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muguetmuse chapter 28 . 12/12/2020
whoa. the nuances of this story and the difficult situation and Christine's development and character arc was definitely tough to read but you pulled it off well. it was such a hard situation and I could really feel how she was being pressed from all sides as she realized a different path in her life. Erik also makes me laugh in this fic bc of sarcasm LOL. Great story!
Teen543 chapter 28 . 11/13/2020
Cute story! Thanks! I really liked your Erik! And the innocence really, of how they fell in love.
Batty Dings chapter 28 . 7/7/2020
Eep! I genuinely LOVED this fiction. Of the one's you've written this has to be my favorite. It's emotionally charged from gut-wrenching to delightful. But I just loved this particular take on Erik. He's suave, witty, sharp and less maniacal which makes him fit better in a modern AU. Your Christine has a really great character development. All the motives of the characters are believable too.

Batty Dings chapter 17 . 7/6/2020
Finally, an Erik who just says "look I'm deformed, leave it alone and stop asking about it."
Batty Dings chapter 16 . 7/6/2020
I truly love this sarcastic, witty, and silver-tongued version of Erik. Still dangerous but easier to have an actual conversation with.
rscoil chapter 28 . 6/28/2020
I need to remind myself that, when I pick up one of your fics, I will need to sit read it to completion ASAP! So many twists and turns, and I just can't put it down!

This one was a cool concept. You did a fantastic job of making me feel for Raoul. Poor guy! I hope he finds new happiness after all of this.

I also adore Anne. Erik, Christine, and Meg need to throw her a party after everything they've put her through.

Erik's little birds are so adorable. I love the little Leroux details you put in, like The Little Bag of Life and Death.

Awesome work!
Inayasha25 chapter 28 . 6/6/2020
Hey just want to say that I finished reading your story and I really liked your story. Thank you for writting this!
Rei Pota chapter 25 . 5/22/2020
i love your stories all of them...but you know in this one, Christine is such a mess her character make me confused, gone mad and angry. I do not know why some one can stand her. i don't hate her but when i read chap 2325 i change my mind. all about that this story is really good. thank you for share us your beautiful piece. forgive my poor english.
PhantomFemme du Pantages chapter 28 . 1/16/2020
OK that last was weird! Altogether, though, I suppose things worked out as well as they could have. I'm glad she was able to leave Raoul without lies and with him finally understanding why she had to go. Although, I'm still not sure she was right to do so. Though, maybe she was? Because Raoul did really need to learn to stand on his own two feet (well, role on his own four wheels). And had she stayed, he might simply have gone on just for her rather than learning that he needs to live for himself. But that feels dangerously like justifying or making excuses. Mind you, the only way Christine staying with Raoul would have worked would have been if she could have done it for herself - to satisfy her own sense of integrity and as a true offering of love and compassion, not merely out of a sense of duty and obligation.

Did love the Final Lair reversal, though! Wow, brilliant! And I love how you even got in a nod to the ALW version mob. Clever! It worked, too. Indeed, LOL although I hate to give Teresa credit for anything, it probably saved the situation. Because, if she and Phil hadn't come pounding at the door when they did, Christine, Raoul and Erik might have gone on playing verbal tug-of-war indefinitely and only hurting each other more in the process. And/or, Erik would have simply taken Christine away, in which case Raoul might well have reported it as a kidnapping and might never have come to accept her choice. As it was, that seemed to help him accept, or at least be resigned to the situation.

Ultimately, though, I find I don't like this Christine. I really feel like she's never grown up. She's like a little kid that needs to be constantly dazzled with pretties while some one else does all the hard stuff intellectually and emotionally. Raoul learns to, well, role on his own wheels, but she never learns to stand on her own two feet! She's still totally content to turn responsibility over to whatever man's in charge of her. The only decision she ever made for herself was the dubious one to leave Raoul. And when things get tough, she dissolves into hysterics. I like your other Christines so much better! They're so much stronger and more mature!

As for this chick, I do worry that gilt over what she did to Raoul is eventually going to eat away at her relationship with Erik. Because, that can happen when a relationship is begun in dishonour and betrayal! But also, I don't entirely believe this Christine's mature enough yet to truly know what she wants, and I'm not sure she ever will be.

And honestly, I'm not sure I like this Erik either. Yes, he learns to love and care for Christine. But I feel like he never learns true honour and integrity. He remains fundamentally selfish. He never gets to the point where, though it might kill him, he would let Christine go if that was truly what would make her happy or was what she needed. I kept waiting for him to reach the point of realizing that letting her go was the right thing to do, but he never did. So I feel like his character didn't come as far or make as full a redemption as some of your other Eriks.

Lastly, I'd have liked to have had more back-story, and not just of Erik. Like, what made Teresa such a hyper-controlling bitch? Otherwise, she feels a bit like a one-dimensional villain. Similarly, what made Christine so damned immature and lacking in confidence? Her father seemed supportive and loving enough. And yet that girl seems to have no conception of her right to take control of her own life or do anything but service other people's needs, like, to the point where she needs major therapy!

Anyway, great work, though. Really interesting and gripping exploration!
PhantomFemme du Pantages chapter 23 . 1/16/2020
Oh Wow, brilliant Leroux reversal there! But yeah, in the words of one of my favourite hiphop groups, "this shit is so twisted"! Raoul needs her and loves her, but the Christine that he needs and loves isn't her full self. And it's made worse by his unwillingness to even try to live again - his "all or nothing" attitude that, if he can't walk anymore, he doesn't want anything but to have Christine around as a docile comfort-pillow. Hell, I get the slight feeling that, even before the accident, he liked Christine meek and dependent and tractable - that he liked to be the one making the decisions and charting their life.

Meanwhile, poor Christine! Hell of a time and a way to discover that safety and cozy compatibility isn't the same thing as love! Because, though she may be correct in realizing that she doesn't love Raoul like she thought she did, now is not the time to leve him! He'll die! He needs to solidly get back his will to live, and more than that, he needs to rediscover life again before it'll be safe for Christine to make any changes in their marriage. And Raoul's nowhere near that yet, and heaven only knows what'll get him there! Though, come to think of it, unless Christine learns to do for Raoul what Erik did for her, i.e. see the potential of what he could be even when he himself doesn't and push him to achieve it (and not indulge his self-pity), I'm not sure she can help him learn to live again. In a way, she's too soft and accommodating with him. But still, leaving him right now isn't right! Maybe later, in a few years once Raoul's learned to live again solidly, she could go or they could talk about opening up their marriage. But not right now! Christine's not a horrible person. Hell, that's half her problem - looking for clear-cut, black and white rules to follow instead of learning to think about how moral principles apply in the situation at hand. But yeah, she is in the wrong. And as much as I'd love to see her an Erik get together, I hope it doesn't happen like this!
PhantomFemme du Pantages chapter 20 . 1/16/2020
Wow! Christine has finally found her spine! At least a bit anyway. We'll see if it hangs in. And I'm glad Erik didn't give in to his baser instincts and kill Raoul. Although, ironically, at the moment Raoul probably would have welcomed it. But that's not a good reason for Erik to have done it! So I'm glad something held him back.

And I still think Christine conceded too much. True, it might not be right, or at least not the right time yet, for her to go chasing a big-time stage career. But she shouldn't have agreed to give up singing altogether! It does make her happy. Without it, she's going to go insane and possibly die, because she'll be totally subsumed in meeting everyone else's needs with no way to regenerate herself. Ugh! F the patriarchy! F how "good women" are always expected to do that!

And I'm impressed. She handled Erik's face way better than I expected her to! As I said, maybe she's finally finding her spine? I hope it's enough and in time!
PhantomFemme du Pantages chapter 19 . 1/16/2020
OK, I'm kind of hating this Erik at the moment. Admittedly, his whole frame of reference for human interaction is pretty screwed up. But he's being a complete ass-hole yet again! But then, he hasn't learned how to care yet. Because if he had, he'd get that Christine's at least sort of making the right decision. I mean, she's certainly not wrong to want to pursue a career that brings her joy! And Raoul's wrong to gilt-trip her out of it. In fact, he didn't really. Christine conceded too much. Because, she's right, the money they have is his parents' money, and they need their own. And while he'll likely never walk again, that doesn't mean they don't need the money in order to get him good care! Hello? Is he so privileged and detached from the real world that he doesn't get that? Or is Raoul so morose that he just wants to stay in his parents' house under their thumb and never even try to resume independent living? Honestly, I get that he's grieving the loss of how his body used to be, and that's totally legit. But I do sometimes kind of wish some one would tell him to snap out of his self-pity. Because, if Christine's budding career was hurting him, his refusal to even try to live is hurting her, too. This isn't all just on Christine!
PhantomFemme du Pantages chapter 18 . 1/15/2020
OK. WTF is Teresa's problem? She didn't like Christine as a mere accompanist and felt she wasn't good enough for Raoul. But now she's pissed that Christine's not spending every waking moment at Raoul's side like a "dutiful wife", even as Teresa herself keeps trying to push Christine away from him. She can't have it both ways! And how the F dare Philippe side with her?

And Philippe's wrong. Or at least, he was up until he and his bitch mother pulled that stunt. If Raoul's hurt by Christine's blossoming, it's because he's suffering from internalized ableism. He's imagining that she's pulling away from him out of pity or revulsion, when nothing's further from the truth! Well, although, she's still imagining him some day being "restored". We'll have to see what happens to her love and desire for him once it sinks in that he's going to be Disabled permanently. Because, Erik's right. She does have a fragile mind.

Erik needs a lesson in ethics, though. Because, he'd be quite willing to whisk her away from Raoul and everything into fame, fortune and fun if she asked him to. But while I understand her desire for escape, it'd be very wrong for her to just abandon Raoul to go jet-set around the world. If nothing else, she'd be confirming Teresa's worst opinions of her. But more importantly, she'd be beginning a descent down the slippery slope to becoming a heartless bitch. And that, ironically, would destroy her music. Because, truly great music, like any truly great art, can only come from a good heart. Otherwise, it's just soulless technique no matter how good. So these two had better shape up fast or they're going to destroy everything they've worked for!
PhantomFemme du Pantages chapter 16 . 1/15/2020
I have to say this Christine annoys me somewhat. She's so immature and spineless! And she doesn't even seem to know she can or ought to be otherwise. LOL I don't know how Erik can stand her! Well, because of her voice of course. But Oy! The other Christine's you've written at least have some drive. But this girl reminds me of a limp noodle LOL! Actually, Melanie from Gone With The Wind isn't quite the right comparison for her, at least not yet. Because, while Melanie's kind and mild-mannered, she also has the strength of integrity. But this Christine doesn't yet. Well, she has the integrity, sort of, in her dedication to and love for Raoul. But maybe she's not conscious of it as integrity yet? Because it hasn't translated into strength yet! Although, that could be partly because she's doing so much of her care-hovering fout of fear of loosing people rather than from a place of confidence. Hell, she hovered over her father almost as badly as Teresa hovers over Raoul! Although, I think, for different reasons. She was desperately trying to control her father's health so he wouldn't "leave" her. Whereas, Teresa seems to be a drama-queen who can't handle not being the centre of attention/the one in control of everything.

Btw, Raoul's wheelchair sounds very cool!
PhantomFemme du Pantages chapter 11 . 1/15/2020
Yep, Teresa's definitely a bitch. I'm glad Christine finally stood up to her, though! But she needs to keep doing it. She shouldn't just let Teresa push her out of her own life. And I know this is going to sound harsh, but Raoul really needs to quit wallowing in self-pity and stand up to his mother, too! Sorry. Half my friends are proud wheelchair users. So, while I totally get that Raoul's got to undergo a huge adjustment and grieve what he's lost, I find the whole attitude that his situation's a tragedy really gross! I mean, he's still alive, and his family are rich enough to get him the best treatment and, if they want to, the best accommodations without it bankrupting any of them. And when it comes time for him to accept being a wheelchair user, he won't have to beg the government to pay for a barely decent one, either, but will be able to afford out of pocket the best one for his needs. That's way more than a lot of folks have! Meanwhile, while he's feeling all tragic and like a "ruined" man, Teresa's making his and, more to the point, Christine's life hell. And he doesn't even seem to see how awful she's being! Maybe he's just so used to it he doesn't notice? But still, he really needs to stop allowing his mother to buffalo him and Christine, and put Teresa in her place once and for all. Because, he may now be Disabled, but he is still an adult with all the rights that entails!
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