Reviews for Type O Negative
Guest chapter 1 . 8/25
Zamorabaggins chapter 1 . 8/2
You have a wonderful gift. I love Bella's snarky inner voice commentary. Really well done, thanks for sharing!
Guest chapter 13 . 7/10
Your style of writing is really gorgeous and I love it! The way Bella talks works really well, the sarcasm makes her seem stronger than in the Stephanie Meyer books. It fit my sense of humor quite well and I was very entertained. I'm pretty sure you could write an "iTunes terms and conditions" and I would read it and find it interesting. For me, the reason the story was good was the writing (especially the way you wrote Bella). Much love 3
An avid fan
georgia D. rose chapter 13 . 7/10
I've laughed so much with this story! I'm loving it! Can't wait to read what's next!
KIMBERLY KIMMY chapter 13 . 7/5
Emily232 chapter 13 . 5/23
Best twilight fanfiction I've ever rock the slow kid from Spanish class...

readicted chapter 13 . 5/23
Animal roll call is cute. I'm very sad this story is over. I will miss these two, I've grown quite writing style is engaging and this fic is freaking hilarious. Adding to my favorites! Thank you so much for this wonderful, witty and worthy work of fan fiction!
readicted chapter 12 . 5/23
Oh wow, what a connection! I love this connection with gran!
readicted chapter 10 . 5/23
Oh my aching heart.
readicted chapter 9 . 5/23
readicted chapter 8 . 5/23
Bella has some self-esteem issues.
readicted chapter 7 . 5/23
The gate was unlocked?! FOTFL so now the truth is out.
readicted chapter 6 . 5/23
Finally, finally they're beginning to talk. They've confessed, but then…what the wha?! Eddie bolts.
readicted chapter 5 . 5/23
Ooh, seven minutes in heaven with Edward! Kinda feel just the trendiest, tiniest bit bad for Mike- for like a hot second. Now she's bailing again. What was the deal with flustered, disheveled Edward when Bella showed up to him room to say goodbye? Was he hunting? Road trip!
readicted chapter 4 . 5/23
I had high hopes for Edward and Bella at Prom. I was surprised when he danced with Rosalie, but I knew there was a good reason. Bella's always running. I was surprised by James's psychotic ideations.
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