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lachicarebelde22 chapter 10 . 9/7/2015
Aw i was rooting for Robbie and Brooke (Would love brooke to move there we need more of her)
xoxopercafanaticxoxo chapter 36 . 7/6/2015
My gosh...

This was PERFECT!

The writing, the dialogue, the characters, the scenarios - practically everything was amazing!

You're a brilliant writer, and when coupled with the Pathan ship, of course something like this would produced.

This was a great read, and I doubt I'll forget it anytime soon :p

Well done, and I'm looking forward to reading whatever else you've written :)
liese degas chapter 1 . 3/5/2013
love your storys
dramaqueen452 chapter 36 . 3/26/2012
Have always bn a lil reluctant to read Pathan stories, but I fell inlove with em on this one. So much so tht im gonna read some more;-) .
FairyTale87 chapter 1 . 12/14/2011
Love. Absolute love... That's the only way I can describe my feelings for this story.

The way you've characterized Nathan and Peyton are spectacular! It's so sexy and just.. Ugh! Love it!

Also, if you're still into Neyton, I've recently started a story. I'd love to see your input on it! If you have time haha.

I honestly can't wait to read the rest of this :D you're such a talented writer!
On the Hill chapter 36 . 7/31/2011
You tried to throw us off there at the beginning of the chapter. This story was really good. I really like like how you replaced Lucas and Haley, sometimes they can be annoying. Anyhow great job, awsome story.
poeticgrace chapter 1 . 10/11/2010
Going back to read this story...makes me almost want to write a NP story again. Love it.
Lexie-Rae chapter 36 . 1/7/2010
I can't believe it's over! But it was a great ending, so I can't complain...not really.

I love the they have their dreams; Nathan's playing ball and she's a successful artist, yet still the most important think is each other. Ben sounds so cute! I always wanted Jamie to be a mini-Nate rather than a mini-Luke in the show so for Ben to be exactly like his Daddy is awesome!

I'm glad that they're still close with all of their old friends as they're an amazing tight-knit group. The wedding was perfect too, totally them.

And in my head they totally get that little girl and she's just like Peyt ;)

I adored this story. It is one of my favourites, if not my very favourite. I think you did an amazing job and of course gave me some much needed NP my guilty pleasure :) Your writing was great throughout too, as ever, which made the story even more enjoyable. So thank you, sorry it took me SO long!

Loved it from start to finish!

Alex :)
Lexie-Rae chapter 35 . 1/7/2010
The prom dresses, how funny! I love that the boys are panicing over it, they are some committed guys! Nathan going against a devious Brooke, hilarious!

Of course she is drop dead gorgeous, and leaving Nathan speechless; perfect! Larry being a proper Dad and wanting pictures, so cute!

Yay! They got the beach house!

Ginny and Matt are too cute and Duncan proposing seems fitting!

Two houses? These kids are freaking lucky! Lol.

They are too cute! I love that it's all worked out for them and they're living together, finally alone!

Amazing x
Lexie-Rae chapter 34 . 1/7/2010
I glad that Peyton didn't get too caught up in the Haley situation, we all know that Peyton is Nate's favourite guy and will be forever!

I love that Oak Lake go all out for the banquet, it sounds very glitz and glam, all the better that Nathan is the centre of attention. Obviously Peyton looks gorgeous in her dress and I'm betting that Nathan doesn't look too bad either!

I love that he sees the painting and knows that it's Peyton's work and her being nervous about her reaction is adorable. I like that he mentioned Peyton in his speech but think it's even more of a sentiment that he included Larry.

Ah! Ginny IS pregnant! I did wonder if she was going to go to a doctor or something condsidering the ambiguous tests.

And yeah those two totally need to be Godparents! That would be adorable, next to them having their own kids of course.

Alex :)
Lexie-Rae chapter 33 . 1/7/2010
Larry Sawyer is like the coolest Dad ever, and I cannot wait for him to meet Dan, could be interesting!

I loved the detail of the car and how Nathan's clearly passionate about it which gives him a connection with Larry - outside of Peyton of course.

Nathan giving a a little kid his autograph and Peyton's admiring look, just a taste of the future :)

Glad that the dinner went well even with Dan's random mention of Haley which actually turned out to be pretty hilarious. The little sprinkling of Cooper was appreciated too!

It must be banquet time soon! Yay!

Loved this chapter :)
Lexie-Rae chapter 32 . 1/7/2010
Even though it caused a slight argument, I loved Nathan's reaction to seeing the pregnancy test. The fact that he was far more concerned by her not telling him than them actually being pregnant was sweet.

How awesome is the tag team of Nathan and Peyton? Comforting Ginny together was great and Nathan acting like the protective older brother to her (well as you say, their) friend aw!

Nathan's logic on the pregnancy situation is...interesting! Is he sure he's going to be able to wait for him and Peyton to have kids?

Nathan the protector, brilliant!
Lexie-Rae chapter 31 . 1/7/2010
The basketball game was awesome and I just get the inkling that Peyton is secretly really good at basketball anyway. Her and Nate playing together is perfect, lots of chances to admire each other and flirt a bit.

Leaving Nathan at the pool, that is some serious friendship commitment from Peyton!

She designed their Prom dresses! That is genius! I never thought of that before but it is a bit odd that Brooke didn't make her prom dress on the show, it's not as though she didn't have the talent she'd made Wedding dresses in the past...oh well.

Ah, what's happening with Ginny? Is she pregnant?

Great chapter!
Lexie-Rae chapter 30 . 1/7/2010
How do NP manage to make everything so sweet and sexy all the time? They have chemistry like no one else. I love all their scenes and not least their little moments like her just watching him in the gym. Of course that is a massive credit to you, you're the master of little details without pouring over them, that probably made very little sense but it was a compliment I promise!

Nathan googling acupuncture, too freaking sweet!

The fact that they can admit their fears and worries is great for these two. But probably more important is that no matter what they always managed to help each other out.

I now love both the headteacher and the coach for their faith in Peyton (who wouldn't have faith in her?) still pretty cool that a sports coach recognises her talent. I'm imagining it to be absolutely incredible and how could it be anything less? Love Robbie's comment, 'You know this is like, really fucking good, right?' hahaha. Her doing the tribute is perfect and Nate getting MVP obviously great. I cannot wait for the banquet!

I love Peyton checking Nathan out in his towel and totally getting lost in his dreamy body, it's usually the other way round but I think Peyton represents most of the female population.

The beach house, that would suit these two down to the ground. Yes, yes, yes!
Lexie-Rae chapter 29 . 1/7/2010
I love that they don't feel the need to be with each other every second of every day, even though of course if they did it wouldn't be a problem either. I think that's Nathan and Peyton to a T both very independent so it's fitting that they're not stuck to each other's hips.

I adored the scene Peyton and Catherine had! She's the proof that not everyone is as lucky or confident in love as certain people are, and yeah I can totally relate to her!

Haha, Taylor Swift, she's someone I technically should like but her songs are too good!

Peyton distracting Nathan from the game, hilarious!

What their daughter WILL look like, I am super excited imagining the amazingness that would be NP the family.

Nathan is so cute worrying about being like Dan and not wanting to change anything. Him playing matchmaker to her friends is great and also quite funny Cupid Nate, great image.

I don't want this story to end! - I know ironic considering how long it's taken me to get around to reading it. I think I'd forgotten exactly how fantastic this story actually is. It's almost criminal that I haven't caught up quicker.

Loved it! x
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