Reviews for Son of a Preacher Man
Guest chapter 19 . 8/25
This is definitely my reread story for the millionth time. Maybe as I get older and more jaded I feel like Jasper is the poor little rich boy that is emotionally stunted because of his daddy issues, but damn he needs to grow up!
BellaTesoro chapter 29 . 5/4
Peter really is a wise friend. I'm happy Jasper listens to him, I'm happy Jasper has him in his life. Although Jasper in the end didn't have anyone of his own, I'm going to make up my own epi for him in my own mind that he finishes college, stays close to his sister and mother, finds a purpose that brings him peace and finds his own woman that he loves as much as he did Bella. As for E/B, I will make up that they went to NYC together and also finished school, found their purpose and lived HEA. I've left you my thoughts along the way in the form of a thank you. I appreciate you've left this story here after all these years so readers like myself can read and reread if we need to revisit with these characters. Well written story, your characters were multidimensional and so interesting even when we wanted to smack them to wake them up. I hope all is well with you and that even if you still are not in the fandom you are still writing and creating wonderful characters.
BellaTesoro chapter 28 . 5/4
It was good that everyone is getting things out in the open and like Edward feels, he's happy and hopeful that Rosalie will go through the process of healing and E/B will use the next year for developing their relationship. Jasper is the only one who's dangling and I hope along with Rose he gets professional help too.
BellaTesoro chapter 27 . 5/3
Wow, again. This story took such a different turn that I'm speechless. Jasper turning up at Bella's house and begging to be taken back and all that went down in that conversation was so heavy. I was proud of Bella for being the voice of reason for herself and for Jasper. And he did need to be with his sister and mother right now and he does need to step up to the plate and rally for the three of them so they can heal from his father's actions. Maybe going back to his uncle might be a good thing for both he and Rosalie and some serious family counseling for them all. So sad for Jasper. But it wasn't fair that he asked her to do be with him now and for the reasons he stated.
BellaTesoro chapter 26 . 5/3
Wow, what a dramatic chapter. There was a chapter in the beginning of the story where Rosalie's father looked at her and what he said to her gave me the creeps but I didn't think he was abusing her, just that he had a creepy fixation on his daughter, so I'm not too surprised. But it hasn't said the abuse was on his daughter, could have been with someone in his church. Guess not though as they all assume it was Rosalie. Explains much about the way she was. I can only imagine what this will do to Jasper.
BellaTesoro chapter 25 . 5/3
Jasper really is a wreck. Here I thought he was all mature and doing the right thing for Bella's sake and he goes and sees her wearing knee high socks (who wears knee high/thigh high socks in hot weather in that state?) Anyway...Peter was the voice of reason and good that Jasper listened to him and didn't go after Bella to make her choose between him or Edward since suddenly he wants her back because he made a mistake letting her go...yeah what a tool he can be.
BellaTesoro chapter 24 . 5/3
I can really 'see' the difference between Jasper and Edward. Their age differences, experiences or lack there of and personalties. Edward, apparently doesn't have that much sexual experience, which surprises me because Rosalie seems like such a sexy girl. Jasper certainly was more sensual and confident in everything he did to Bella etc. So Edward and Bella's sexual exploration seems more teen appropriate, although Edward gave Bella her first oral sex so he, I'm guessing did that before. We don't know much about Edward's past, but it must all be with Rosalie since they were dating since they were young. Anyway, Renee letting Bella stay overnight on the alternative to Prom out in a truck camping in the woods...seems to go against her talk with her daughter about not rushing into sex while still so young. Obviously two teens alone, camping out are going to do naughty things to each other. I hope Edward doesn't give up his Juliard college just to stay nearby his girlfriend. Still think it's pretty weird that everyone is ok with Emmett dating Rosalie and thinking that it was Edward's fault that they didn't get along. And yes there is some truth in the fact they weren't compatible but to lay it mostly on Edward's broody personalty at the time is wrong. She was a plain bratty bitch not only to him but to most everyone. Emmett seems to get off dominating her and thinks that's what she needs, a man to make her do his bidding instead of her making Edward do hers. I call BS on Emmett for his cocky man ways.
BellaTesoro chapter 23 . 5/3
Edward and Bella talk about how if they went to Prom together it would be odd seeing Rosalie there and yet I think it's odd that Emmett, Edward's brother is taking his ex knowing what they all know about the situation. I think Edward is taking the fact that his brother is now hooking up with his girlfriend of three years and seriously, that to me is an Ick factor.
BellaTesoro chapter 22 . 5/3
Jasper really is a mess. So he goes retracing his pre-Bella haunts looking for some respite from his woes and he doesn't successfully find that peace he's looking for. Sex with Maria was what he wanted, what he got, but it didn't please him much. Did I get it right and he was having sex with her the second time without a condom? Not so smart since it appears she's been with a boatload of men. Although I see why Jasper and his Rev father butt heads, his father is right in the sense that he ought to speak to him with more respect the man is paying all his bills and allows Jasper a lot of free rein until he acts up and embarrasses him. I think this family needs serious therapy.
BellaTesoro chapter 21 . 5/3
I like Emmett so that's the reason I don't want to see him with this Rosalie. She doesn't deserve him coming to her rescue no matter the reason. I'm sure at some point she may redeem herself and grow up and deal with whatever makes her so shallow but for now...having typed that, maybe she's met her match in Emmett, he's rather shallow himself I guess.
BellaTesoro chapter 20 . 5/3
Renee's big breakfast and talk with her daughter about having sex so good but she failed to tell her that if she's going to have sex, and as her mother she'd hope she'd at least wait until after high school and gave her the what if she got pregnant talk...why didn't she discuss with Bella the need to take responsibility on her end and make an appointment with the GYN and get the shot or on the pill. If you're going to discuss sex with your daughter and be all open minded as she is then give her some power like the pill. Just a thought I had.
It's nice Bella has her girlfriends to talk over all the drama that she's been part of.
BellaTesoro chapter 19 . 5/3
Big brother bear Emmett coming out to help his brother was awesome. I would not have thought he had it in him as he's been made to look like an selfish college party animal. But it seems there's more to Emmett than we know. I hope he doesn't start dating Rosalie after all this. That would be awkward. Jasper going to Edward to either beat the crap out of him for kissing Bella in front of everyone shows just what a good guy he is deep down. And Edward saying that Jasper could still make this right for Bella shows he's a good guy too. Hard to choose between these two characters but of course we know Jasper much more than we do Edward in so far as the attraction between Bella and themselves.
BellaTesoro chapter 18 . 5/3
Oh teenage drama and at the school dance too. Edward, don't go kissing another girl in public when you're date is in the building and all eyes are on you guys...Rosalie is not my favorite person but this public humiliation wasn't nice at all. And now, Bella has one more thing to feel badly about...
BellaTesoro chapter 17 . 5/3
I see that Jasper thought he was doing Bella a favor by not responding to her texts or for breaking things off 'before he could hurt her in the future...' but we all know he was wrong in the way he went about this. He hurt Bella worse by having sex with her and then throw her out like a used condom which we know he's not good at doing...And Bella is right, she is partly to blame since she knew what she was getting into with someone like this older Jasper. But strong feelings got in both their way and now it's time for them to talk it out even more than they have already and then move on if that's the end goal here.
BellaTesoro chapter 16 . 5/3
This was the best chapter yet, my favorite. Jasper's inner thoughts and his actions after finally getting what he thought he wanted from virgin Bella was very insightful. I see now why this story is a Jasper story and thus the title...This isn't about an E/B but rather about what it's like to be this Jasper and his journey into rebelling against his father and family and himself and the wild behaviors and taking advantage of young totally a self hate kind of thing. Jasper has fallen for Bella and now that he's realized that he has he thinks the gallant and decent thing to do is to just leave her be, away from what he thinks are his bad ways. When in fact Jasper is better than he thinks and that letting Bella go is his way of keeping Bella's life from being ruined. The only thing is that by finally having sex with her and not at least try to explain himself, he's hurting her entirely and wrecking what was a beautiful 'first' for her was and could have been. Now she's left with feeling like she was used. I'm going to guess Jasper will at least try and make this better now that Bella has shown up at his bedroom door.
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