Reviews for Pretty, Reloaded
PADavis chapter 1 . 4/30/2009
What me? I didn't say you can't do canon! I might have said I would like to see you write some, but considering how much I love your AUs, I'm going to read whatever you post.

Loved the S4 voice here - harsh, repentant, almost despairing or desperate. Particularly loved Dean developing his walk, his command voice, and the time in hell. Blood in the mirror. Beautifully done.

And OMG, you lost your canon ..., no, rehymenated ... no that's not right either. Your first canon fic - maybe its more like a beautiful little baby. Congratulations. I'm so proud!

But how can I look Fresh Meat in the face again? I thought that was your first canon fic. Sighs. And here I've been giving it little treats and everything.

Nyx Wings chapter 1 . 4/30/2009
Ha! Canon is for the weak! I love it when you turn Dean into stuff. :D

This is great too, tho. I like the use of first person, I really feel like I'm in his head. My favorite bit was the thing about the mirrors in hell, and how he admired himself in them, all covered in blood. Awesome work.
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