Reviews for The Abyss
Wildcard999 chapter 1 . 7/28/2009
/...he thought there used to so much be more than this burning rage consuming his heart and mind./

I think you need to read this again. There's a word out of order.

/He couldn’t hate forever even, if he knew.../

You need to switch even and the comma.

You did a very goodjob of humanizing Vader. Lucas humanized Anikan, but Anikan is dead, replaced utterly by Lord Vader, the a**hole lapdog of Emperor Palpatine.

/For what was his Emperor but a crippled old man who sat on his throne, guarding jealously all he had achieved. And what was Vader? A crippled man, who won nothing and lost all./

A hard-won lesson often only learned through personal experience. I was lucky to have learned it myself in a fantasy world long before I'd even graduated high school. But so many aren't so lucky. This is a good lesson to teach in your writing.

/The one robbing him of the most prized item, his children and wife, his future and his life, was himself./

Another lesson few learn but many need to. I wrote a fic about that one too. People need to know.

This is a very dark, depressing introspective, but illuminating too. A very good blend. I really like this. May not be too IC for him, but I like it anyway.