Reviews for Love is Not A Victory March
blume haus chapter 4 . 9/18/2010
i took the time to read all of this, and the end of love, and i have to say i don't have any qualms with either. really a poignant combination when read together and your writing is just incredibly immersing. i also love where you got the title from. i recognized it instantly and ended up listening to it while i read haha.

well done, and you're more than welcome for my previous favorite
Shimizu Hitomi chapter 4 . 6/19/2009
What really gets me is just how big of an impact Caeda and her death have in this universe. It's not just limited to Marth, there are far-reaching consequences for all of the characters, really. And yeah. I agree, your Palla is more bitter - but I think she's pretty justified!

I actually adore the Cain/Catria friendship here, but yeah, it was pretty obvious Marth was the one she really had a thing for. Her anger re: Caeda's death rings really true in particular. And thinking back on it, Palla did seem to be almost pushing for a certain interpretation of their relationship, perhaps because it made it easier for her to analyze or categorize her own relationship with Abel, or leave room for romantic possibilities in her mind. The false parallel, like you said.

The character endings are a nice touch, btw! Though we barely see them in this fic, Merric/Linde are adorable. (Btw, I think it was in notes for the other fic that you mentioned this, but your interpretation of Khadein as a magical college town amuses me to no end.) And I am more and more tempted to actually write the fic with Elice/Hardin if only I didn't already have so much on my plate! XD (Elice doing research on the Aum Staff! Hee. I totally want to see what you do with her in the other fic you mentioned.) And are you implying there that Maria decides to resurrect Michalis? Yikes. XD Somehow, I don't think that's going to turn out too well...

Interesting that you place Abel/Est on Gra though. Can't help but wonder how that's going to change the dynamics in the coming war. In fact, with Marth in Pales and in no position to be leading a "rebellion" this time around, and presumably no one (hmm) to be corrupted by the Dark Orb, I've gotta wonder how things will play out instead... In some ways the situation here is more difficult to take advantage of, but it does leave a few openings that make me suspect that the fallout in this universe will be much less pretty than canon.

Anyway, it's been a fun ride! Will you be posting notes for this last chapter?
Shimizu Hitomi chapter 3 . 5/26/2009
WOW, now I'm looking forward to seeing how you manage to top this. XD

The descriptive detail in this chapter is especially amazing. Starting from the different reactions of the various characters to the battle plans... to the actual battle (I seriously envy your ability to pull off a good battle scene! And the little detail regarding their echoing voices really struck me)... to the atmospheric aftermath. And everything. Just really, really works. This chapter is just really brilliantly crafted and I have nothing really to say about it because it's just AWESOME.

And Abel confessing at the end that it wasn't the hardest order he'd ever had to follow - what a great way to foreshadow his later choices.

And um. Just. Yay! :D
Shimizu Hitomi chapter 2 . 5/26/2009
I kept meaning to review this, but never got around to it!

There's a lot I loved about this chapter - the continuing awesomeness of the worldbuilding tidbits (the pegasi! the secret shop!), the really great interaction between the sisters, Cain, and Abel, Palla's delayed reaction to news of Caeda's death...

My favorite has got to be that last scene though. There's a really interesting dynamic going on between Palla and Marth. Can't place a finger on it, but really enjoy reading their scenes.
Shimizu Hitomi chapter 1 . 5/13/2009
For the record, I LOVE the thought you've put into the worldbuilding. Especially the details re: Macedon, yum. And the "Misheil" nod. (Heh, the Macedonian sibs ARE weird, and I love them for it, sadly. XD)

I'll admit though, I didn't quite pick up on the time-jumping until I read your notes. Well, mostly that's reading comprehension fail on my part - Flower/Ice makes the relative seasons at least pretty obvious, but it didn't quite click during my first readthrough. I did notice certain subtleties/differences in the characterization though - and now that I'm aware of the timeline I am intrigued and impressed by how you pulled it off. It fits together like a puzzle, almost. I like that.

And as Est is conspicuously absent from the narrative so far (aside from the brief mentions), I'm dying to find out how she fits in, if at all.

Three more parts! I am a happy happy fangirl. XD