Reviews for Death's Dominion
Katy chapter 30 . 7/20/2009
Amazing story, this is so cohesive and well thought out. Dare I say that I prefer your version to JK's? A really well written fic like this (and your others) doesn't come around too often. Thank you.
Audrey chapter 29 . 7/18/2009
All caught up. Probably going to read it over soon. But for now I am off to take a Brain Holiday in your other stories. Thank You again for your amazing writing. I have become quite the fan of yours. I'll probably leave you another comment soon. Excellent, Excellent, and more Excellent. I appreciate the distraction.

Audrey chapter 21 . 7/17/2009
Well hello, I am sorry that this is the first time I reviewed. I just stumbled upon your story a few days ago, and have spent the majority of my free time reading it. I guess I would just like to thank you for your superb writing. I have been going through quite the time lately, waiting for my doctor to call me back, and holding in me the believe that I have a chronic disease, that the pain that I keep I will never get over. Your writing distracts me, and it helps me. I have always been the type of girl that loves to read, but few stories on this site have ever inspired me to write a review. I have written reviews of course, but only to the stories that I feel deserve solid praise. Yours is one of them. You obviously spend so much time to create it, and you deserve my time, even if it is brief. So thank you, I still have a few chapters yet to read, and now I shall move forward reading on in anticipation. Continue on with your wonderful work. I think I shall make a habit to keep track of your works. You probably will be receiving more reviews from me in the near future.

Elsa chapter 29 . 7/16/2009

Totally did not expect Albus to sill be alive! 3

So, what's the body inside the tomb?

Lots of answers in this chapter, but still some confusion. xD

Yay for Minerva and her plan, which is awesome.

You included someone else from RAM. Btw, that scene with "Morag" in RAM was very funny. Im glad Philomena wasn't hurt too badly.

I like your Scrimgeour better than teh book version, although we didnt really get to see muchf of him in the books.

I like that you made Hermoine think of Albus as Robbie until the very end, made the fact much more surprising.

Yes! Nagini's dead. Go Hermoine! You can do it!
Hogwarts Duo chapter 28 . 7/15/2009
This was an action packed chapter. Things move so quickly from the time Severus was summoned in the beginning to the end of the chapter with the attack on Snape.

I love how you've written Minerva and all her wonderful traits and strengths come through in this chapter. She's strong and courageous and also tender and very loving.

Her reaction to Albus' tomb being desecrated was spectacular and just as I would imagine. I really tugged at the heartstrings when she told Pomona that she would take care of the ramins. That must have been incredibly hard for her.

The end with Voldy had me on the edge of my seat. I'm glad Snape was able to take a swipe at Nagini. Great ruddy snake... shudders!
Hogwarts Duo chapter 27 . 7/15/2009
The ruse that Minerva created for Severus' benefit was priceless. I'm sure it was a shock to find Robbie and Poppy together like that when she was expecting something completely different. I have to agree with Robbie here, though. If she'd known about it in advance, the overall shock value might have been diminished. And I'm very pleased that they were able to "burn fast and hot" before everyone arrived. tee hee.

It was nice to see Snape and Hermione interacting in this chapter. And what a relief to know that she'd taken all the important photos and things before Voldy got to the house. Whew.

As always, I'm look forward to more of the stories in the Ram-verse so I hope real life is kind to you! Wink Wink!


Elsa chapter 28 . 7/13/2009
lols, I didnt even realize that. Maybe I was thinking about RAM? Thanks for pointing that out.

So many mysteries surrounding Minerva's plan and what not.

Yay for the scene between Hermione and Severus! And for him admitting that he appreciated her friendship.

The adhesive-thing with Robbie, and tha whole scene with the Hogwarts Heart was very interesting, and made me even more curious about everything.

T.T Voldemort is so twisted.

Yay for Severus being saved?

Aw for the "She would be glad if she knew his hallucination of her made his death easier. A brain holiday with Hermione" and the friendly blue-eyed death thought from Severus.

Yay! We will finally learn what happened after the Celebrare spell was cast!

Can't wait for the next chapter. Aww, only 6 more?

antioxidants help your heart chapter 21 . 7/11/2009
It's been forever and a day since I read this over in the unexpurgated form, but I thought I'd just drop you a line and tell you you're awesome, as always.

Loved it way back then, and love that you're reposting it here.

I'm glad to have update notifications from you again. In an odd way, I'd missed you.

Much love,

Elsa chapter 27 . 7/11/2009
Everything's coming together slowly, aww, that means there are only a few more chapters?

Aw, poor Severus, with his “So it was all a lie, a lie to keep me going, to buck up the spy so he can keep going back,” Severus said, his voice shaking. “You talk about hope and friendship and trust!” he spat. “But now I see what you really think of me, how you really see me. No better than any other Death Eater, the same as Bella—” outburst. Although Minerva reassured him, and the fact that people do like/trust him and are his friends was impressed on him once again. And he got a hug!

Anyways, the play-acting scene was very entertaining. Also the scene before that when Poppy and Murdoch were laughing while practicing.

Voldemort in Hermoine's house was an interesting little twist.

Yay for Severus's admission that people do care!

Im so curious as to how everything will play out. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Hogwarts Duo chapter 26 . 7/8/2009
Great way for me to end a rough day. Thanks for the update and for the long chapter. I always get so wrapped up in the story and the longer chapters make it seem like it's a novel rather than a very well written fanfiction.

The conversation between Snape and Minerva is very heartwarming and touching. She truly does care for him and I think he really needed to hear that list of people who also care. He's had to live his life in the shadows for so long, I think he truly underestimates his value to others, and not as a spy but as a person.

That's awesome news for Quin. I'm glad they were able to take the information that Snape gave and use it to Quin's advantage. I do hope he'll be able to meet the wizard who helped give him back his wizarding life.

It's a good thing Robbie had that conversation with Neville. I think he gave the lad a new perspective on the final battle and how tiring it could be to cast all those more difficult spells. By giving them a bit of a lesson, I'm sure they'll do much better in the end.

What a sweet ending to the chapter. It's great that Sinistra and Firenze have found companionship in the turbulant times and it was very heartwarming to see Minerva and Robbie sharing a cuddle.

Another fantastic chapter!
Hogwarts Duo chapter 25 . 7/8/2009
Yay, Dumbledore’s Army is back. I’m so glad they decided to keep the original name in honor of Albus… aw. And GO NEVILLE! He’s really coming into his own and taking a proactive step towards protecting others. Looks like the chat with Snape helped cement the idea in his mind!

Hermione reminds me a lot of Minerva when they’re having their meeting about the secret responsibility. Her willingness to trust Minerva and without knowing what the task might entail is very telling. I can see Minerva trust Albus in that way when she was his student, doing whatever he asked and with few questions.

Oh m’gosh, you had me cracking up with the exchange between Gareth and Minerva. That was priceless. His wit and her sarcasm are a perfect match and I found myself grinning from ear to ear as I imagined their little exchange. He’s so much like his father in some ways and that’s such a compliment. I did so love Malcolm and now I’m loving Gareth too. Smirk!

“Well, I’m off to die for the cause,” Gareth said cheerfully.

“You aren’t dying,” Minerva said, rolling her eyes.

I absolutely LOVE that little exchange. Such love and playfulness!

Go Grandma Siofre! I can just see that feisty woman participating, in her own way, against the forces of evil that took her “favorite grandchild.” She might not be able to mount a broom but I’m sure she’s doing her bit to aid the cause.

It was interesting to hear Rolonda’s thoughts on Robbie and Albus and Minerva’s reaction to them. It’s easy to see how so many in the inner circle would question Minerva’s sudden romance with Robbie and feel a bit jealous and even angry on Albus’ behalf. It was especially touching the way she described the relationship between Albus and Minerva and how she’d envied it at times.
Elsa chapter 26 . 7/7/2009
Aw, Severus still has no hope? Although that is probably too much to ask.

" There was no Severus Snape beyond this narrow existence. It was not simply justice that he die, but it was necessity. The universe cannot accommodate such an impossibility." T.T Man, that whole discussion between Minerva and Severus was very depressing, go Minerva! I hope Snape changes his view eventually.

Yay for Gareth! No idea how a knife would be useful, but it's a nice gesture, and lol at the I.O.U, although I'm glad Snape wrote it.

I seriously love your characterization, like Ernie's comments are totally in character, and I love the paintball idea and what not.

OMG Quin is getting better! Yay! *Cheers* I think Quin might like Snape, and be able to read him and what not.

Aw, I love the scene with the note in the potions book and "Albus is sorry" Hmm, that is a weird, *contemplates whether or not that hs a deeper meaning, although I doubt it*

Oh! Is Hermoine(or the other people being trained) going to save Snape from the snake bite? xD. That's what Im getting from the preparations and potions.

Helena is very likable.

Yay for Crouch's help.

And that last scene was sweet, a little bit of like fluff in between all the major importan stuffs.

Wow, that was a long review, although there was a lot to commetn about.

Can't wait for the next chapter, and thanks once again for posting at regularish intervals!

fanofMMadfan chapter 25 . 7/6/2009
I really like the way Neville is taking responsibility and developing as an independent charcter - in Deathly Hallows you are told he does, but don't get an opportunity to see it for yourself. Emotional moment for Minerva when she told Bill to consider whether he and Fleur should have a baby - something she wishes she'd done with Albus?
Elsa chapter 25 . 7/3/2009
Hope everyone else in the US has a nice holiday!

Oh, I like the direction you've made Neville go in, it's kinda like his demanor/behaviour in the seventh book, becoming the leader and whatnot.

I'm still really confused about the prophecy and all the preparations, and I'm not sure what Hooch is doing, but it's all very interesting.

lols, yay for the inclusion of Krum and Gradmother Siofree, xD. Nice to see other characters and ones you made up, even if its only their names at the moment.

And Hooch's thoughs, including " Every time she saw Minerva’s reaction to this Crouch, she felt like shaking her, hitting her, and then throwing her over her broomstick and hauling her off to the Janus Thickey ward to find out what on earth could be wrong with her brain." and what not, were very interesting. I've been wondering the same thing myself, well not the above part, but still. I'm thinking that Robbie provides like emotional support and is heping her deal with Albus's death?

Yay for Neville's "That’s good, because there’s far worse things in the world than taking after Professor Snape.” comment! xD

O.o No! This must not happen. (Voldemort wanting Severus to kill Minerva)

At the moment, I think the appropriate characters would be Minerva and Snape, although as you don't want people to think it's like pairing them together, I say just Snape for now.
Elsa chapter 24 . 6/30/2009
Yay for Minerva reminding Severus people DO care, even if he wont admit it.

Aww, Mundungus and Angelina are dead. Im glad that you made Dung stay behind though, it makes him a better person than the book version, when he just Disapparated.

Oh, I really like your version of Poppy, xD. Very caring, and her offer was awesome. She cares too!

Also, yay for Severus showing emotion besides anger!

“And aren’t I the privileged one to share that lovely phase of your life with you!” Severus said sarcastically. “Didn’t have any friends who would put up with it?” Aww, poor Lupin. That was mean of Severus, although probably anticipated.

“Supposedly he came to feed the Hippogriff. I had already done that since it was obvious the beast was hungry.” Lest it seem he’d acted out of the goodness of his nonexistent heart, Severus added, “It was that or be unable to search the attic.” lols, Minerva sees right through you Severus!

Interesting prophecy or w/e that was at the end!

Can't wait to see what happens next. Thanks for updating every few days!

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