Reviews for Laying Her Cards On The Table
ba2006 chapter 1 . 5/19/2009
This fic was awesome :) will you be writing more to it?
wizmage chapter 1 . 5/14/2009
Great Xander was a bastard in the sries. He was a jealous chile that never grew up.
whatweareafreaidof chapter 1 . 5/10/2009
not a bad story but do you mind if i make a few points.

one angel never made a point of makeing a difference between angel and anglus so if he feels guily for it, then it would be easy to belive that there is a reason for his guilt.

angel did many bad thinks with a soul, he killed people, let a hotel full of people get totured for years, let darla live nowing she is going to kill thousand of people, not say he is a bad guy put he did do some very bad thinks.

i get that you dont like xander so i thought i make a few points. one all xander told faith is he could be evil, if he lost his soul, he was right, remember he saw buffy and angel kissing, and she did not tell anyone that he was back there was a real chance he did not have a soul, and he tried to stop her form kill him...

xander was never a coward, he forced angel to take him to the master gave, force angelus away form the hospital, help forced him a way form buffy when she was sick, so xander is not a coward.

As for his attude, you making it seem like xander still love buffy and that is the only reason he does not like angel

This is season 6, he is very much in love with anya at this point, and does not want buffy.

All xander ever did to angel was call him a bad nickname deadboy, he call giles G-man and buffy Buf

Does that make him a bad person. Xander saved angel a few time to. And xander saved buffy many times.

Reasons xander could hate angel that his nothink to do with jealousy

One darla turned his best friend. Angle let darla live when he had a soul.

Angel grabed xander by his neck and offered him to spike as a trick, could have broken a few ribs never said sorry.

Xander had to force angel by cross point to take him to the master layer

Broke his jaw and left him in the street, would could have been kill,

When xander tried talking to him, angel just stand there like xander his beneath him.

Angel was a cowand the first season showed up with a hint of what was goint on then left.

I belive that xander was jealsous of angel at first but the reason he did not like him was becouse angle was a jerk to xander and treated him like he was sucm under his boot.

Good story little nicer on xander and I would like it more.