Reviews for Pokemon Battle University: The Wrath of Arceus
experimentalDeity chapter 1 . 7/19/2010
I'm not complaining but-did you get the Gaurdians' names from the type plates?
DailgaGiratinalove chapter 3 . 4/21/2010
Name: Leighlee Shara [Lemon]

Age: 18

Hometown: Enterna city home of Enterna gym




Physical profile:Horrible at gym?

Height: 5' 5'

Weight: 119

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown

Pokemon:Turtwig and Eevee/Glaceon and Shinx and Mudkip and Starly and Tropus [Half grass Half sky]


Gaurdian:Guardian of the Meadow
evil carnate chapter 3 . 11/8/2009
here the two brother powers

Hakumei: he good at anyalzing the oppent, sitution and attacks if it impossible to dodge, and break through the impossiblity.

He has a power to Deceive the oppent mind,sight and hearing went he with the shadow. can move in light speed but it strain him for using it. he use a katana that release dark element, his katana is call twilight blade, it blade is dark orange. his attacks are Twilight Flare: release burst of dark energy out at the oppent can do it at close range.

Dark curtain: swing his arm in a half cresent shape with dark energy follow, engulf himself and his allies, act as teleportation.(use it went he with allie with the shadow)

Akatsuki Attacks

his katana is called Fallen of the blade is red while the bottom is grey.

Dawn arising;Heaven cutter: release burst of energy out the tip of blade or release a cresent shockwave. the strenght of the attack depend on the light.

Dawn arising;Buring purification: swing katana at oppent direction, nothing happen for mere two second, he vanish behind oppent and slash them. cutting down the enemy attack power and infect damage from inside. he can use it only twice a day.

Combo attacks of the twins: both vanish behind oppent and release their attacks Akatsuki burnig purifaction and Hakumei twilight flare.

other combo: both vanish and appear above enemy glowing the same color of their katana. Akatsuki use heaven cutter that form into a arrow shape, while Hakumei use twilight flare that circle the attack, if miss the oppent they change the direction to attack the oppent. also they can trick the oppent to make them believe they are targetting someone elese and send it at their desinged target.

Oh well Akatsuki loathe others who don't respect others and pick fights with them and give them a hard time through life. Hakumei the one always have to stop his brother from picking Hakumei can be a motor mouth and speak before he think getting himself in trouble.
evil carnate chapter 3 . 11/8/2009
Here Hakumei Brother

Akatsuki Ryudoish

Age: 16

Personality: Opposite personality of Hakumei. Callous, Calm, and show little hint of respest.

Hair: Black, he has black bangs, and lock of hair to the side, his hair is spiky that isn't the same lenght.

eyes:ruby red

Clothes: a black t-shirt that sleeve is very short. he wear, a dark blue jacket that has a hood over it. he has white jeans and dark color buckled shoes.

History: the brother that is one year older then Hakumei. he got thrown out by his parents, because of his eyes that is not natural for normal kids to have. Hakumei got toss out beacause of his hair color, they got toss out went there four. but luckily, two kind couple take them in. but in the end, both brothers only have each other, after the couple died in a accident after three years. since then, no one dare to take them in, beacuse they believe the two were a sign of misfortune. that how Akatsuki became callous,because of how others treat them. while Hakumei remain oppressive, beleveing it will work out in the end for a happy ending for them. he not sociable with people and only show kindness to pokemon.

Class: Battel 101-basic,technique-basic,training-basic,cooking and enviroment.

Pokemon so far

Espeon(M):he the closest pokemon to Akatsuki,he fierce loyal to his trainer and supporting for others.

Lairon(M):evolve from an aron during a battle on the way to the unversity.

Swellow(F): evolve form tailow like aron on the way to the unversity.
evil carnate chapter 3 . 11/8/2009
here my Oc.

Hakumei Ryudoishi

Age: 15

Personity: a Prankster,friendly, supporting and genrous

Hair: long white bang to the side, his hair is spiky like Allen in D gray man went he activate crown clown.

Eyes: elmerald

Clothes: a plain white t'shirt with a poke ball logo on the back, underneath the t-shirt is a black turtle neck. he has light blue jeans.

History: he the twin brother of Akatsuki and more likable of the two. he know how to use a katana since, he and his brother took dojo class. beneath his kind nature, it isn't who he is. he use his kind act to betray everyone,he work with the shadow thing. he act like a spy, his brother didn't know about he working for the shadow thing. he treat pokemon well, but he extremely loyal to the shadow and willingly kill his former friends if he has to. unlike his brother, he capture evolution form of pokemon, Akatsuki capture pre-evolution to train them to evolve himself.

Classes: Environment, Pokemon information basic,pokemon technology basic, cooking and lastly Pokemon Mythology.

Pokemons: Umbreon(M)His first pokemon a Eevee that evolve to Umbreon, and is average strong, he willingly follow every order his trainer gives him.

Fearow:(F): captured on the way to the battle university.

Magmar(M:a fierce power house in his has a short temper as well for whoever provoke has Flame body as his ability.
everlast rainbow chapter 3 . 9/14/2009
i forgot to mention, Alice not like a human herself but she doesn't know that since she lost her meomories. she like to eat well she can understand her pokemon, but she don't know why. she probaly would fight the shadow thing, she can call up a scythe as her weapon and use chains as well as her attack. her pokemons she uses in pokemon contest would be Empeorleon(male): as well sometime use in battles beside contests. since he the pokemon she can relie on.

Rapidash(Female): she prefer pokemon contest instead of pokemon battling.

Roselia(Female): prefer pokemon contest as well, but can use in pokemon battles if needed.

pokemon uses in battle i leave it to you.
Chomakisaona of wind chapter 3 . 9/13/2009
here my oc.

Name: Noir Sukomakio


Personality: kind, panick easily in sitution, humourous and dynamic

hair: blond

Eyes: turquoise

clothes: anything average like everyday clothing

History: he always want to be a great trainer and care about his pokemons, he can't stand heartless trainer like cal in chapter 2. he panick easily if sitution get out of hand mostly out of pokemon battles. he not the type to be up in his friends buiness, he rather stay out of it since he have no confident to made it better. as well he cruel to hurtless trainer went need to be.


Quilava(Male): The starter pokemon, as a cyndaquil they didn't hit off as friends since it see it trainer get pick on easily especially totodile that bit it trainer. cyndaquil alway tease it trainer by attacking him, but soon became close friends, Noir use Quilava as last resort if he wanted to in bad sitution that always pull through. it'tt evolve eventually into Typhlosion.

Aipom(Male): the second pokemon of the group in his team. he can be relie on easily by Noir.

Poliwhril(Male): the thrid pokemon he caught, he caught him as a pliwag then he evolved. he have a narrow minded personality. but he is someone Noir can trust.

classes he would take is:Pokemon Technoly, technique basic,pokemon information basic,grooming and training.
everlast rainbow chapter 3 . 9/11/2009
a oc, but similar to one of the main character in a anime i like.



Personality: Hot head, loud mouth, doesn't care about the consequence on what she say. despite that she have soft spot for one's close to her but make a excuse.

Hair: long dark brown with 2 side plaits.

eyes: indigo or purple

clothes: long red coat with white diamond design on the sleeves and have large white ribbon tie on the collar of the coat. white gloves and white boots as well black skirt.

height: 150 cm

History: she doesn't have much meomories of her life. she only have her name that she remembers. she hate to be alone, but hide it from others and like to call others servants that is friends which she isn't serious about the servant part. she carry a split personality that totally aggressive and cruel as well enjoy hurting others feelings. Alice doesn't remember anything went her split personality take overs, her other persona enjoy things opposite of hers. while Alice like pokemon contest her persona like pokemon battles. Alice is a good fighter in materail arts to defend herself. classes she would take is contest 101 basic, pokemon mythology basic,appeal basic, technique basic and cooking. she have pokemons that fit in pokemon contests as long their attacks works to impree while she have poekmons use for battles.
DuncanCourtney4Ever chapter 2 . 5/28/2009
Awesome Idea! Anyway, I've got an OC:

Name: Annie

H-oh skip it.

She was born in Rio, but was telaported to the Pokemon world on her tenth birthday via unknown forces. She was abused by everyone she met, and went crazy when she saw a Turtwig being whipped because it was a "Useless weakling" She murdered the boy, earning the Turtwigs gratitude. Most of her Pokemon we're abused, like her. She is cold and calculating, preferring the company of Pokemon to humans any day. She never talks about her past, her abusive family was murdered after she escaped being sold, by the man she was going to be sold to. Her Pokemon include: A Torterra; A Lucario and his mate, a Lopbunny; An Ambipalm, (Whose mate (A Weavile) belongs to her crush, who got himself a girlfriend who isn't her, she is forever in love with him) a Starapter (see above, only this time it's a murdered Pigiot) and a Minun (she has others, and will switch Minun with others, usually her Lucario and Lopbunny's offspring, Baby Bun or a Dusknoir, she has access to Legendaries, being friends with most of them, especially a Mew and a Shamin, who is apperantly stuck in Sky Forme)

She met a group of half-human, half-Pokemon people, and they were the closest human friends she ever had, before they were murdered, by someone who is most likely a servant of the Shadow force thing, she can launch Pokemon moves, and became half-Mew during her stay with the half-Pokemon) All of her past is, of course, a secret. And she only plays and let's her little kid-ish side of her come out around Pokemon, acting cold towards all humans. She is aura sensitive and will probably be fighting the Shadow thing, with lives in mind, wishing for a day like back in history, from one of the old myths in Canclave library "Pokemon and Humans sat down at the same table together, and no one could tell the difference between the two" She is not above using or playing dirty tricks on people, and acting violent toward people, but never Pokemon, seeing them as "A better race, all evil done by them is usually rooted to humans." She trained inculetly (um, smarts) under an Alakazam, and as such, is amazingly intelligent, she enjoys singing. And knows how to fight, well. She can bring out amazing potential, even from a Magicarp.
JoJo776 chapter 1 . 5/6/2009
how do we get to the rpg site