Reviews for A Question of Honor
LovlyRita chapter 6 . 10/7/2010
now that you have just, and I mean just, as in 2 seconds ago, described to me what is happening in this chapter, I have to say that I really like it! I like that Angel is going to go and try to save her. I mean, he is the headmaster, and he has all these responsibilities, but it's Yuna for crying outloud.

What exactly does it mean to be headmaster? it like Albus Dumbledore? haha probably not, but you know that's the kind of conclusions that I draw!

Um I don't really have a lot to say about this because it's kinda short so I don't have a lot to work with, but I do want to say that I like the way the chapter ends, very simply, just with the words, But Yuna was in there. And you're like...aww snap.

I will say I'm kind of sad that there's no more to this! I want to know what happens! Or I at least want to see their reunion. Since she's there and all. Do you know the answers to these questions? ARE YOU HOLDING OUT?

In all, I think this story is absolutely superb, I will read it whenever I am feeling sad or down because it makes me happy again! Very very good work, sir. I very much enjoyed it, and I commend you! Thanks for letting me know about it!

LovlyRita chapter 5 . 10/7/2010
Ok, and here I am to review the first epilogue, which I am so super stoked about!

Alright, first of all, Super cute. I just felt like I needed to get that out of the way. Super super super cute. I'm just sitting here, imagining this scene, the way she's laying in his arms, and it's just so serene and everything, and then she falls asleep. I can just picture it and it makes me very happy. I don't know why. It just does! I'm happy that they are happy at this point.

I also appreciate the line that says "he'd realized it the second he'd realized what she had said." I love this! The moment that he said "Wait, What?" Was really him saying "Oh snap I love her too." Aww. I feel like such a freaking girl (aside from the very moot point that I am a girl)

And then you described her as "exquisite" which is something that actually I think is great. There are so many things that can describe women, the way that men describe women. but to call her exquisite is just's really something else. I'm logging that away and dropping hints. Everyone woman ought to be called exquisite in their lifetime! Angel gets total points with me there. Good job, Angel.

Also, marriage proposal? LOVE! Way romantic. I mean, a lot of girls want something that is this grand gesture of love, but I don't think there's anything sweeter, very stripped down and bare. It's just him and her, and their love. That sound so freaking corny but it's true! And I just love her simple responses. "kay." haha, that's amazing. I really like Yuna. She's a cool chick.

All in all, this was a great epilogue, I love it to absolute bits and pieces, and I am devastated that this is the second to last chapter!

LovlyRita chapter 4 . 10/6/2010
Alright, and what did we learn? Oh, that I shouldn't read stories and pretend like I know what's happening when I'm asleep? Right-o.

I remember reading this last night and the words were like wavering as I struggled to focus my eyes because, damnit, I was going to get through this chapter. And then I am just rereading and I'm like OH I missed that! OH I MISSED THAT! *sigh* fail on my part.

Ok, first of all, Yuna! Poor poor Yuna. I'd be a nervous wreck if I stuck myself out there like that, really felt something, and then he just kind of didn't say anything about it. ESPECIALLY if I'd just gotten out of a bad relationship! I might die. Physical illness? HECK YES. Good insight into the female mind there. We're over analyzers, and I'd be sitting there going...ok...let me play this back in my mind. What went right, what went wrong? I do have to say, she's much stronger than I. A few weeks? It'd take a few days from me. maybe two or three, and I'd be apologizing, bringing it up, gauging the subject, dropping hints that I just need an answer. That's because I'm annoying. Not Yuna though, much more honorable, just keeping her silence, becoming physically ill. You know what, I'm not sure that's feasible. A few weeks, I mean. It's making me nervous just thinking about it! haha. That might be because I'm neurotic, but whatever!

Ah and when he startled her, I love that you have that she glared before she smiled. Good Girl! haha. He deserves a good glare. Just saying. Oh and then he was the one that broached the topic! I would punch him in the face! lol. Be still my heart. I still like him, of course, but man!

Of course, I get the silence thing. I mean, after all, he's a flippin' vampire. that's a lot to deal with, especially if you're going to share yourself, all of yourself, with another person. So he had a lot to think about. But Weeks? Come on now, dude!

Ok, and I apologize once more that my minds jumps directly to twilight when I see vampires. It's a damn shame. But that's what i thought of immediately. Thank GOD he doesn't sparkle, I don't know if I could handle it. And boy does Angel have a flare for the dramatic! "Forever muffling the tortured cries of those murdered, taken before their time." Beautiful sentence and descriptions, but wow! That's a lot to handle.

Is it weird that it just occurred to me to ask if he drinks blood? he's a vampire...I feel like he ought to. And yet...

Oh he doesn't sleep either! *Angel is not Edward Cullen, Angel is not Edward Cullen, ANGEL IS NOT EDWARD CULLEN* I feel better now.

Malevolent. nice word choice.

Poor Angel. Just letting himself out there like that. And again, a flare for the dramatic. How many names and titles does he have? Liam Jacob Bayloh, Angel, Scourge of Dollet (not sure what that is), Angelus, Vayash Moru, Vampire. He must have the longest Christmas cards ever! Actually, it reminds me of one of my professors, who is Voight, PT, DSc, OCS, ATC, DPT...there are a whole lot more I'm forgetting. He's Liam Jacob Bayloh, A, SoD, AU, VM, V, SeeD (I added that last one in..proud of me?) lol. And I'm a huge dork.

Wow, Angel committed Genocide? I NEED A CHARACTER PROFILE. Where I can I learn about him? Maybe you could tell me about him? PLEASE? I'm really nice, and I've been good. Please please please?

And then Yuna, through all her weeks of suffering, saves the day. How sweet is she? Love her. I still love in the first chapter when he promised to protect her, and she had heard. Of course she did. She seems very observant. And then she kissed him, and Melt! And then, probably one of your best sentences...starting with "thoughts drawn away by the soul searching nature of her lips...self loathing he'd hid for so long." That sentence is brilliant, I want you to know.

And then FINALLY he kisses her! FINALLY! Adorbs. She must be so relieved!

I freaking love this story.

LovlyRita chapter 3 . 10/6/2010
This chapter is full of win.

First of all, and I know I've told you this already, but I ADORE the line "don't lift yourself with your back." hahahahaha muscle substitution. Story of my life! It is important you know...don't want to strain your back extensors- it's an ab exercise. Of course, I usually spend time telling patients "Hey! Quit cheating!" But you know I like the PT things haha

Oh and I just love this. The whole thing with Angel and Yuna, their relationship is freaking adorable. Like I don't even know what to say about it. I like Angel's attitude about the cadets and being happy he was a part of it. It's so damn genuine. Like i totally want to hang out with this guy. I want to be this guy's friend, you know? Hell, i'd date him. He is just so REAL, and I love that.

A while ago i googled Yuna to see what she looks like, since I knew she was canon. And even though I know now, that's still not what I see when I read this. I don't know what I see lol.

But my FAVORITE part is when she kisses him and tells him she loves him, and he doesn't even realize until later! Typical male haha. I also love how it just jumps from the kiss to descriptions of him driving. And then the last line! Perfect!

3 perfection.

LovlyRita chapter 2 . 10/5/2010
Alright, let's start out here with how much I absolutely adore the descriptions here. "Blades clanging together in the furious symphony of experienced combat." That's really good, and it really paints the picture well- I can hear it in my mind.

so, Angelmobilelove. Also, I love this entire bird thing. How freaking adorable is that? It kind of reminds me of Aladdin in a weird way...except she totally knew she was on the magic carpet. I don't's a weird picture. ANYWAY, I just think this is great! And super romantic. Oh, that Angel. haha.

And here's the teleporting quote! I love this one. It's such a true fact. I mean there have been many times where i wish I could just teleport, or have Scotty beam me up, or disapparate (if I'm in Harry Potter land that is), especially when I'm 12 hours away from where I'm going, which honestly seems to happen frequently to me. But that's true, you miss the beauty of actually GETTING there. I mean...the mountains, the blue sky, the water. It's a beautiful point, very poignant. I love it :)

The dialogue here is good too. All the little flirty things, her sadness over what I am assuming is she broke up with her boyfriend, and...just everything. It's so believable, there's nothing fake about it at all.

Once again, my dearest, you have managed to completely draw me into a story based upon characters that are well developed before this story, and I have fallen in love with it anyway. I just love this one so much!

LovlyRita chapter 1 . 10/5/2010
Ok, the fact that this story has no reviews at all completely astounds me. I love this story to death, it's really, as far as I'm concerned, some of your finest work. I read the first few chapters last night but I didn't review because it was late and I was tired :) But here we are!

First of all, I like the opening. There are many things that Liam Bayloh is good at? Why please, tell me more! And you know, after reading Runic Legacy and talking through some things with you, it was quite thrilling for me to recognize some terms and such. I'm getting better at this clouded horizons thing.

I kinda want to know why Benji Powell went insane. I'm assuming I'd have to read Benji Powell stories to KNOW why he went insane, and I actually have the first story bookmarked and have read the first few chapters. But um...they are long. haha.

I kinda get the idea that Angel is kinda a bad ass. Like he's not used to comforting girls in stairwells, and yet he does a magnificent job with Yuna, who I just love by the way. I don't know why, I just do. I imagine her as this poor little thing in the stairwell, a mess because of whatever happened, and I imagine Angel sitting there and it makes me smile. I'm glad that he was there for her.

And the end is totally awwww worthy, when he says "I'll protect you" Which for some reason I imagine in the voice from the literal version of total eclipse of the heart "I'll open the door for you" lol.

It's also weird because I know what happens in the story so this is even sweeter! I just love it. Great job.

Also, I don't think I told you this but I absolutely adore the name Liam Jacob Bayloh. Like I really really do. It has the most pleasant ring to it.

Great job!