Reviews for Lillia and Treize, Our Summer Vacation
ogiedoggie chapter 1 . 8/13/2011
This is the authors second story of his four story series. I really liked the use Journal format in this (a refreshing change of pace you might say). If you've ever fallen asleep under the sun at the beach you will sure connect with this story (yes you can get sick and I did). My favorite part in this story is after they complete this adventure they have to return to the start of school and then write an essay of "What You Did On Your Summer Vacation" - I thought that Lillia's idea to actually write about everything that happened was brilliant, just who in their right mind would believe it! I hope to see more in the future (you've given us Season 3, why not a Season 4 too!).
Ducks-Go-Aflack chapter 1 . 1/1/2011
Suex Beil must be really uneventful if saving three fishermen merits the highest accolades available not in one but two countries. What gives?

Carlotta over uses 'my brother' and 'my sister' a lot. Its in like every sentence she speaks- like twice. Wait- who was she again? The orphan from that-one-place where L/T saved the orphan plane from those-one-badguys?

The whole sunburn thing was really rather silly in my opinion. Everything about that part just rubbed me the wrong way.

If the most epic thing you could come up with was being detained for the purpose of receiving a metal, that is quite alarming; especially considering all the epic things that happened in the Anime (I haven't read the books). Perhaps next time the villains who sent criminal 20xd6, or whatever-his-name-was, after them on the train could break out of prison and come looking for revenge?

Putting the story in journal format give the story a distinct 'squealing fangirl' tone to the whole thing. Stick with third-person narrative please.

But to be fair, I *did* finish it, so good job on making it that far. I actually really liked the parts where L/T had their playful banter. Those parts were nice, I thought. Keep up the hard work and keep improving your skills!

verynew chapter 1 . 1/5/2010
It's a second chapter (out of 4 presently writen) of greate story from greate master. Each chapter is a brilliant story by itself. And all together they build-up one greate jevel.