but when voldemort is defeated, that should be the end of it (he doesn't need to continue to try to get Harry killed).

all of this seems to be an antagonistic way of pushing Harry to fleur and Gabrielle (not a great one btw), which is completely unnecessary.
Joshua Joseph chapter 11 . 3/16
sooooooo am what know u left this unfinished for 10 years and nothing i need an ending
Isaacl112 chapter 11 . 3/8
Good story, awaiting update!
Gabriel Droscha chapter 1 . 2/2
I would like to say that i love this story and hope it gets updated. I would also like to tell the entitled people who write that this story is offending them on a deep level to shut up. If they have nothing good to say about it, then just read a different story. This is a person’s imagination and this is a free app. They are allowed to put on it whatever they wish.
Ps. You commenters can still comment, as i believe strongly in free speech, but just let their imagination be. Their story has very little things to actually criticize. What i am saying, is that please criticize the grammar or something. Don’t go off attacking the story. This is imagination on a free app.
Jimbocous chapter 11 . 1/31
Great stuff. Sure hope you get back to this at some point.
swiftmask chapter 11 . 12/22/2020
I hope you continue this
Untitled chapter 6 . 8/24/2020
Best fan fic I've ever seen. It's so detailed and creates different sides to the characters such as harry and Ron that were only skimmed over. Yes there are spelling mistakes but who cares. It's all auto correct anyways
Archleone chapter 5 . 7/17/2020
No justification and cute little words is going to change that Harry is being railroaded into accepting being a cuckhold. I'm not going to continue reading this trash. I mean, it was already a shit show what with it being a bash fic with "super Harry". I'm not accepting yet another ridiculous, garbage facet to this.

It is cheating. That Harry accepts just means he's a spineless pussy. They are all basically forcing Harry into this relationship, giving him essentially no real way out of it. And if he told them not to sleep around, they'd probably do it anyway and just lie about it. All because you want to write a story about "polyamory". No thanks.
Archleone chapter 4 . 7/17/2020
Nice start to a relationship. "We Veela are sluts who love sleeping around with our friends. We don't even consider it any more extreme than a hug. Anyway, I want to keep sleeping with my ex."

It's just not acceptable behavior. If the Veela are living in a human society, then the norms are /human/ norms and not Veela norms. So having casual sex with people, friends or otherwise, is not a "hug" by any stretch of the imagination. And wanting to sleep with your ex before you're even properly in a relationship with your "soul mate" and basically goading him into giving you his blessing to do so is both trashy and manipulative.

It becomes a matter of, well, how can you even trust a Veela? As a person dating them, that is. They'd happily cheat on you. Fleur just admitted as such. She even used the word "happily". Implying, she'd be unhappy if she were not allowed to sleep around with her "friends". So Harry is doomed to be a cuck once or even twice over if Gabrielle makes any "friends". And he's forced into it because of a "soul bond". It's not like he's actually interested in dating them or in their culture/life style. But he's basically given zero choice. "We're helping you. Also my daughters are in a soul bond with you. And they're Veela, so they haaaave to sleep around." Do you think he's in any position to resist?

And it's really not a good sign that Gabrielle is smacking her not-yet boyfriend who she knows has a history of abuse. And almost certainly a boat load of trust issues. Which definitely wouldn't be helped with things like Fleur chomping at the bit to ride Bill's dick again.

But, naturally, I'm sure you put zero thought into it because "hurr hurr, slutty veelas are hot hurr hurr".
tunarolls chapter 2 . 5/20/2020
Dude, stop repeating yourself. Vernon's POV, Harry's POV, and then Harry's recollection of the events? One is already enough.

Also, your dialogues feel unnatural.
CMdkelley chapter 4 . 2/6/2020
And I quit.
Harry in this series is terribly written. After falling into depression after a life of abuse, betrayal, and manipulation Harry starts hearing voices in his head. These voices comfort him at a point where you allude to him wanting to commit suicide. Convinced not to go through with it he basically makes a magical vow which forces him to not ever try. Now after all that the Dursleys try to kill him and he fights back killing them. He is informed that he is basically royalty has been lied to and most likely stolen from. His best friend/ sister is forcibly impregnated and will die unless she goes through with the pregnancy drinks options and does as commanded by Ron. Now when he finally grows a backbone and fights back against the injustices of his life he informed that he is forced into a marriage with 2 girls who for lack of a better term have whored themselves out with friends and lovers because they cant control their veela instincts... Gabriel is 13 and has only been changing for a 3-6 months is knowingly in a life debt and soul bond and she has already basically cheated on Harry... Then Flur basically says she would love to continue having sex with Bill despite this magical bond of forced love and commitment! I wouldn't come within a hundred yards of a marriage with these two as you have portrayed them.. Seriously... not only this but even his emotions are being manipulated to force him to near instantly trust and love them despite not having much of a prior relationship with either of them... yeah this is more like a dump on harry story than a romance adventure fight against old Voldemort... Basically I'd commit suicide right about here in the story if I was Harry, but you cut that avenue off with the vow... Even if this story had an ending to it and everything
Guest chapter 4 . 12/17/2019
And I’m out. Fluer and Gabrielle pretty much told Harry they couldn’t wouldn’t ever be sexually loyal to just him. He has no choice in this. Magic is forcing this. Harry will never have anyone just for him and he just for them. Not liking this idea at all. It’s bad enough it’s two women, but to to be told that they would be fucking around? Nope. I’m out. That idea disgusts me on a deep level.
Guest chapter 3 . 12/17/2019
I’m not liking this for one major reason. I hate secrets and harry really really should as well. People keeping things from him has caused huge amounts of problems. I would have expected him to put his foot down and say fuck this I’m not doing anything or going with anyone till they fucking explain what the fuck is going on! So I find him just going along hard to believe. I find him putting hermione on a back burner to go play politics no matter what anyone said flat out impossible to believe. It didn’t happen. It brought the story to a screaching halt for me. Harry would not could not do that. That being said, the foundation of the supposed plot has crumbled to dust and now the rest is unsupportable.
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