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Cauana chapter 14 . 3/11/2014
That was very beautiful and real. No painful sacrifices trying to look romantic, just different people with different dreams and needs. God, it breaks my heart, but I do think you chose the perfect ending to a wonderful story. I really love Kyle with all the boys, but Stan is his soulmate even when they are not in love. They don't have to be, is such a pure relationship... I really enjoyed. Now let me roll over there and cry myself to sleep ):
goth girl 22 chapter 6 . 9/23/2012
There is always hope in the dark. You must not believe that God has abandoned you. God spared your live in the selection, as He did with your father and brother. He let you stay together so you can support each other. He gives you health and strength to survive each single day in this place. You must not look at the things you do not have, but those that you have! You must keep your faith in God; He is there, watching over you, even if it doesn't look like it. As for the dead…I know it's hard but try to see the positive side of it. They are now free and don't suffer anymore. And it's now in your power to give them the tiniest honorable goodbye. Sure they don't get a funeral and the blessings of a spiritual leader, but you can say a little prayer in your mind for them. A small respect is better than none at all.
thank you!
Raccoon Child chapter 1 . 12/1/2010
Having read every single review for this fic, there's no much I can say without feeling unoriginal. It's like practically everything I want to say has been written by somebody else. For example, acidspin's review for chapter 9 was like, taken out from my own head. Oh well. Still, I need to write this review, because I'm so deeply moved right now. Actually... I want to say many, many things, about the beauty of this story and the emotions it provoked me, even if my English is still not good enough for that.

First of all, thank you for writing this story, for sticking to it until the end and for sharing it. You've done a beautiful job.

The characters are wonderfully real in this, so real I just want to believe the canon characters will grow up to be like that. Kyle, Stan, Cartman, even Wendy, you got them all down. I bow to you for your portrayal of Cartman. And, Christ, my beloved Kenny. He's just as deep and fascinating as I like him to be, as he has to be. Chapter 5 is mind-blowing. I feel happy for him; in the end, he was able to accomplish his dream of traveling. Hopefully he'll get over Kyle.

I've been considering reading "Rambo"'s stuff for a long time, and I think your fic has just turned me into an instant fan. That poem, Kenny's letter, seriously made me bawl. I get all teary-eyed again just thinking about it. It's so beautiful (I love your translation!), and it fits so well with Kenny and Kyle. I was rooting for those two the whole fic, and even though Stan sort of seemed in a disadvantage, deep inside I had a feeling Kenny and Kyle wouldn't keep together. Which is depressing, but it doesn't mean the ending isn't perfect. I guess I just don't like Style that much. Ironically enough, that was my first SP ship; I used to be all about Stan and Kyle when I had just gotten into this fandom (my favorite), but I ended up bored and unconvinced... and insanely in love with Cartman/Kyle, may I add. Cough... Anyway. Even though I frequently feel irritated by Stan when I watch South Park, your Stan, who I really felt for, made me think about the reasons I could never dislike him. He's a good person. He's loyal, and he values friendship, which I personally think it's the most important thing in this world, if not the only one. Yes, Stan's a pussy. Yes, he frustrates me a lot sometimes. But he's good at heart and it would be just unfair if I hated him for a few things I don't like about him, right?

Cartman being straight in this fic was unexpected but very believable. Plus I loved his relationship with Lucinda, she seems adorable. The fact she's got a bit of Kyle and Wendy was such a clever detail.

What else... Oh, yes. Your sense of humor. You're brilliant at comedy. No amount of drama kept me from laughing at my heart's content every time I found something funny (Krystal, Katarina, Stacey and Collette FTW). Even Stan's little anecdote about the man who set his pubes on fire made me smile despite having cried my eyes out minutes before. Every character made me laugh at some point, especially Cartman and Kenny.

I could say more but this review is already so long it's embarrassing. So I'll just thank you again for everything. Please, never stop writing, for your work is an absolute pleasure to read, something inspiring to the core. I have a lot to learn from you.

Best wishes!
DuskUmbrella chapter 14 . 7/4/2010
Wow. Lovely. I love how each character was really developed. I was enraptured with each new turn! I liked how Kyle was just a normal person, conflicted and not able to make up his mind. You could have ended it on so many different points but I'm glad that you ended with him and Stan as friends, that's what makes the most sense. It really keeps them true to the charachters you've created. Lovely :)
Burnt Out and Done chapter 14 . 5/24/2010
Ah! This was so wonderful. The ending was perfect. It left just enough to the imagination. I'm normally an all-out Style fangirl, but the Kenny/Kyle moments were wonderful too. Hedonism. Heh. ) I love the underlying idea of either living a regular lifestyle or living an all-out-do-whatever-you-want kind of life. It's an idea that I've struggled with, so this is a particularly great aspect of your story for me. I think you really did a good job of developing the characters. I think that Cartman was characterized perfectly and I was fascinated by Kenny. I kind of wonder how things turned out for him; his story is a little sad...and his happiness seems like a sad thing too, come to think of it. It seems that he's spent his whole life sacrificing or waiting for it.

Anyways, this story was definitely different than most of the South Park stories I read, yet it was realistic in its own way. I enjoyed it. )
Wrongful Vanity chapter 14 . 5/6/2010
I haven't signed into my account for some time, and am only doing so to tell you this:
I wish I could unread this story, so I could stumble upon it, and discover it for the first time again. Please write books. Please keep writing. You are a gift.
theshadowswhisper chapter 14 . 5/2/2010
aw fuck this was...this was beauty itself.
disableaccount chapter 14 . 1/10/2010
Gosh I wish I could've found this sooner! It was breathtaking. You wrote it extremely well, despite how self-conscious you seemed about it. ;P I normally get too tense and nervous with the suspense of triangles that I don't read them or skip to the end to see what happens, but you did fantastic with this. It was awesome.

Also, I loved reading your author's notes. ;P You seem like such a nice person. 8D
Teenage Mouse chapter 1 . 12/19/2009
Take what every other reviewer has said (I assume there were no bad reviews), and add my sincere, indescribable, inarticulable feelings along with them. It's the only way I can come close to expressng how grateful I am for you and your fanfic. If I was brave enough to tell anyone I like yaoi fanfiction, I would totally recommend your story!
sldfhsduuu chapter 14 . 12/16/2009
I could not love this story any more if you tried.

I cannot even begin to describe why I like this fic!

This fic is so good, that it would be an insult to call it /good/ fanfiction. The characters have a more 'real' feeling but still reflect the characters in the actual show. The plot is amazing. The fluff is amazing. Everything is amazing!

Near the end, I was feeling sorry for Kenny and Kyle and I was sniffling for a moment there, which is a real achievement since I rarely tear up during books/fics.

The ending was pretty daring, and I respect that! Not many fics end like this and pull it off. You gave me a feeling of 'everything is going to be alright' at the end of the story.

Well done. Again, I don't think you could make this any better than it already is. C:
MutantPaperClipWarrior chapter 14 . 11/16/2009
Wow...I don't really know what to say to this except Wow. It was really awesome and I had to read it all in one night because I just loved it. I especially liked the ending.
mimarin chapter 14 . 11/6/2009
This might sound strange, but I felt so *proud* of the characters at the end. The more I think about it, the ending was not what I expected, yet this story simply could not have concluded any other way.

Your Kenny, my god, you should patent that. The admiration for dissolute French poets and the notebook filled with clips of his dream destinations. He's reckless and sensual and morbid yet *pure* in his pursuit of Australia; your characterization of him just might be my new personal canon, which is kind of like saying you've made my favorite ice cream ever.

At first I was mildly miffed that the Kenny/Kyle scenes were so electric and the Stan/Kyle interactions so pedestrian in comparison, but now I can see the reasoning. Stan and Kyle have built a *life* together, of coffee mugs and broken toasters and onions rolling behind cabinets and that key jangling in the door. In the end, it's not about who ended up with whom, but rather about all three of them growing up.

I've never disclosed anything personal in a review, but I have to write this: the Kenny/Kyle parting struck me hard, because I once had a similar situation with a person who had to leave the country, and the goodbye involved a Rimbaud poem "designed to eviscerate." I read that scene, and I just went still. I couldn't distinguish the ache I felt for the characters from the ache I felt then, and for that reason alone this story is going to linger with me for a long time.

So thank you for this deeply satisfying, cathartic read. It's been a while since a fanfic has affected me on this level.
mimarin chapter 10 . 11/6/2009
Your Cartman voice wins at everything. It's so rare to have a Cartman POV that's the right mix of self-indulgent and perceptive; I appreciated the hints of affection in his claim that he *had* to watch over Kenny, Kyle, and Stan, and the acknowledgment that Kyle is amusing because he's one of the few people who matches Cartman's intelligence. Also, I *hate* that you've sucked me into this K/K/S dynamic, because I was about to cheer on the Style hardcore, but the Kyle/Kenny interactions are so incendiary and strange that now I don't know what to think.
mimarin chapter 6 . 11/6/2009
“I think I want you too,” he said, with a huskiness that was by no means intentional.

Kenny left the words hanging in the air for all of half a heartbeat, before the corners of his mouth stretched into a glowing smirk.

“Hell yeah, you do,” Kenny drawled, reaching forwards.

I squealed like a stuck pig at that exchange. GOD. Fiercely hot. Strangely, it's even hotter that all they got to do was make out. And now I feel awful for Stan. Damn you, with your carefully drawn love triangles!
mimarin chapter 5 . 11/6/2009
Ahh! Fucking amazing. Kenny's always been my favorite character because of the mingling of light (perverted jokes, casual pleasurable sluttery) and dark (death death death) qualities. And that kiss scene with Kyle was incredible. Suicide as come-on - that's got to be a new one.

On a side note, it's adorable that even as Kyle and Stan stake out new, uncomfortable (and totally realistic) territory in their relationship, they still refer to each other as "super-best."
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