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Crystal Lorelei chapter 1 . 9/4/2012
You brought the RE stories in a whole new and deeper meaning for everyone
milkmoth chapter 1 . 11/27/2011
I read this a while ago but recently came back to re-read. I liked it just as much this time.

This and your Sherry fic are some of my favorites. Your writing is so straightforward that it's at its best when the scenarios are at their least logical or clear. To me, this works doubly well with Resident Evil, where the horror of the unknown is at the forefront. I love the way you illustrate the macabre power struggles through this dream. Just... the way everyone appears and what they do. All it really does is go through RE in the form of a poker game (with symbolism), but the imagery of that dim room is powerful. (I'm a sucker for this kind of thing, though.) And its even more perfect that it plays out this way in Wesker's mind: he's playing with monsters, but he continues to sit there coolly. To him, it's just a game - at least to begin with.

It became clear pretty quickly that this was going to be a dream, but I was actually expecting it to be a sort of prophetic death-dream from right before he was "reborn" in RE1, especially sends it ends with the Tyrant getting him. Still, I love it.
NightShade727 chapter 1 . 3/17/2011
All I can say is wow! This was very good and unlike anything else I have read here. The imagery was amazing and the context of the card game was perfect. Great job D
Deathbringerofvengance chapter 1 . 8/4/2010
My god this was amazing I'm speechless...
cjjs chapter 1 . 6/7/2010
Ihad a bit of time to read some of your older stuff, this was a fun little oneshot. Definitely a neat peek into Wesker's subconscious.
Wildcard999 chapter 1 . 10/29/2009
I believe he meant that he is taking a review that would be more useful to someone who really needs and wants help since he doesn't. He seems to have forgotten that if he didn't review, we'd have one less reviewee. It all adds up man, don't sweat it!

My review or Qui Audet, Vincit (Who Dares, Wins):

Okay, first thing, how many people speak latin? I don't know about other people, but if I can't make heads or tails of a title, I can't get hooked by it. Oh, and you can nix the comma in the summary; it doesn't belong there.

I really like the imagery in your first paragraph, although certain word choices put tiny hitches in the flow of the sentences. In the first paragraph, underneath is better as beneath, darkness' as the dark's, and 'that way' just sounds weird to me; I don't think you need it there.

I have a real dislike of parenthesis information. In every case, it is either unnecessary, as your first instance, or better rewritten as a part of your normal prose. Afterthoughts should only be a device to show character personality or priority, not the lack of foreplanning by the author.

/Marcus, with his forgotten, withered portrait kept reciting the company motto./

You are missing a comma after portrait. 'With his forgotten, withered portrait' needs to be bookended with commas so the reader knows that Marcus is the one reciting the motto, not the portrait.

/And discipline breeds unity, he’d go on and nod his head./

I had to read that seven times to divine what you meant by it. I thought you might have meant he'd keep saying other stuff that wasn't written, but originally it read like 'he'd go ahead and nod'. You'll need to rewrite that so its intent is clearer. The sentences after it is mispunctuated for the intended verbal inflections. The first comma is an elipsis (...) and you need a comma after well.

/or at least having the feeling to do so/

? Having the feeling of doing so, or the foresight to do so? That sentence would do well with a double dash (-) instead of a comma.

/It was hot in the room./

That's kind of obvious. It might have been better to instead say HOW hot. Then it doesn't feel like a 'no duh' moment to the reader. Oh, and it STANK of decay.

/because all of them had done that so long ago already/

More serious flow problems. The cadence of the sentence is really rocky. Try saying it out loud. I'll be it tongue-ties you. Human mouths like sentences with a proper flow, and our brains have adjusted to that. Rocky cadence knocks me out of your fic.

By now, I'm really disappointed. I've realized all that cool imagery was only for the beginning. Why? Why leave the body of your story flat and largely undescriptive? Don't tell us they just left their chairs! Say they abandoned them, saving themselves the impotent frustration of watching the doctor try to make a decision! Don't tell us the air was hot! Say it was summer in the Amazon, complete with an overpowering odor that almost knocked you out the first time you smelled it! I know you can do it, you did it in your first paragraph. But why only there?

/...he gave them a wry smile that showed some of his white teeth./

See that? All you are doing is telling what happened! You aren't SHOWING us anything! At the very least you could say '...a wry smile, a couple pearly whites peaking out his lips.' But there's nothing!

/Birkin, who sat to Wesker’s right studied the fabric for a moment, before turning back to his cards./

Comma is in the wrong spot. Move the second one to after right. Birkin studied the fabric, not who. Before is sufficient to break up the two actions, so you don't need a comma there.

Till is a verb and a noun. It means to turn soil, or it is the part of a register that holds money. Until is sometimes shortened to 'til though.

/His hair was ruffled, fatty, clotty./

What does that mean? I get that clotty probably means it's full of dried blood, but how fatty can apply to even zombie hair, I really have no idea. You also need an and to finish any list. It can't all be commas.

/In the dim light of the bulb above Wesker could have sworn that someone had simply roughly pulled a scrap of skin over a skull./

You nee a comma after above, otherwise it sounds like Wesker is the end of the first sentence fragment, making could the beginning of the next.

I'm sorry, but with the lack of interesting writing, this chapter just feels like it's going on and on. The events are cool, and if I was pulled into the fic more, I'd be able to remember who all these people were and get an idea of completely different personalities, but the writing just isn't keeping my interest. I am left with questions that are just nagging at me, like what happened to Marcus, how did the zombie get in there, was it possibly a now dead Marcus and why the hell didn't those guys try to leave or fight the minute they realized a vicious, killer zombie was in the room?

But there's just too much writing to get through to find out. I will be interested to reread it after a rewrite though! PM me if you do that.
Rainfox88 chapter 1 . 8/14/2009
Woah! Loved this one! The card theme made it awesome! Poor Wesker! What a crazy nightmare! I love all metaphors and symbolism you put into this one to make it such a chilling read! Absolutely amazing! :D
aquacrow chapter 1 . 6/12/2009
Insanely brilliant! I did have to read this fic twice to totally understand some of the metaphors being used here (maybe I'm just slow?), but once I got it, I was simply AMAZED at your awesome-ness. Excellent job at keeping the atmosphere creepy and very disturbing. Instant fav, and I hope to see more work out by you soon!
Veldrin chapter 1 . 5/30/2009
Wow. That was a pretty powerful image.

A pretty unusual one-shot, but it's a clever analogy, showing the 'game' that they play as a literal game of cards.

Also, this might be accidental on your part, but I've noticed that your one-shots have been going backward, chronologically.

Praemonitus Pramunitus - Somewhere a few years(presumably) after Resident Evil 2.

Bona Fide - Shortly after Resident Evil 2.

Qui Audet, Vincit - Flashback to Resident Evil 0-1-2.

Now, let's see if I got all the images right:

Raggedy Man - Marcus's infested self.

Leech - Marcus's young appearance from 0. (The Queen)

Birkin's Ace of Spade - The Virus that he gave to Wesker.

Birkin-Thing - Obviously G.

The Pendant - Either the G-Virus or Sherry.(Or both)

Dead Man’s Hand - Wesker's gambit from Resident Evil 1.

Well, either way, this was an awesome story. Looking forward to the next chapter of your saga!
stillnotanotherone chapter 1 . 5/10/2009
I really, really adored this. I have to congratulate you on the fact that the whole story made me feel distinctly uncomfortable while reading it. You managed to capture that whole sluggish, nightmareish feeling of being voyeuristically trapped in someone else's dream.

You worked the card metaphor to perfection, and it was very cleverly done. Not to mention, the ending was chills-up-the-spine fantastic.

Go write more things.
Dark Glass Marionette chapter 1 . 5/10/2009
God, this was simply amazing. I've read it twice and I finally get it. Damn, I was just on edge through the whole thing, it was simply wonderful. I remember I felt a shiver down my back when I stumbled across the concept of the nonexisting door... Phew. You do have a talent, you're amazing at this! Keep the good work up, and I'll certainly be there to check out your newest story.
nolongusedeactivate chapter 1 . 5/1/2009
Another outstanding piece! Goodness this gave me such chills! I wouldn't blame him for being freaked out by that dream! Goodness, I'd have nightmares forever by how visual and realistic you made it!

Lovely as always, hun! Keep it up! I cant wait until your new story is posted! XD

~Divine Arion~
Gramm485 chapter 1 . 5/1/2009
I'm very impressed how you handled this! You did an excellent job with the poker game theme in Dum Fortuna, but you've really taken it to the next level with this story. Very clever use of little things, like the pendent, to weave the entire timeline together, as well as the roles of all the people playing the game, Spencer especially. Someday, I hope I can write on a metaphysical level like this!
Sanitel chapter 1 . 5/1/2009
That was brilliant! Life as a card game for all of them. Raggedy man as their work, something that can not be truly predicted. Ace of Spades, the death card, Virus that lead Wesker to death and than resurrection. I will reread many times. The symbolism of the story, nobody did something like that for Resident Evil. And you did it amazingly!
Jhyena Aj Jax chapter 1 . 5/1/2009
Intresting story, took me awhile to realize who the raggedy man was until Birkin being replace with something big that has sharp claws.
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