Reviews for Walking the Line
This Fangirling Muggle chapter 1 . 9/4
Wow you have me hooked! This chapter was just so good and well written. :)
SinAndSyntax chapter 17 . 8/31
This is singularly the best Harry Potter fanfic I have ever read, and probably one of the best fanfictions in any fandom. Your characterisation is so wonderfully and refreshingly accurate, and every single sentence is riveting. There was not a single section that I had to skim through (and that's not even something I can say for the mighty J.K. herself!) I know it's been five years, and the chances of you updating now are extremely unlikely, but just know if you did, there would be people here to read it. I live in hope! Good luck!
Shadow.SSJ chapter 17 . 6/22
I hope you will find time and motivation to continue thia story, because it's excelent! :D
Kyralian chapter 17 . 6/10
5 years without update? Come on! The story is amazing - well-written and riveting. I wish there was more...
woodyt chapter 1 . 4/29
Will you be coming back to this story I've read 1st chapter & some of the reviews & really feel I would like it but if it's not going to be finished then I really don't see the point in going through the frustration of reading yet another really good unfinished story
SaiyaCat chapter 1 . 4/28
Lord Siravant chapter 17 . 4/22
This story's dead, isn't it?
Loki chapter 17 . 4/16
why didn't you continue your story. i liked it ad was eager to read more but it annoys me that nobody finishes their stories!
rocbabe chapter 17 . 3/30
I would love to see you continue this story. You have a talent in character development and I really want to know what happens next.
Datfangirll chapter 17 . 3/20
This is an amazing story! I really hope you update it soon, you're a womderful writer!
Becklii chapter 17 . 3/20
This is by far one of my favourite stories I really hope you finish it one day. Your Snape is really well done and exactly how I would picture him in this situation.
woodyt chapter 17 . 3/12
Oh please tell that's not it, please please tell me you are going to update soon
This Fangirling Muggle chapter 17 . 3/7
aww no... it's over. this is great. are you going to finish?
hule chapter 17 . 1/2
Please continue ...
purrbaby101 chapter 17 . 12/26/2015
Alright, I went back and read this just for the heck of it and found I still love it. Any chance you're still out there writing (or even just reading) fanfic? Cuz if so, I say you should at least try and finish this. It's good. Really good. I mean, I can wait a couple more years if needed (I'm pretty patient) but it would be nice to read rather than make up my own ending. So... If you're out there... Please? :)
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