Reviews for Ascension
Rizaidym chapter 1 . 2/8/2011
Interesting. I've never seen someone really connect these One-Sentence Challenges together like this. I like it.
Fire-Metal-Horse17 chapter 1 . 10/22/2010
I just read Cherry Wine and I love the way this fic compliments it!
Glory For Sleep chapter 1 . 8/13/2009
You know, I've been getting into your stuff a lot recently. You're such an amazing author! You portray emotions so well, and your use of vocabulary and sayings are so well done I'm envious.

I'm really beginning to like this pairing, too, and you've pulled it off like a pro. I can actually picturing this happening...if Pokemon were to randomly get this mature. xD

You know, for being "far from your best work", you still did an excellent job on this.

I will now be stalking your stories. -devious laughter-
WiseAbsol chapter 1 . 6/3/2009
Why, why, WHY does this not have any reviews? Gods, that is a shame, for I adore this piece and fully believe it should be well read by others. I am frankly astonished that your readers would dare ignore this, given how pretty and clever it is!

But I digress. First off, thank you so much for giving me such a gift! 8D As you know, it made my day and numerous others proceeding it, and I am touched you would give it to me to ease the burden of the busy real life work which I was caught up in.

Anyhow, on to the story itself!

...This always gives me warm and fluffy feelings and makes me want to pounce someone. I'm just saying. I'm rather curious about their meeting during the previous January - have you plans to cover that, or was it simply something you added in to explain their knowledge of one another? No matter what you intended, it works well.

It amuses me, Mewtwo having devious thoughts and rather wanting to hold her. This bit especially makes me smirk:

#17 – n.

He had a vision of her before, in the depths of his slumber, and it was from then forth that he knew only she could ease his the turbulence of his heart.

Oh really, Mewtwo. Did she kiss you everywhere, as you were previous imagining, or what...? I am willing to bet it was something better left to the imagination, though I do imagine that whatever it was, it was lovely.

#21 – f o o l.

Well, this was it... Mewtwo thought he had made a fool of himself, as he was “checking out a total babe” as those obscene human males would say.

#22 – m a d.

She must have been mad – or worse, disgusted – at him, for certainly she was victimized by the eyes of horny men on a frequent basis.

This part makes me snicker somewhat. I really have nothing more to say than that.

And then we get to where he remembers Amber, and that part is rather tender, as well as entirely logical. He would chose a different farewell to give her rather than goodbye, so final as it is.

And...then we get to the comparison of Magdalene and Sabrina, and I smile at how clever that it. They could both have been said to be possessed by demons in their pasts, and so it proves entirely fitting. And of course Mewtwo, like Christ, being her salvation...I like it.

Then...apparently hours fly by? Ah, it's fiction, screw logic. Besides, this gets us to night, and (gasp) the bedroom. Which just...tickles me very much. And from 43 until the very end, you have my utter adoration. It just gives me unlimited glee and makes me feel a really, really guilty kind of pleasure. I love it. It's just so sexy and sweet...damn it, I want more of it. It's like some kind of addictive treat I could munch on all day and not get sick or bored of it!

And it amuses me somewhat that Sabrina is considered a sinner yet she was - until that night - still a virgin. Still, the cuteness of the last sentence just makes me happy.

Oh gods, I hate it that there isn't more psychoshipping out there. Really, it causes me such frustration...!

But regardless, I absolutely love this piece, which I must have said about three, four times now. Again, thank you so much for writing it as a gift for me!

Now on to review your other creations, ;).

I hope your flight went well. See ya'.

- Abby