Reviews for The Adventures of Gin and Cherry
Spunky0ne chapter 5 . 7/9
Forget about cuteness. This little fox could take down the whole team of Espadas, without help, violence or bad language.
Spunky0ne chapter 4 . 7/9
Ha Ha! Synonym for cute...wait for it... "Delightful!"
Spunky0ne chapter 3 . 7/9
Oi, sneaky, aren't they? Another synonym for "Cute?" - "Charming!"
Spunky0ne chapter 2 . 7/9
This is like mental popcorn. A few bites is not enough. I want more. So, off and reading. And writing at the same time. Good thing I can multi-task. By the by, I wonder how many synonyms there are for "cute" Let's start with "Adorable!"
Spunky0ne chapter 1 . 7/9
Omg, I have so much to do today, but totally want to binge read all of the chapters here. *Looks at stack of works in progress, then at Cherry, who wags her tail and barks enthusiastically* Hmm, maybe a few more chapters...
timewaster123456789 chapter 50 . 3/4
Very sweet reminds me of mine as usual *rip good girl*

Also reminds me of the scene with Aizen I wrote kleenex!cherry for all FFE
timewaster123456789 chapter 49 . 3/4
So sad to think that this how dogs feel when you leave them.
Love the way they refer to the sitter 'eyes don't squint' lol
I think it's because Tsuku is the one worried but, I kept feeling like this was about Aizen. Nice to think that at least the foxes care about him.
GanymedeLullaby chapter 1 . 3/3
Why is Cherry so cute? And little Gin too? Aw she's getting herself into trouble breaking stuff and Gin is all ready to take the blame. Then she comes to his rescue to keep him from any punishment! Aw!
SesshomaruFreak chapter 19 . 2/28
Omg precious! She wins hearts wherever she goes :)
SesshomaruFreak chapter 18 . 2/28
Awwww how domestc! Adorable
SesshomaruFreak chapter 17 . 2/28
Omg this was intense! You scared the shit outta me, Wolfy!
SesshomaruFreak chapter 16 . 2/28
Yay Cherry lol Omg she is the best! Lmao f* Tousen. He abandoned Shuuhei f* him. Haha Che-Che got him!
SesshomaruFreak chapter 15 . 2/28
Forgot to come back here *innocent smile*
Awww they're so cute! Lovely friendship blossoming :)
Hehehe Rukia does not like Gin lol
timewaster123456789 chapter 48 . 2/16
ah so bittersweet nice ending
timewaster123456789 chapter 46 . 2/15
Hard not to feel bad for tsuku though Aizen handled it better than I would have.
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