Reviews for AVMU: Aliens Vs Marvel Universe
Sauwk chapter 35 . 9/22
I love it !
warrior of six blades chapter 35 . 2/19
Good to see Peter Parker finally got some lovely time with his wife, Mary Jane~ Though their little foreplay was sadly interrupted by Aunt May making a call and Shocker once again causing trouble. *Sigh* A hero's work is never done...

Venom on the other hand seems to have made a slight progress in bettering himself in Anne's eyes, if only slightly as he didn't really talk to her much, but did at least help her get her briefcase back. That thug got lucky she was there or Venom would've killed him right there.

Finally we are down to the Hunter, his deal with Galactus was interesting and very nice to see. Sparing Earth out of respect for the fine warriors of that world and how hard they all fought to protect it.
warrior of six blades chapter 34 . 2/19
Jean has one crazy love triangle going for her, but I kinda feel for Wolverine. Dude has a serious love problem in his life and with no easy solutions that he wants to do. Still he does his best day by day, taking one step at a time as he currently goes out to deliver the news to that soldier boy's mother.

Punisher meanwhile visits his family before heading out again to protect his home from the scum that take advantage of the innocent and powerless.

Daredevil on the other hand has a little late night patrol finished up with a long night of passion with Black Widow. Must've made one hell of an impression if she wanted some more of him, if only for the night...
warrior of six blades chapter 33 . 2/19
Well, that was cool to see Fury relaxing with a cigar after all the bull he has to deal with now thanks to those "space lizards". While also moving their stupid Hive to the Arctic and telling Weyland and Yutani BOTH to FUCK OFF! They ain't getting shit out of Fury about the Xenomorphs, only a fool would do that.

Deadpool was kinda cool how he made a chill day for himself, but killed his alarm clock because they played the song "It's the end of the world". Seriously, if you play a song enough times to annoy DEADPOOL of all's time to stop and pick a different song people.

I'm happy to see Rhodey and Stark finally repair their friendship after all this time.
warrior of six blades chapter 32 . 2/19
Well, that was nice to see Spider-Man was able to save Hunter after he fell into the ocean. As well as Hunter going back to his people and letting his comrades know what fine warriors he sees them all as. Though he hopes to never meet Deadpool again, he's bat shit crazy!
warrior of six blades chapter 31 . 2/19
Well, good to see Deadpool and his Helicopter got to have an aerial dog fight with the Xenomorph Empress, though I bet his insane mind gave her quite the headache to listen to with her telepathy.
warrior of six blades chapter 30 . 2/19
So the Empress, improved genetically as it is somehow, has taken over Venom's ability to think for himself and now controls him like the drones.

Just peachy... At least Spider-Man knocked out Venom for now, but now they have that pain in the ass Empress to worry about.
warrior of six blades chapter 29 . 2/19
Oh dammit! First the queen proves too much for the heroes alone even with Venom's and Hunter's help. Now the Queen has practically reasoned Venom into helping her kill them off for a chance to kill Spider-Man!
warrior of six blades chapter 28 . 2/19
Okay, I will give FULL credit for catching me off guard with Franklin's power, I mean I knew he had SOME sort of power, but I never understood to what level.

Made for a great save after both Fury and Punisher were losing their last stand against a Hybrid Predalien. Now though, it seems Venom's focus is now back on Spider-Man now that he knows he's alive and it makes me wonder if Venom would still want to leave to hunt down the Xenomorphs...
warrior of six blades chapter 27 . 2/19
Well shit, of course Predaliens would be on that freaking Hive, shame Black Widow and Daredevil both had their legs broken, as well as Luke Cage knocked out cold. James Rhodes put up a good fight with his War Machine armor, but sadly it's been fighting all night and day with no chance to recharge. It was a given that thing was gonna run out eventually and it was a damn miracle Wolverine was able to convince some members of the X-Men to come help Fury out with the Xenomorph issue.

As for the Hunter and Venom, it seems they now have a very big problem thanks to their far too smart queen and I'm worried the queen may have learned genetic engineering or is following someone that does know it. After all, there has to be SOME reason this thing is so bloody smart compared to the others...
warrior of six blades chapter 26 . 2/19
So Venom has finally gotten to ask his important question to the Predator and I have to admit his thoughts on this are very insightful, plus it was funny how he thought of Deadpool as an impudent brat. I personally hope he takes up Venom on his offer as his help would be very useful in eliminating the Xenomorphs, plus against the High Counsel if they interfere with their mission to get rid of the threat they're unknowingly setting up for the whole universe.

Wey-Lan Yutani made the mistake of wanting them as weapons and the Predators High Counsel want them as prey to make elite warriors despite the risks the Xenomorphs carry in their very existence.
warrior of six blades chapter 25 . 2/19
Figures that Jigsaw had the damn card on him all along, it'd be far too dangerous to hide it somewhere with all those aliens running around and risk losing it or someone else stealing/destroying it.

It was great to see Castle avenge Mayfield and the rest of his men by killing the bitch with War Machine giving him a clear shot behind it's head. Fury I will give credit to being a man of his word, but still clever enough to still find a way to punish clever shits like Jigsaw with an alternative prison for him to stay in.
warrior of six blades chapter 24 . 2/19
Poor Castle and Rhodey... Both have lost all their men to the Xenomorphs now, while Fury lost his eye patch and had damage done to his face by the acid blood.

Though I can't blame Punisher for making Jigsaw pay for the insult to his family.
warrior of six blades chapter 23 . 2/19
Damn it all, the Xenomorphs really hit Ryker's hard and there is a Queen there to boot, damn things got Punisher's men while War Machine was only able to find one guard alive. The Prisoners on the other hand were dead or infected, which were immediately put down as a mercy...
warrior of six blades chapter 22 . 2/19
Damn...So Ironman, Spider-Man, and most of the Fantasic Four are now dead after all or at least very likely to be dead. Rhodey is not gonna take that well at all and poor Mary Jane and Aunt May...they'll be heartbroken when they hear of Peter's death.
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