Reviews for Disentanglement
CuteCat213 chapter 6 . 6/23/2014
YAOI! That's my take on this chapter, and nothing you do or say will be able to change my mind Definitely my favorite so far! I love all Asch-Luke interplay, but the warm kind makes me all happy-snuggly
Kharlan Hero chapter 12 . 11/21/2012
All of these were interesting. I think my favorites were chapters 6, 7, and 10. I also really liked this one, probably because I haven't seen any other 'it's neither' stories either.
watergirl480 chapter 12 . 12/8/2009
I am amazed at the complexity and the overflowing emotions in all twelve of these alternative endings. I love all of them dearly but I like Interwoven the best as it depicts both of them alive in a probable way with everyone else being happy as well. I am overwhelmed by sadness in Void because neither of them are here to see the world again. Braid was a very decisive plan that I could never have thought of. I love your style of writing and I hope that you keep going with your writing. I look forward to your future fanfics regardless of the series and genre.
Sam-Sam-Samedi chapter 12 . 5/29/2009
Hmm. o: Since I don't like PMing people, I'll just write it out here then. As you stated, the physics of the game, while mimicking our own, aren't expounded upon much in the game itself and I don't want to say anything definitive. Also: Jade strikes me as being indecisive, which is predominantly my difficulty with writing him. In my personal opinion, his 'wisdom' was called into question as soon as he allowed guilt about Luke/replica creation to cloud his better judgment, particularly when he had inklings of what was going on (the problem is that the game never addressed this well, so I have a bit of 'Jade is pretty much a prick' bias that colors my narratives sometimes; if the game is going to call him 'a genius' he had better deliver, you know? D: He's not a good leader in this respect, which contradicts his image).

As for chapter 12, since I'm not much of a Lorelei fan, I wasn't quite as entertained, but the writing was solid. It's fun to consider how their relation to him as isofons changed his outlook, though. I always took him as a bit of a strange 'god' in that he puts out the score, and then seems perfectly resigned to being left in the core (I mean, they were his jewel and key, so I'm sure he had an idea of where he was ending up- and that's excluding that 'he knows the future'). It's interesting to think about. I mean, in his perspective, he's just as much Luke and Asch as they are him. (And, I hope you don't mind me responding to the review replies either. If so, I won't- I just don't like getting long, thought-out responses and then sitting around! D:)
Sam-Sam-Samedi chapter 11 . 5/28/2009
Ho ho, Kimlasca's political threesome (although I'm not sure it would work well in the long-run, given that Asch is rather possessive by nature- he strikes me as the type to get frustrated). Also: jeez, man, you update these things fast. o_O; Well, at least there's always something to consider/read. XD (I don't actually know how Asch could consciously control the fonons- I thought the interference of the Jewel and Key effectively created equilibrium and stopped his- well, you know, disappearing act? o: Maybe I took it wrong somehow.)

The proceeding chapter was very entertaining, too. You write a pretty well-rounded Jade (which I don't, since he's a bit too contradictory for me). It was very, "Oh, fomicry speculation!" and it didn't seem to contain any disparities with the game. Lorelei's intervention was also a good add-in, since it added an ethereal touch to the composition as a whole.
Sam-Sam-Samedi chapter 9 . 5/26/2009
Ah, this! I meant to review ages ago, but . . . uh, got deferred. (By laziness, unfortunately. ;D:) I enjoy seeing all these scenarios structured linearly; it makes for an interesting, hmm, inspiration of sorts. XD; Makes me want to think more about Luke and Asch, you know?

I like the prose since it effectively conveys their emotions (which seems to be the primary purpose of this story) without seeming cluttered. The shifts from Asch to Luke also contrast well. :D
Laeria chapter 1 . 5/26/2009
These ending snippets are very creative and they satisfy my Redhair pairing itch. Thank you for sharing them with us. There are some grammatical problems here and there, but I can't really tear you down for those. I am pretty bad with my grammar as well. :( Keep that imagination flowing.