Reviews for Out of the Depths
EAHK chapter 34 . 11/10/2017
Loved the bit where Snape beckons her to the High Table, publicly showing their love for each other. Delicious.
And oh, studying in the library together - damn I wish it had been like that when i was in school.
EAHK chapter 33 . 11/10/2017
Oh dear, it has all hit the fan now. i hope it will be resolved for them. I loved how you traced the arc of their relationship from dangerous illicit sex as teacher and student, to a more confident, calmer but deeper love. Wonderful.
EAHK chapter 32 . 11/10/2017
Wow what a dramatic powerful scene. Lawrence is a little cretin. And Snape, oh man he was awesome.
I adored how Hermione stopped Snape in full rage, with the gentlest of touches. And then the scene with them with the foreheads touching, revealing all to everyone was just beautiful. Gorgeous.
EAHK chapter 31 . 11/10/2017
Damn I am jealous of Hermione. Lucky cow indeed.
EAHK chapter 30 . 11/10/2017
I can never get enough of the forbidden teacher-student dynamic between them. Secret sex in the classroom. Sheesh I need an ice bucket after that. And then five points from Gryffindor - cheeky sod. Made me laugh.

The last lesson was so emotional - my heart was in my throat.
EAHK chapter 28 . 11/10/2017
How amazing - she was responsible not just for his salvation but his resurrection. Damn, what a brilliant chapter.
EAHK chapter 27 . 11/10/2017
Penance, apologies, forgiveness, absolution - all through scorching hot sex. What a chapter! Fantastic.
EAHK chapter 26 . 11/10/2017
A naughty weekend - brilliant. He's coming a long way, old Snapey.
The Song of Soloman was beautiful.
EAHK chapter 25 . 11/10/2017
I loved Hermione's little speech about not diminishing the validity and beauty of unrequited love, how real it is, how important.

Talking about past lovers is difficult in any relationship and I was surprised they were willing to go there, but maybe Snape is feeling more grounded and strong.
Their day out was so sweet, and so normal (so unusual for them). But the future looms uncertainly for them. Awkward.
EAHK chapter 24 . 11/9/2017
Oh wow, what an emotional rollercoaster you put me through in this chapter.
My heart was broken into a million pieces at how crushed he was about her going to the ball, how desperately vulnerable and frightened that she would leave him. Sob.

And then the beauty of Hermione immersing him in her love, tenderness and lust - healing him and giving him back his strength and making him whole again. And his tears just killed me.
It was all so exquisite.
You surpassed yourself with this chapter. Just wonderful.
EAHK chapter 23 . 11/9/2017
Every time she calls him 'my darling' I just melt into a big puddle of goo. It's so sweet.

Ron is a prize plonker. What did she ever see in that prat? Trust him to screw everything up. Tosser.

Loved Harry - what a great buddy he is to Hermione. Loved how accepting he was of their relationship.
this story rocks!
EAHK chapter 22 . 11/9/2017
Squeeee! In the classroom, in the middle of a lesson! I think i died and went to heaven. How do you think of something so incredibly raunchy? Blissed out sigh.

And then LMAO over her detention essay. That was so brilliant and so friggin hot. If only school had been like that for me. Hermione is so damn lucky.
EAHK chapter 21 . 11/9/2017
Ok, I know in real life a man his age could not manage it so many times a day, as if he were a randy teenage boy, but jeez who cares. This is fiction and the best type of fantasy.

One of your guest reviewers said there was too much sex (funny how people don't put their names to comments like that). Seriously? Too much sex? They can't be serious. The sex is so freaking hot and such an integral part of the story and their desperate need for each other. And each time is different and sublime. I for one, love it.
EAHK chapter 20 . 11/9/2017
I don't get why he apologised for exploiting the teacher-student power dynamic to control her and dominate and get them both off. It was damn hot. Just the thought of him ordering her to lift her skirt in that deep velvety sexy-as-hell voice would do it for me.

Loved Hermione's epiphany that she loves him. Of course she does!
EAHK chapter 19 . 11/9/2017
Holy moly. Snape 'punishing' her in the classroom by dominating her was so friggin hot. If only school detentions had been like that when I was in school. If I had had a teacher like Snape I would have been very very disobedient. haha
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