Reviews for Animal Attractions
rebekah nicole chapter 1 . 1/10
Update please!
diana.pavaleanu chapter 5 . 1/5
Can anyone give me the LJ link?
To Fall Into Deprivation chapter 5 . 11/4/2015
This is not above an m-rating.
There is some whacked up shit on fan
I have heard of authors who got their stories taken down for being sexual but I've also seen stories that are NOTHING but smut. As in the reason they're written is for smut and they've been up for years.
Amu4ever chapter 5 . 9/6/2015
Well, you edited nearly the whole chapter out :D
shadowcat ninja chapter 5 . 8/29/2015
Can I have the links please
LunarisDraconis chapter 8 . 8/26/2015
This is a pretty good fanfic
LunarisDraconis chapter 3 . 8/26/2015
Oh I can imagine him riding him too. Oh dear gods ignore me
Guest chapter 5 . 7/17/2015
I dont find the Linns on your Padge to find the story complete with lemon. Want you to Erik it Want to read it.
gabrielatsuki chapter 8 . 7/1/2015
I love it!
sierra.steinbrecher chapter 3 . 5/28/2015
So, Harry has healing and emotion pheromones. pretty cool
SoraMalfoySlythern chapter 8 . 5/25/2015
oohh ALLWWW! I READ THE one on your site with the none edits to the sex as I like the hole story! no worrys I 25 years old women lol! I love your harry and lord of the rings storys and this one is alsome! I love it so much! I hope you do a second one or make more of them! Your a great writer! :)
countrylovinfangirl chapter 8 . 5/11/2015
Amazing! I love it a lot!
KainVixenheim chapter 8 . 5/5/2015
If someone does do a sequel
Will you please post a chapter on here to let us know about it
BabyGhost123 chapter 8 . 3/28/2015
I loved this story...I wish u had left the scenes in though :( ...update soon please
scarlettravencrove chapter 8 . 3/7/2015
Hope you continue !
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