Reviews for A Reminisce of Twilight
Yosuga Kamino chapter 15 . 8/6/2011
OMG! I love this!

Keep on wriitng!
Wraith Five chapter 28 . 1/1/2011
eh...i can respect someone who gets a bad case of writer's block...(especially considering how long it takes me to get started writing say...a 5 paragraph story...*shudder*) in any case...the plot was interesting, but the characters are definitely way, WAY OOC...zelda, i'm pretty sure, would NEVER act that way (maybe if she was a regular teenage girl in the modern world...(no offense intended to anyone who reads this review)

personally i think the plot is interesting, but the characters don't fit. could be much better...

(sorry, i'm not good at negative reviews...XD)

Mr. Gasbomb
Wraith Five chapter 22 . 1/1/2011
i thought so. lord of the rings fan. i'm not sure if the references were intentional, but i think you should have toned it down at least a little the rate things are going now, i think this would have been better placed in the crossover section...

Mr. Gasbomb
Wraith Five chapter 4 . 12/31/2010
i agree wholeheartedly...rainy days are a curse themselves... BLEAGH...even video games aren't as much fun when it's raining out...

Mr. Gasbomb
Prefontaine91 chapter 28 . 9/28/2010
Please Please Please continue this story. I am a Freshman in college and have never had a relationship before. This story truly helps me cope with that. I truly feel as if I can put myself in Link's shoes and be lucky to have a great friend like Zelda. I know i sound like a huge dork rite now, but please I'm begging you, don't delete the story. It's really really good, please continue! I love it!
TLoZM chapter 28 . 5/15/2010

It's a very good story, and if you could see the stories I write just for me and my friends... you'd realize that this is possibly the best 'make it up as you go' story in the world.
Fox573 chapter 28 . 4/5/2010
Your just quitting? Keep writing omfg.

#1. This story is great.

#2. I don't see why you would just quit.

#3. I am VERY MUCH into this story, and just seeing it end is a disappointment.

#4. Every time I finished a chapter, I could barely wait until I clicked to the next chapter. If you think this story wasn't good enough, then you need to get your head out of the toilet.

#5. Don't just base this on reviews. Its a long story, so people who are reading it will want to finish it before they review. I'm sure if you ACTUALLY FINISH IT that you will get more reviews :)

#6. I have many, many ideas for stories. If you are blank, PM me and I can help you out where I can.

BTW: I added this story to my favorites, I also added you to my favorite authors list, and I subscribed to you and this story.

Please continue this, and please feel free to ask me for help if you need any. I want to see this story completed with the skill that has been put into it so far. You are an excellent writer, so don't let all the time and effort you put into this go to waist. Please continue writing it! I will send you this same message in a PM just in case you miss this in your reviews.
Twilightlink15 chapter 28 . 3/3/2010
I am extremely glad that you decided to continue with the story :D!
anonymos chapter 28 . 2/24/2010
NO! Please don't delete the story! I think it's really good! I strongly disagree that it is suckish. Please don't delete!
The Pilot chapter 28 . 2/23/2010
I would respectfully disagree with you regarding the story being suckish. You have quite a unique, suspenseful novel going here, that realistically provides a window showing possible events beyond Twilight Princess. In addition, it is a very well-written story that shows you have a lot of writing talent. I'm not just saying that to butter you up; You really have worked hard on this, and it shows (In the eight years I've been reading and reviewing on this site, I've read many a Zelda fiction, and yours is one of the ones I would list as a quality work). I sincerely hope you reconsider deleting the story, and continue on with it. I've found that re-visiting your source material/reading other stories can also help you break through writer's block.
chuck chapter 28 . 2/20/2010

i'll admit, i dont think i ever reviewed before cuse i'm used to not doing so because most of the storys i've read dont allow annoymos reviews, or i've liked the direction of the story and felt that i didnt need to imput on anything. please dont delete this T.T
Musica801 chapter 28 . 2/18/2010
Ah, very depressing news. I found this story to be very beutiful and descriptive, maybe one of the best I've seen.

And I can understand getting tired of contiuing a story, In fact, I have the same problem with one of my stories. It would be very nice to see this story to keep going, but I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say that we'll be fine if you choose otherwise. Thank you
tapioca two-step chapter 28 . 2/10/2010
This is very distressing news, indeed. I was going to get into this story but I saw the title of this chapter and my heart just sank into my gut.

However, I can absolutely understand the lack of motivation that comes with lack of reviews. You pour your heart and soul into a story in hopes that people will recognize you, and you story is passed up for "easier" fics, with more instant reader gratification, less character development, and, dare I say it, less words.

That said, you should always always always write for yourself, and not for others. You should tell a story that YOU would like to hear, over and over again, no matter how many other people listen in. You will have that personal sense of accomplishment, that you told your own original story despite lackluster response from lazy reviewers on the site. :)

If you like your OOC characters, why change them? flirty!Link is a refreshing change of pace from the stoic-faced Hero of roughly all of long stories in the Zelda fandom. You write well and have a great sense of pace and setting and characterization. Even if you decide to drop this story, be sure to never lose those gifts.

However, if you truly truly dislike the story that you've woven here, your readers will understand if you opt to quit instead of spending your energies on something that your heart doesn't reside in. :3 I leave stories hanging unfinished all the time but that's because I'm lazy and I suck.

So good luck with all of your future writing endeavors! To quote the Happy Mask Salesman, "Believe in yourself! Believe~!"

Ha, ha. Have a wonderful day. :3
Zlinkeh chapter 28 . 2/6/2010
i say you shouldnt delete it. this is like my favorite LoZ fanfic! i just love how this story is so far. i really hope you

dont delete it. :/
Kaos Trigger chapter 28 . 2/6/2010
dude not cool

loving this new link that is not a total blank page

link was ment to be a blank slate that each person must build upon
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