Reviews for Real
nellsss chapter 7 . 8/9/2010
I like this a lot. It's so inspiring! I hope you haven't stopped writing... :)
Lighter chapter 6 . 10/18/2009
I loved the line with 'don't take it as sentamental' that is classic funny from a bruised soul. I like how Susumu said that they're sheltered because sheltered notices sheltered I live my life that way and its suckish but not entirely bad either- the double edged sword, feeling like you'll always be fine and yet you can't wait to get out cause some mischeief just for kicks.

Mori didn't know them? Weird! I had no idea where have I stored that info when I reading? A fine near ending chapter I think. I always hate the end and take forever getting it typed out.
Lighter chapter 5 . 9/27/2009
My goodness where to start? Well, I loved everything Susumu said to them when he was upset because it true and should have impacted them, life's no game to just run around saying I'm invicible! At some point you lose your life or you lose your mind whether you acknowledge it or not it happens to everyone- even happy people, they could be scared to come out of that shell due to imperfection fears and conflict being brought to them for not just smiling and agreeing and doing their best. I like that Rocky said he may not be a ninja anymore, he cares a lot and the last thing he would want is anyone hurt, ha I think he has the protect gene in him like I do. You can very well hate a person to causing violence to them if they don't give you breathing space and yet if something were to happen to them you'd avenge them or save them without hesitation.

Colt's anger is understanble in some ways and ridiculous in others, he doesn't wanna think about things like death but at the same time he's being a baby by blinding himself to the fact that he can't control every little thing in life no matter how good he is and he seems more angry for that reason than a caring aspect.

Susumu is so torn up about his sister its too sweet, no matter how he handles it at least he acknowledges it, if he felt nothing at all he wouldn't become angry he wouldn't storm away he would say his experience and move on like it were nothing but he has so much hurt in him and it gets to me every time because I don't know, I care very much for myself and when I feel the time when I died it makes me upset and that coldness comes back all over again.

E you do such a good job writing this I wish I had more time to read another chapter. Fantastic, fantastic!
Lighter chapter 4 . 9/2/2009
Your Okita is so flawless that if I met you in person I would push you on your butt hahaha. I'm kidding. I really loved this chapter, I almost got just as fed up as Colt was you wrote it very well. I have to learn to do things like that, my feelings can get somehow detached at times with certain things. But anyhow, waking up was such a good lesson to learn because I can bet you anything a killer would not throw eggs at you to fend off, and more than a few people have been awakened by swords or daggers or kunai in their face or at their neck so I hope they took something from that lesson, and be lucky it was Souji who did it- although, I don't think I'd wanna see a smiling enemy at the end of a weapon because as tasty as the thought is its scary because they'll mess you up and laugh about it later.

Susumu...poor man ahahaha I love that his only comment was 'its a wig' I'll be laughing at that for days. He really is teaching them the respectful ninja way and they're practically brushing it off, they have to grow out of the fun and come into the real sense, whereas its true in modern days there is nothing going on like that but in some ways it is and having the old method can get a lot more done than bugging a room when the person leaves if they leave, things like that. I can just feel his busted ghetto Kyoto ways coming out when he gets an attitude with them. Its like he's thinking english is hard but don't let me get street on you brats. I'll hurt your feelings and let Souji tell you what I said. I can't wait for Tum's chapter you've brightened my would have been dull day.
Lighter chapter 3 . 5/31/2009
Once again I'm completely blown away at how good this makes me feel and how well its written *sighs lovingly from author crush* Ahahaha good thing I'm not the jealous type *puts away gun when noticing you've seen it* ahahaha.

Gosh poor Souji, I never once thought about it from his point only my own and like Tum Tum I thought damn that's cool! I wanna train with a real sword and just be sick at it and plow through this and that like I'm queen blade or something. But thinking about it I don't know if I could be right there, right in someone's face if I truly had to kill someone I would choose a gun or darts filled with poison. I guess that's why I dream of magic and mental gifts huh hahaha. Even through all the torture Maria put Rocky through he couldn't kill her when he was beyond capable of doing so. I can't wait for the next chapter. Colt's such a hothead he should take some relaxers hahaha.
Lighter chapter 2 . 5/13/2009
Nice. So nice. I can't imagine being told not to feel a certain way for someone if they were important to me, but honestly it wouldn't bother me at all. A model to be once said 'if it ain't cute keep it mute' and I really believe I've lived like that or I at least try to. But I understand its hard to accept sadness its easy to stop being angry but you practically can never stop being sad unless you've found a way to move on and even then one wrong word and you're right back there. Dear Susumu, I hope he finds a way to deal with it before he becomes short of breath- another issue I have when my emotions get the better of me and I wanna say something and can't.

Ay Okita, beautiful, wonderful Okita hahaha that's all I can say.

I can't believe they're just visiting spirits! I would freak out at first because a certian amount of contact with ghost is fine, happens all the time, but having two months with two people it would be crazy. I am loving the personal points of this and *swear word* if I don't love stories that make me feel something and look at the world through uncovered eyes.
Lighter chapter 1 . 5/8/2009
Oh honey, I just adore Okita Souji, he's my ancient crush hahaha and Rocky is fantastic. Gotta point out your favorites first right? You have a such a crisp and refreshing way of writing that my green eye is coming out over how I can improve mine. Yamazaki is right though, weather won't always be happy and sunny when you're in battle I can't wait to read more and see how they handle the real grunt work of life as a ninja because I doubt Yamazaki-san will let them slack off even a second. Hmm if I had to say one negative thing about it... critically helpful of course, I'd kind of watch complete proper speaking on the characters parts, narration is fine but with people it sounds robotic a bit. keep going grl you're doing great!